Issue 2 2021

Jul20259 Giving your child the best possible start in life is the hope of every parent, and Boundary Oak offers an incredible opportunity for growth and personal development at a critical age. We celebrate their success, and looking forward to seeing them thrive for years to come. Company: Boundary Oak School Contact: Chloe Pestell Web Address: Back to School! Education is one of the most valuable gifts that someone can give, providing young minds with the tools they need to thrive later on in life. The team at Boundary Oak are some of the best educators in the business, named as Best All-Through Private School 2020 - Southern England in the Education and Training Awards 2020. We take a closer look to see how they’ve achieved such success. Education is more than simply academic success. Though a knowledge of maths and science is essential, the best schools instil a passion for learning and an awareness of others that lasts for years to come. They are institutions where children can grow and mature in a stable environment. That’s certainly something that the team at Boundary Oak believe fervently and has been key to the team’s success. For everyone from the age of two to sixteen, Boundary Oak is a leading light of the education sector. It’s somewhere that they come to thrive, where they can be stretched to their very limits and made aware of exactly what they could be. The teaching is focused specifically on achieving excellence in the students and enabling their growth as far as possible. As the school is both a day and boarding school, staff are able to take a holistic approach to their development. There is a richness to the educational experience that sets this organisation above and beyond the competition. As a boarding school, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on ensuring that Boundary Oak has a truly familial atmosphere. It’s not just school to many of these students, it’s a home from home. When a child comes to this school, they find that there is a care and attention that cannot be matched anywhere else. It’s built into the fabric of the way they work. With educational options continually increasing, it’s little wonder that the team has done a great deal of investment recently. While Boundary Oak has always boasted incredible facilities, now it can offer something truly special. From new senior school classrooms to a new Design & Technology centre to an adventure playground, there are an incredible array of different options to ensure that students have the best options available to them. Issue 2 2021 23