Issue 2 2021

Issue 2 2021 21 Conversocial has almost 10 years of proven experience in transforming platforms, processes, and people, that have helped hundreds of companies navigate the necessary complexities of delivering exemplary customer experiences over messaging channels. What’s more, its dedicated team of Customer Success Managers, Platform Engineers, and Professional Service Leaders are with clients every step of the way on their journey to success. The internal culture at Conversocial echoes Harry’s earlier comments about the firm placing high value on its members of staff. By fostering a friendly environment through collaboration and business transparency around performance and decision making, Conversocial is keen to encourage a healthy work-life balance, with great emphasis placed on working hard, but having fun at the same time. “We believe in giving people control — making them feel safe to voice their ideas and opinions — and shaping a culture where great ideas can manifest anywhere, anytime. We push ourselves to make sure everyone is heard, at all levels. We strive to ask the right questions to help everyone think freely, break rules, and evangelize their ideas internally. As a result, our innovation comes from our people.” The staff base at the company has worked hard to create this meaningful culture that, in turn, contributes to its success. Therefore, it is important that the right people are chosen when recruitment comes into play, especially those who may be filling senior positions. “We aim to be highly conscientious of the impact new people will have on culture, and include culture fit in all of our interviews,” explains Harry. “The second most important element is ensuring that everyone has clarity on their role and responsibilities, and what needs to be done in order to be successful. We work hard to have clear, measurable goals and to ensure that any confusion over responsibility is cleared up quickly and decisively.” There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it its raft of challenges and obstacles, and Conversocial was far from immune to these, having teams in both EMEA and the US. However, having the ability to rapidly adapt meant that remote working helped the team to feel connected, despite the distance that separated them all. “Supporting people at home so they can design a space that fosters their focus and creativity is something we think a lot about too.” In the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak, with the shift to digital, consumers have been reduced to a series of clicks and data points, resulting in brands losing touch with their consumers and what Harry and the company feel they’re faced with is a disruptive opportunity to build real 1:1 consumer/brand relationships by tapping into the unique nature of messaging channels to enable frictionless customer experiences, powered by humans and automated chatbots, working seamlessly together. However, the areas Conversocial is focused on (messaging, deep learning and automation) are some of the most exciting and fast- developing technology spaces. “Next year, Conversocial will keep its innovative edge by continuing to work closely with the leading consumer-facing messaging platforms like Apple Google and Facebook, driving and influencing these platforms by co-developing innovative solutions to better serve enterprises. Some of the emerging platforms we currently support are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Google’s Business Messages, Instagram Messaging, and more.” Contact: Harry Rollason Website: