Issue 2 2020

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2020 31 , Dec19053 Excelling in eLearning Withmore than twelve years of experience in the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) market, MetaCompliance has been named Corporate Vision’s Best Cyber Security eLearning Solutions Provider in 2020. Enabling organisations to fulfil compliance and data protection obligations, the firm’s offerings are as innovative as they are effective. Discover how the firm achieved its success and recognition, as we profile it for Corporate VisionMagazine. Since the company’s founding in 2005, MetaCompliance has been a Cyber Security and compliance organisation dedicated to helping businesses keep their staff safe online, secure their digital assets and protect their reputation and brand. To ensure that this is done in the best way possible, the firm has developed a cloud platform that provides clients with a fully integrated suite of compliance capabilities. Designed to help clients with issues relating to privacy, risk management, policy management, and eLearning, MetaCompliance was created to meet any and all client requirements regarding compliance and data protection obligations. At its core, MetaCompliance helps clients transform their company to focus on safeguarding data and values. The firm is primarily responsible for creating state- of-the-art eLearning, GDPR, policy management, incident management, and phishing simulation software that clients can trust to help them create a better relationship with both employees and regulators. The firm’s aforementioned cloud-based platform delivers functionality that automates the measurement of user awareness on an ongoing basis. Organisations can thereby gain an accurate account of compliance awareness levels, mitigate risk, and meet stringent regulatory requirements. The team at MetaCompliance are resolutely focused on the end goal of helping to defend client organisations from new and emerging threats. Software that the firm develops requires little configuration, and allows clients to gain value in a short space of time. Through continual innovation and the constant release of new products, clients of MetaCompliance can remain cybersecure and compliant with the latest regulations. As with any successful firm, the role of the staff is undeniably large. MetaCompliance ensures that the company culture is one of welcome, especially for opinions, ideas, and creativity. Every staff member is given the opportunity to grow fast within the firm, sharing ideas for business development along the way. Operating across a range of different markets, MetaCompliance serves clients in sectors as varied as accountancy, advertising, government, technology, construction, education, legal, finance, healthcare, insurance and non-profit across more than seven hundred organisations. Data protection and information security has become a lucrative market, as data has become an increasingly valuable commodity, and MetaCompliance has helped create awareness campaigns for world-renowned brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Fujitsu, BUPA, Next, and the City of London Police. Ensuring that the firm’s products reach a global audience, the team at MetaCompliance have worked tirelessly to translate them effectively into multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, and Polish. Through a dedicated support team, the firm provides an active awareness consultancy to either jump-start or help enhance existing in-house Cyber Security awareness strategies. In doing this, the firm can ensure that every client campaign is a success, whilst also creating lasting, loyal relationships. One of the firm’s recent additions to their extensive library of eLearning solutions, has been the launch of their new live action Nano collection. The new ‘Cyber Safe’ Series focuses on the human aspect of Cyber Security, covering important topics such as social engineering, phishing and physical security. By making these topics more relatable, employees can gain a better understanding of the threats that are being used to target them, driving home the importance of their role in safeguarding sensitive company data. Company: MetaCompliance Website: