Issue 12 2022

Oct22607 Protected, Secure, Digital Identification The world we live in is more digital than ever before, and it is of utmost importance that we stay safe to protect our assets. From banking to insurance, shopping to real estate, fintech to human resources, and much more, it is imperative that we find ways to be vigilant. As a link creator, VIALINK does everything within its power to offer simple solutions that are dependable, accessible, and 100% customisable – resulting in a secure future for all. With facial recognition on the rise, we see a plethora of opportunities developing for our safety. This digital world means that everything we have and want to have is available somewhere online, and it’s all about how we operate in a protected way that matters. Winning Best ID Verification Technology Solutions, France, is no small achievement, and we want to take a deeper look as VIALINK offers better security to us all. VIALINK’s showstopping technology was invented to perfect the user experience around the world. For example, VIALINK’s solutions free up time from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, increase productivity, and minimize risks for everyone involved. VIALINK 360 is a complete and unique onboarding platform that allows end-to-end onboarding of customers around the world. Its ID verification, documents and data analysis, and digital signature solutions ensure a quick, easy, fraud-free service that keeps the wheels moving throughout each part of the process. In the retail and corporate banking world, VIALINK knows that “Digitization allows teams to dedicate themselves to client advice and think about ultra-personalized formulas according to the issues (assets, financial management, structuring of complex financing, etc.). In agencies or online, give your clients time by providing them with high-quality tools and advice.” In fact, all of VIALINK’s technology translates across every industry, sector, business, and application. Throughout every transaction we should have the guarantee of safety and security, freeing us up to live our lives with no stress or time wasted. By inventing and producing the greatest ID verification technology, this company puts any doubts and worries to rest. Its selfie video capture, face matching and liveness detection, and 24/7 traceability of verified identities, all provide opportunities for secure identification that inevitably save time, resources, and keep us safe. The benefits of VIALINK’s services and solutions all revolve around its speedy response times, smooth customer experience, and the ability to tackle the identity fraud issues of the world today. Certified by iBeta, RGPD, NIST, CLR Labs, and more, VIALINK’s technology is the technology of the future. For the future, VIALINK plans to be a leading tech company in France and a major player in the rest of Europe. VIALINK has now won this prestigious and exciting award for all of its fine work in its sphere. Its trustworthy work is at the forefront of today’s market, and it will continue to surprise us as it paves the way for better provider/consumer relationships in the years to come. Contact: Thomas Vatinel Company: VIALINK Web Address: “VIALINK offers an optimized customer knowledge process (KYC/KYB) in compliance with the regulatory obligations in force.”