Issue 12 2022

Issue 12 2022 13 Sep22564 Best Automated Machine Learning Software Solutions Provider – South Africa Based in South Africa, Dark Pools is an IT company specialising in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence software and the next-gen automated real-time identification and visualisation of fraud. We find out more about the firm and its pioneering technology in the wake of it being rewarded in the Small Business Awards 2022. Dark Pool’s leadership and expertise in automated machine learning is helping industries and markets around the world effectively meet industry requirements while simultaneously delivering high value smart solutions that increase revenue, optimise operations, mitigate risk and personalise customer experiences and a variety of customisable anomaly detection. The firm’s orchestration enables intelligence driven automation, acceleration and transparency through every step of the data science lifecycle. It also provides companies with a completely flexible architecture specifically design around your Industry Business Ontology (IBO) through an extensible platform that scales to meet the complexity of service use cases. Focusing predominantly in the sector of Financial Services, Government, Retail and Telecoms. Dark Pools has developed three innovative products designed to provide solutions to a variety of challenges facing these industries. AIMLow (Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Operational Workflow) makes use of intelligent automation technologies such as supervised and unsupervised ML models with analytic capabilities which can help better identify emerging patterns and thus provide a better view on a dynamic intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. HyDEPP (Hyper-Dimensional Data Enabled Platform) is a one stop platform for data integration, ingesting data from multiple data sources to create unified sets of information for both operational and analytical uses for better exploration. HyDEPP produces consolidated data sets that are clean and consistent and meet the requirements of different use cases. NERoML (Network Ensemble Robust Machine Learning) enables advanced network and temporal analytics through a rich visual and interactive workflow-enabled interface which allows users to visualise, understand and leverage the hidden relationships between data entities. NERoML also adds data geospatial science to geocode locations of interest on our visualisation dashboard in a consolidated. Large volumes of data with billions of edges and vertices can be visualised on a single view with drill-in capabilities on nodes of interest. Let’s see an example of how these products can be utilised in Government. Government entities struggle to sift through massive amounts of data to find timely insights. This becomes harder as bad actors often employ sophisticated techniques to cover their tracks and agencies end up wasting inordinate time and resources on false alerts and low priority cases. Government usually gets an incomplete picture with intermittent data and has to make recommendations based partly on data and largely on intuition. Moreover, collaboration gets harder in the absence of a common platform for data exploration and visualisation. When applied to the Government model, AIMLow can help Government get exponentially more value out of their data. From identifying fraud, waste and abuse to forecasting surges, enabling government agencies to deliver and better drive their operations and processes. NERoML can identify insights and generate value from connected data, clearly define patterns and trends faster for executable actions, whilst HyDEPP allows departments to link, share and reuse data across database silos and datasets. This empowers government to use data as a strategic asset, creating agility and resilience. That in turn reduces wastage, cost, time to value and the risk of a data breach. Recently, in recognition of its pioneering software and tools, Dark Pools was named in the Small Business Awards 2022 and was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Automated Machine Learning Software Solutions Provider – South Africa. Company: Dark Pools Web Address: