Issue 2 2021

There’s Something About Jane Jane Anderson is one of the world’s leading Personal Branding Experts, having helped more than 80,000 people to enhance their brand identities, develop thought leadership, and build communities. In doing so, her clients are able to attain financial security and complete self-expression by doing the thing that they were born to do. Jane tells us more about her work with entrepreneurs, CEOs, Leaders and Consultants, and her own journey from unemployment to global success. Personal Branding Expert Jane Anderson is on a mission to help experts across fields discover and release the best versions of themselves in their identity, their ideas, and their community. By unlocking their true potential, Jane is able to help clients find the career they were born to do and thus achieve financial security whilst expressing their true selves. In 2007, Jane began her own journey of self-discovery when her life was in need of a reset. After six weeks of unemployment, she laid out a vision for her career, from the space she would work in, to the people she would interact with. She soon secured her dream job, working with the people who empowered her and carrying out the work she was good at and loved to do. Having learnt a great deal from her own experiences, Jane made the decision to share insights with fellow visionaries looking to find fulfilment in their careers and their lives. “Being an early adopter and innovator, I’ve made all the mistakes,” says Jane. “I’m the one trying new ways of doing business to stand out from the crowd in a way that is about service and helping people to achieve their goals.” Today, Jane is able to help clients with everything from Influencer Marketing Communications strategies to Content Creation and Lead Generation, Business Growth Coaching to elevating the businesses of Thought Leaders and Personal Branding Experts. She has worked with the world’s leading professional speakers and authors, as well as corporate clients such as Telstra, International Rice Research Institute, Wesfarmers, Amadeus, Virgin Australia and more at conferences, workshops or in private consultation and coaching sessions, which are designed to inspire clients to implement authenticity and thus create impact for their own customers. Her innovative, transparent approach to personal branding has seen Jane work with more than 80,000 people worldwide to become one the top three branding experts in the world. Her other accolades include awards such as the International Stevie Awards for Coach & Entrepreneur of the Year and a nine-time nominee for the Telstra Business Awards. Jane is the author of seven - soon to be eight - books, host of the Jane Anderson Show which has interviewed the likes of Seth Godin, and has one of the top 1% viewed LinkedIn profiles in the world. She is also a certified speaker and virtual speaker, having contributed to Sky Business, The Today Show, Sydney Morning Herald, the BBC and more. Driven by the same core values upon which she founded her business of Care, Respect, Thoroughness, Discipline and Trust, Jane’s business success has been instrumental in building the identity and influence of organisations and individuals around the world. Her team has been vital in facilitating this success, particularly in the last year when she hired four new members who have implemented new systems including automation, securing cost-savings, and adopting new platforms. Together, Jane and her team have grown and evolved, each figuring out Dec20144 Issue 2 2021 11 the flexibility of the work-life balance and empowering one another towards their personal and professional goals. “We are open and transparent and focused, and our mantra is ‘making everything better and easier,’” says Jane. As her business grows, Jane continues to rely on a network of talent for support across a range of fields and expertise. She, like so many others, has also had to adapt to the disruptive nature of the ongoing pandemic, not least as her own nuptials are currently on hold! Her business, however, remains strong, as the transition to virtual platforms has not only allowed Jane to continue delivering her programmes but also to engage with a much wider audience that spans four time zones. As Covid-19 continues to roll on, Jane is using this time as an opportunity to enhance her digital presence by taking part in virtual conferences and events. At the same time, she is focusing on the launch of , a livestream channel with a chat feature for subscribers that will promote inspiring content for viewers to seize their own personal power in their daily lives. In a time when self- empowerment has rarely been so vital, Jane’s award-winning approach continues to revolutionise the way we work, and the way we live. Company: Jane Anderson Website: