Issue 2 2021

Connecting Canada Through Aviation FLYGTA is a private jet hire company that provides modern, technologically advanced, and luxury solutions for modern travellers. Serving commuters, tourists, aviation enthusiasts, and high-income individuals, FLYGTA takes pride in its top-of-the-line jets and its excellent customer service, both of which have gained it notoriety in its field. Its flagship location finds it located at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport in Toronto, putting it in prime position to offer clients exemplary travel solutions to a variety of destinations. Such places include Niagara, Waterloo, Muskoka, and more, and it is forever expanding; no matter what the client’s reason for travel may be, FLYGTA makes a promise to its clients that it can guarantee a satisfactory experience that goes above and beyond the call of duty. For FLYGTA, alongside the flight itself, the experience is pivotal to creating a luxury travel experience. This means that the company puts as much effort into the minute details of the flight as it does to ensure that the logistics of a trip are fully taken care of, from the baggage to flight route. Its dedication to the customer and to their comfort has earned it many a return customer, to the point where FLYGTA is being used regularly as a high-end commuting solution. It also handles all aspects of its business in-house, creating a stress-free excursion for its clientele as it ‘takes care of the hard part’. Pivotally, its organization is not a brokerage or outsourcing company, and it will thusly personally handle all elements of a trip in accordance with its rigorous and highly effective processes. By way of tight organization and attentive scheduling, it can guarantee timely departure and arrival, making itself a business its clients can firmly rely on. This has enhanced the prestige granted to it by its reputation. Furthermore, living up to this reputation has meant for excellent word of mouth referrals; clients recommending it to other potential clients. These testimonials to its success in creating an excellent and effective flight service have thrust it into the spotlight of its industry. With a vision and mandate of supporting the Southern Ontario Airport Network, it works hard to connect the people of Canada and supports the tourism and travel industry with its fleet of jets. In this way, it effectively creates options for the future needs of air travel in its region. In 2019, it launched a new service that will take clients from Billy Bishop to Wiarton, which has bolstered the tourism industry in the township of Georgian Bluffs and surrounding area. Mayor of Georgian Bluffs, Dwight Burley, lauded it as a move that allowed the ‘Grey Bruce Region to be connected to the world’, opening enhanced opportunities for both businesspersons and private citizens. By owning and operating its own fleet, another element in which it shows a commitment to handling all its operations in-house, it keeps service fast and prices low. This is something that directly benefits its clientele, allowing it to keep its prices competitive and all-inclusive whilst also maintaining the luxury elements of its service. FLYGTA also has its own in-house licenced travel agency division that allows it to further expedite the stress of holiday or excursion planning for its clients. This service, VIDAJET.COM , allows it to curate, create, and organize packages that hold to the same excellent standards and values as the airline itself. It takes pride in being able to offer exclusive stays and options that are unmatched by its competitors, excited to be able to offer its clients such a full-service experience when it comes to travel and tourism. Through hard work and tenacity, FLYGTA’s 24 hour, 7 days a week consultancy service allows clients to call with any questions, comments, or concerns that they Feb21510 FLYGTA is the ‘Best Private Business Jet Charter Company’ for Eastern Canada, an aviation company running private aviation services. With a staunch commitment to a customer-first business model, it seeks to further connect people through air travel. might have. This is another element of its business built to put the client first; its experts will always have an answer, and its answers will always be given with the goal of reaching the best solution for a customer. FLYGTA’s private jet hire enables the movement and connection of businesses throughout the region, allowing powerhouses of industry to meet with one another in line with their busy schedules. With such an exemplary timetable available in terms of flight scheduling, and the ability to be flexible to fit to a client’s needs, FLYGTA can even go as far as taking an executive or senior manager from meeting to meeting across different cities. This would also allow for the visiting of several sites in one day; an invaluable service to someone working to strict deadlines. As well as its corporate focused services, it also offers leisure focused luxury flights. Its professional and personable service has been chartered by politicians, businesspersons, entertainment icons, and many more. It can even cater to medical evacuations, the military, marine search, and firefighting, showing the true depth and breadth of clientele that entrust FLYGTA above all others when it comes to their transit. Notably, some of these clients have even been heads of state, bringing a new level of repute to the organization. As an example of one of its less common clients, it has also overseen the transit of expensive mining equipment to its destination. FLYGTA is truly the whole package when it comes to serving the aviation industry with efficacy and dedication, topping the Ontario market for aerial tours and daycations, running regular flights than go over Toronto and Niagara Falls. In such excursions, it offers its customers the all-inclusive winery excursion experience, a vacation that is a totally tailored service. By developing its regimens around its clients, it cultivates a boutique atmosphere that is unforgettable, and fosters lifelong memories that will see customers come back again and again.