Issue 2 2022

Nov21106 Best Customer Experience Strategy Consultancy - Sydney Established in 2018, Behavjor is represented by two leading minds within their field, Rob Prescott, CX Strategy & Design Consultant and Jodie Moule, Principal Researcher & Service Designer. Recognised as Sydney’s Best Customer Experience Strategy Consultancy, Behavjor comprises of experienced practitioners consulting and guiding organisations on Design Thinking, Design Research and Strategic Design. From strategy through to execution and capability building, Behavjor was founded with the aim to support better business outcomes by providing remarkable customer experience leadership. For Behavjor, mindfulness is in all that it does; it is its essence and founding principle. “We have chosen to prioritise honesty, humility and humbleness - at all times - as a pathway towards attracting like-minded people, building incredible teams, and a brand worth believing in,” Jodie Moule, Principal Researcher & Service Designer. Ultimately, Behavjor was created to remind larger organisations about the customers in which they serve. Jodie states, “too often large organisations forget that its process is not the customer’s journey - their imperatives are not the customers. In large organisations, people get in the way, personalities get in the way, what an individual wants gets in the way - and too often, these desires override what will best serve the people that ultimately matter to our bottom line the most. The customer.” Thus, Behavjor was created so that organisations could partner with them to develop a better, clearer, unclouded point of view on problems that many businesses find overwhelming and challenging. “Because we sit outside of normal business rules, norms or constraints [perceived or actual], we don’t suffer collective cultural thinking that can quickly bias, confine and define organisational teams today,” states Jodie. Behavjor offers an alternative, external perspective that is heavily valued for being practical, honest and, most of the time, the exact thing that businesses need in order to re-think problems with a modernised approach. Moreover, at Behavjor, the company firmly believes in a collaborative advantage over a competitive advantage, as Jodie explains. “We see ourselves as a community of creative misfits - constantly evolving our habits, traditions, approaches, and ways of working to embody our beliefs better. We strive to ensure all our strategic moves are guided by the constraints we set as a group, found within our values. Without them, ‘behavjor’ists’ don’t embody ‘behavjor.’” However, like many businesses globally, Behavjor was affected significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it has allowed the company to become closer – operating as a close-knitted team holding itself to the highest standards to get the job done and maintain this standard throughout all work done within the company, personally and professionally. Ultimately, it has allowed Behavjor to provide consistent quality throughout the years, despite fluctuating industries and uncertain markets. Coming into the new year, Behavjor has announced a plan for the company’s future, as Jodie explains in her closing comments. “The simple strategy is, and has always been, to do more of the same - but better. Know what we are good at, do what we are good at and always strive to be a better version of that.” Company Name: Behavjor Contact Name: Jodie Moule Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]