Issue 2 2021

Issue 2 2021 49 As well as excellence in destinations, variety, and logistics, FLYGTA takes safety extremely seriously. Treating each client with unblemished integrity and honesty, it works hard to keep each plane in its fleet up to specification, constantly upskilling and upgrading itself to allow this element to only improve. When FLYGTA started with but one jet and a vision of contributing to connecting Canada, founder Chris Nowrouzi’s business began with simple Toronto tours and scenic flights. After his partnership with David Nissan, FLYGTA’s modern business model was truly born. Now, this ambitious company has 12 aircraft that operate across its many capacities, and its passion for its work has only increased. Thriving on operational excellence and enhancing globalization, FLYGTA will be continuing to grow and develop, and as a final word, it would like to encourage all potential clients to call for a friendly chat to one of its consultants. Company: FLYGTA INC. Contact: Chris Nowrouzi Website: