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Issue 2 2022 V&C Contractors: Best Construction & Property Development Group - Malta Pet Hospital of the Year - Durham Region An impeccable 24 hour vet clinic can be hard to find, especially if you have exotic pets. However, King Hopkins Pet Hospital caters for all pets through check-ups and during difficult times. Providing the best pet care and support for its customers, King Hopkins Pet Hospital has been making waves in the industry. Artvera PrivateWealth Management (UK) Ltd: Manage Your Wealth Like An Expert

Welcome to the February issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. From customer experience and consultancy to the power of digital documenting, there’s something to motivate and ignite a fire within all business entrepreneurs. A collection of businesses to encourage excellent individuals wishing to make it in their chosen industry. We take a look at how companies have coped throughout waves of lockdowns, pandemic panic, and mental health issues. We would like to take this opportunity to show you around some innovative, ambitious, and truly inspiring business concepts and companies that are conquering all even through these difficult times. With one company in particular, King Hopkins Pet Hospital has been altering the lives of many. Not only does it offer its medical expertise to help pets, but it also gives information and comfort to each pet owner. We are excited to bring you King Hopkins Pet Hospital’s story as it reaches new heights. With all things considered these past couple of years have been difficult for all however, we look forward to sharing these success stories. Putting these businesses in the spotlight has been an absolute pleasure and we invite you to peruse this issue at your leisure. The team at Corporate Vision wish you a very prosperous and successful month ahead. We look forward to welcoming you back next time. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Issue 2 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. King Hopkins Pet Hospital: Pet Hospital of the Year - Durham Region 8. Icall Tech Ltd: Technology of Tomorrow! 9. ERA Environmental Consulting: Best Environmental Management Solutions Tech Business 2021 10. Sword GRC: Outstanding in the GRC Software Space 11. Trade Partners Pte Ltd: Best Packaging & Industrial Raw Materials Suppliers - South East Asia 12. Novatron Security Distribution SA: Best Security Distribution Company - Greece 13. Kennedia Consulting Limited: Best BPO & Consultancy Firm - Nigeria 14. V&C Contractors: Best Construction & Property Development Group - Malta 16. Behavjor: Best Customer Experience Strategy Consultancy - Sydney 17. Impact Consulting Enterprises: Best Marketing & Communications Strategists - Northeast USA 18. Artvera Private Wealth Management (UK) Ltd: Manage Your Wealth Like An Expert 20. AINOSTICS: Best Neurological Medical Diagnosis Solution 2021: IQ™ 21. IOActive Inc.: Thriving on Outsmarting Hackers 22. Project Lifesaver International: The Gold Standard of Search and Rescue for At-Risk Individuals who Tend to Wander 23. SmartVault Corporation: Best Integrated Digital Document Storage & File Sharing Solution - 2022 24. Chilli Recruitment: Most Innovative Recruitment Firm - Australia 25. eDriving: eDriving’s Game- Changing Solution Evolves to Meet Companies’ Changing Needs 26. CWS Capital: Best Alternative Investment Management Company - Western Canada 27. Winners’ Listings

4 Time to Talk: Creating workspaces to support mental wellbeing As the UK urges more people to talk about their mental health for Time to Talk day, global workplace creation expert, Unispace, has highlighted the need for employers to optimise their workspace to enable an open dialogue with employees in a hybrid world of work. In its recent study, The Reluctant Returner – which combined the results of an in-depth survey of 3,000 office workers, 2,750 employers and interviews with global senior leaders – Unispace uncovered how satisfied respondents are with their lives at the moment, with a result slightly above average (6.5). When asked how remote working had impacted their mental wellbeing, respondents were split, with only one in two indicating it had positively affected them. With 32% of UK office workers indicating that they find it easier to communicate with colleagues from home, that does suggest many are struggling to converse as effectively outside of the physical workspace. The study further revealed that 80% found it easier to have private conversations from home, which was largely driven by the lack of available private space in the office. According to Lawrence Mohiuddine, CEO EMEA at Unispace, as companies reopen their doors once again, employers need to encourage better personal communication both in and out of the office: “With more companies looking to return to the office again following the removal of calls to work from home where possible, businesses face a fine balancing act when it comes to the mental wellbeing of staff in the workplace. Having faced such uncertainty and with almost half feeling their mental health had been positively impacted in a work from home environment, encouraging staff to talk openly needs to be a priority to make a return to the office successful.” “For many businesses, this isn’t easy for a number of reasons. First and foremost, few workplaces are set up in a way that encourages personal conversations between colleagues – whether face to face or virtually between offices. And where staff are working remotely, it can be difficult to replicate natural conversation where the technology doesn’t gel with the flow of office and remote set-ups. As we look to move on from the impact of Covid-19 with a predominantly hybrid approach, colleagues need to feel comfortable to have personal conversations with peers and managers to safeguard the mental wellbeing of our workforces.”

Issue 2 2022 5 News New report outlines 2022 recruitment expectations in a post-Covid world Online talent sourcing specialist,, has launched a new report analysing what’s next for the UK labour market following Covid-19 and Brexit. Conducted in association with labour economist Morgan Raux, 2022: Adapting to the New Normal combines official statistics from the Office for National Statistics with data from to give an overview of how the job market has been affected by Covid-19 and Brexit, how labour market tightness has increased in the last two years and how it’s projected to keep evolving in 2022. Candidates in control The analysis of the UK’s labour market ‘tightness’ - which is calculated by the comparison of the jobs posted and the number of professionals available for work – highlights how the recruitment market has flipped to a candidate-led environment, with April 2021 marked as the time that vacancy growth surpassed the fall in unemployment, tipping the scales in favour of applicants. Sectors to watch out for In the report, reveals the top sectors to look out for this year, highlighting that while labour market tightness increased in highskilled jobs between 2020 - 2021, it was mid to low-skilled sectors that experienced the biggest increases. The food preparation and serving related sector saw the greatest increase in labour market tightness since the pandemic started – up 120%, a trend that is only going to continue in 2022. Transportation and material moving occupations also saw an 80% increase in labour market tightness, while healthcare reported a 50% increase in 2021, a figure which is only set to worsen should the NHS vaccine mandate go ahead. A people first approach According to, the changes to the UK labour market since the pandemic have made a people-first approach to recruitment a priority for 2022, highlighting that the enhancement of diversity strategies, a simplified hiring process and a focus on internal talent mobility and staff retention will be the foundations for success. Noura Dadzie - VP Sales UK & International Markets at comments: “While the UK has experienced a tight labour market in the past, our latest data highlights just how much pressure the employment landscape has been put under since the pandemic. With rising vacancy levels and decreasing unemployment figures, talent pools have been squeezed significantly. What we’re seeing now is more pressure on hiring and recruitment teams which is only going to exacerbate the need to channel recruitment expenditure into the right channels that will get your vacancy seen by the right people.” “Across the sectors, hiring in transportation, logistics and warehousing is booming all over the UK. These industries show no signs of slowing down for too long. In the second half of 2022 we are very likely to see a rise year over year on both job adverts and hires, particularly for delivery drivers and warehouse workers.”

Pet Hospital of the Year - Durham Region An impeccable 24 hour vet clinic can be hard to find, especially if you have exotic pets. However, King Hopkins Pet Hospital caters for all pets through check-ups and during difficult times. Providing the best pet care and support for its customers, King Hopkins Pet Hospital has been making waves in the industry. Here we begin to understand just how important King Hopkins Pet Hospital is as we take a look at its many services and talents. Ontario has seen pet hospitals come and go however, this one has remained – King Hopkins Pet Hospital is a caring, nurturing, and understanding pet hospital that not only nurses your pet back to health, but it does everything it can to comfort you and your pet should issues be more difficult to resolve. Formed in 1995, King Hopkins Pet Hospital has experienced hundreds of furry – or scaly – friends who are in need of check-ups, treatments, and lots of TLC. Originally King Street Cat Hospital opened to address the issues of the exceptional needs of felines however, King Hopkins Pet Hospital now does everything within its power to ensure a pleasant and reassuring time for every pet along with each member of its immaculate team. The team endeavours to make the most of their knowledge and understanding to help the pets and customers who walk through King Hopkins Pet Hospital’s doors. The staff, as keen animal lovers, enjoy helping people and their pets to achieve the greatest amount of joy and wellbeing. It is important that it helps everyone who walks through its doors, no matter what the problem or concern is. King Hopkins Pet Hospital is truly an inspiration for all, especially when it comes to the health of our pets. With you every step of the way, the team takes on every pet – and their families – to ensure a healthy, happy life. The teams goal is to ensure each pet stays healthy by offering routine examinations and a plethora of treatments that can save lives and keep pets – and pet parents – happy and relaxed. Allowing customers to fill out forms for treatment requests and prescription/food refills, King Hopkins Pet Hospital prevents pets from running out of vital treatment, medicine, and food. With only 24 hours turn-around time, King Hopkins Pet Hospital gives its customers chance to top up their medicine and food quickly so that it never runs out. By doing this, every customer can feel totally at ease and relaxed when looking after their pet. Not only do these forms make things easier for customers, but it also means that this will save time when visiting the clinic. This is something that severely helps during this trying time with regards to the pandemic – King Hopkins Pet Hospital has all of these processes in place to make everyone feel safe and protected with relation to general illness and Covid-19. Whether it’s serious conditions or easily resolved issues, King Hopkins Pet Hospital can reach into its deep pockets of experience and provide only the best service for everyone involved. Its years of helping pets and their families make sure that it has the knowledge, expertise, and staff to carry out every procedure to its best ability. Its goals are to provide informative guides, keep its hospital up to date, provide a comfortable experience for all, and give pets everything they need to stay well. Its treatments involve in-house diagnostics to dentistry, parasite prevention, wellness care, and x-rays. It also provides medical boarding, medicine, anaesthesia and pet monitoring, pain management, laser therapy, and microchipping. All of these things are extremely important and potentially lifesaving, as well as life-extending so that you get much more time with your pets. There to help you around the clock, its doors are wide open throughout the day and night to allow for any customer to contact it, book an appointment, and receive treatment for their little – or not so little – family members. As King Hopkins Pet Hospital finds it so important for people to learn about their animals, it provides all kinds of information on their pets. It is aware that a lot of people find information – and false information at that – on the internet. It is aware that people can find sturdy, reliable, and accurate information online, but it also knows that a lot of it can be misinterpreted, wrong, or even life threatening for pets if followed directly. Providing information online and in-house, King Hopkins Pet Hospital offers the chance for us to deeply understand and learn much about animals – specifically our own pets. Everything that it provides allows us to take a deeper look into the world of our animals and gives us the chance to treat them exactly how they need to be treated. With the help of the team at King Hopkins Pet Hospital we can ensure a happy life for our pets, safe in the knowledge that we are looking after them to the best of our ability. King Hopkins Pet Hospital provides pet insurance as well as its other treatments and services, this allows everyone to feel that their pets are being looked after and given the best chance in life, just in case they really need help. For 2022 and beyond, King Hopkins Pet Hospital will continue on its journey to helping everyone in need, whilst keeping the quality high and the prices fair. This is so that everyone can receive the best treatment there is. We wish it the best of luck for the future as it makes such a huge difference to the lives of many. Contact: Mary Kehoe Company: King Hopkins Pet Hospital Web Address: Jan22675 Ontario has seen pet hospitals come and go however, this one has remained – King Hopkins Pet Hospital is a caring, nurturing, and understanding pet hospital that not only nurses your pet back to health, but it does everything it can to comfort you and your pet should issues be more difficult to resolve.

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Oct21058 Technology of Tomorrow! Based in the heart of Birmingham, the team behind Icall Tech Ltd have built their business on offering the best of British through a comprehensive online solution. Having grown significantly over the years, it can be of little surprise that Corporate Vision’s Global Business Awards has recognised this incredible company as Best Tech Innovation eCommerce Brand Portfolio - UK. We take a closer look at the secrets of their success. Often remembered as the first manufacturing town in the world, there’s no more appropriate location for the team at Icall Tech Ltd than Birmingham. Nestled in the heart of the city’s manufacturing district, the group is home to an incredible array of innovative eCommerce brands working across the range of different industries. In recent years, however, the demand for the latest technology has risen and the team has been determined to react. The selection of gifts available from this astonishing firm is truly incredible, offering a level of quality that is truly second to none. The products curated by the team have been carefully chosen to ensure that they are of the highest quality at all times. Every single item is carefully reviewed by the team before it is even considered for the website. Such a high level of quality means that the shopping experience is like nothing else the length and breadth of the UK. Working online has opened the doors to a whole new world of opportunity for this team of innovators. For tech savvy customers who have an eye for quality, there is no better option available on the market. The majority of the team’s products are designed and sourced within the UK, sold online then distributed from the extensive warehouses based in the West Midlands. By operating out of such a convenient location, the team have been able to secure truly incredible results in terms of delivering. Most orders are received within three working days, and the comprehensive distribution solution means that the team can take advantage of the various stock available in different locations. This means customers get better results, more quickly than many of the competition. The tech industry has gained a poor reputation in many respects, and there is plenty to fix within it. For the Icall Tech team, there has been a determination since the beginning to operate in a way that is fair to all. Their efforts have seen them actively taking part with other organisations to ensure that they are finding solutions and implementing them in as effective a way as possible. In a world where technology is leading the revolution, Icall Tech offers a singular location where you can find the best of what Britain is producing. With an offering that is not only exceptional, but unique, the team has been able to secure overwhelming success. We celebrate this amazing achievement, and look forward to the way in which they will continue to innovate in the months and years to come. Company: Icall Tech Ltd Name: Saira Kazi Email: [email protected]

Issue 2 2022 9 Nov21460 Best Environmental Management Solutions Tech Business 2021 ERA Environmental Management Solutions develops cloud based EH&S management software that services manufacturers in any industry needing to comply with governmental regulations and calculate their sustainability or Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) metrics. We find out more from the firm’s Co-CEOs. ERA began as a consulting firm in North Carolina, founded in 1994 by Gary Vegh. Sarah Sajedi joined him soon after as Co-CEO and CTO. Together they envisioned a more accurate and streamlined way for manufacturers to report their environmental footprint, and they transformed their consulting firm into a leading environmental software and technology enterprise to align with this vision. Said vision secured ERA’s position as one of North America’s first and most respected Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) software providers. Grounded in environmental expertise, the software has evolved from a desktop application for the wood furniture industry to a well-oiled machine offering unmatched emission tracking and forecasting capabilities, consulting services on subscription, and every state and federal regulatory report for companies in all industries. “Our software is an all-in-one Software as a Service (SaaS) that offers complete coverage of every EH&S need,” Vegh explains. “It is based on years of environmental expertise and backed up by a team of environmental scientists.” The co-founders have developed the market’s most advanced air emissions accounting software, with the largest built-in chemical regulatory library. This platform is designed for manufacturers to understand and calculate exactly which air emissions their processes release; with this information, they can then choose materials with a smaller pollutant output and ultimately reduce their footprint and improve local air quality. Sajedi and Vegh have dedicated themselves to the task of breaking down the regulations and voluntary standards that many businesses use to guide their EH&S reporting. Their ongoing research has resulted in improvements to these standards that have directly influenced how businesses account for and improve their environmental air quality performance. “ERA is available to organizations of all sizes through our fair pricing strategy and modular software,” Sajedi elaborates. “We want to be able to serve everyone, not a select few. Clients purchase only the functionality they need, since our pricing is based on the scale and scope of the work. With this business model, we have managed to service clients throughout the globe and in nearly every industry—from SMEs to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, adding up to thousands of end users.” The environmental software industry is one of the fastest growing in the advanced technology sector, a trend that is expected to continue. As the global market expands, manufacturers face an increasing need to account for their carbon footprints, yet the work required to build EH&S software in-house is often too large for most businesses to handle. “One of ERA’s key strengths is the depth and breadth of expertise we bring,” Vegh elaborates. “When an organization joins ERA, they are guided through the implementation process by our team of scientists who all have advanced degrees or decades of experience in their fields. They are chemists, regulatory specialists, software developers, and much more.” While many products offer ‘build your own’ reporting capabilities, ERA’s leads the field by ensuring that all federal and state reporting requirements their clients could need are built into the solution and that output extracts are available to seamlessly migrate calculated values into the tools preferred by state and local agencies. Providing these features requires that ERA stay abreast of any changes on the regulatory horizon, so that it may integrate them into the solution as soon as they are promulgated. ERA has worked closely with manufacturers and sustainability professionals for over two decades to connect the diverse systems that play a role in a facility’s sustainability tracking goals. Their innovative approach strives to redefine the role of the sustainability professional by shifting focus from data collection and analysis to systematic improvements grounded on evidence-based decision making and realtime Key Performance Indicators. Recently, Corporate Vision named ERA the Best Environmental Management Solutions Tech Business of 2021, a testament to the dedication and hard work of Sarah Sajedi, Gary Vegh, and the ERA team. We look forward to seeing where ERA goes next. Contact: Gary Vegh & Sarah Sajedi Company: ERA Environmental Consulting Web Address:

Jan22526 Outstanding in the GRC Software Space Given Sword GRC’s commitment to an attainment of ‘exceptional’ across every aspect of its business, the title of ‘2022 Most Outstanding GRC Management Software Provider, UK’ is well deserved. From continual investment in innovation and the development of a world-class platform that empowers global brands to elevate the value of their governance, risk and compliance management, right through to the unrivalled levels of support and customer care that its customers can rely on, Sword GRC raises the bar. In today’s economy, organizations need agility and resilience in order to navigate change and increasing complexities within risk, governance and compliance. Businesses must be adept at mitigating known risks, dealing with uncertainty and identifying opportunity – balancing risks v rewards and capitalizing on positive risk-taking when there is scope to maximize value. Digital innovation is undeniably an enabler and as market leader in enterprise risk management, Sword GRC’s award-winning solution set equips global brands to raise their game; providing reliable risk intelligence that supports strategic decision-making. For customers within its core markets of aerospace and defence, energy, infrastructure, construction and government, Sword GRC is reinventing the way that risk is approached – pushing risk management best practice up the corporate agenda and elevating its value as part of an organization’s digital transformation. Innovation is part of Sword GRC’s ‘DNA’ – it sees its ongoing investment in new technologies and product development as a foundation fromwhich its customers can maintain their leadership. Active Risk Manager, Sword GRC’s best-in-class risk management platform is trusted by global brands to support pioneering initiatives, including ‘mega-projects’ of vast scale and scope, entailing immense complexity and with much at stake. ARM, complete with its Compliance, Policy, Safety and Audit modules is considered the most flexible and configurable solution available, centralizing enterprise-wide or project risk into a ‘single view’ – providing users with the visibility and depth of insights to put risk management at the heart of strategic and operational decision making. With a significant investment program across its people, portfolio, and global reach, 2022 and beyond will see Sword GRC expand its visionary product roadmap, bringing unrivalled new functionality across its software stack for the direct benefit of its customers. “Whether their focus be on driving major projects or implementing operational improvements, business leaders will have access to dynamic, reliable information on risk, vital for quality decision-making. More intelligent risk management underpins optimized and sustained business performance, not least the agility and resilience that’s critical in today’s global climate,” said Keith Ricketts, VP of Marketing. “We are proud to uphold robust working relationships with customers as diverse as NASA and the UK Ministry of Defence and are confident in our ability to develop and deliver bestfit risk management solutions that support their business performance and ‘outstanding’ goals attainment.” Company: Sword GRC Contact: Keith Ricketts, VP of Marketing Website:

Issue 2 2022 11 Oct21230 Best Packaging & Industrial Raw Materials Suppliers - South East Asia Trade Partners Pte Ltd is a packaging focused company that is a leader in its industry. It has resources from all over the world so that it may supply its services to a high number of customers, at a fair price, and from anywhere in the world. Here we take a good look at Trade Partners as it wins this Corporate Vision award. Providing industrial raw material, minerals and chemicals, Agro and consumer products, and industrial machinery Trade Partners Pte Ltd has global connections for a quality, stable, and explorative future. Supplying a range of materials, Trade Partners has created a name for itself in the industry. With materials such as aluminium foil, coated packaging paper, chemicals, and limestone, any job is plausible and achievable for its customers. For the food packaging industry, Agro commodities, industrial raw material, and industrial machinery industries, Trade Partners is reaching out into a wide world of businesses that benefit from its network and hard work. Trade Partners serves all of its customers with their comfort and satisfaction in mind. It supplies steel and steel scraps as well as smelters, waste paper, and more, so that it may flex its dedicated muscles for its clients. Doing the legwork for them instead of relying on them to do everything. By organising everything for its clients, Trade Partners is exceeding expectations as it provides its services to a large and diverse range of customers. Trade Partners’ vision and mission is to make materials readily available and accessible to all. With its bespoke services, Trade Partners has a large portfolio of experience that encourages customers to stay with them – building long term relationships is a must, and Trade Partners has been doing it for as long as it has been running. Based in Singapore, Trade Partners provides its customers a chance to experience the supply of packaging raw material for the packaging industry – with efficiency and sustainability in mind, Trade Partners gives its customers everything they need for them to operate smoothly and seamlessly in their businesses. By having global connections, Trade Partners has the ability to provide everything its customers need to succeed.. By serving its customers in this manner, Trade Partners works with its four pillars – Quality, Technology, Professionalism, and Commitment. With these pillars in mind, Trade Partners gives its customers everything they need to form trust and long term relationships. Now that Trade Partners has won Best Packaging & Industrial Raw Materials Suppliers - South East Asia, it plans on using the rest of 2022 and beyond to expand and focus on what it does already, whilst still having the future in mind. For all of your packaging and raw material needs, look no further than Trade Partners. Contact: Lalit Golchha Company: Trade Partners Pte Ltd Web Address:

Oct21570 Best Security Distribution Company - Greece Located in Athens, Novatron Security Distrobution is considered a major distributor of security systems in the area and it supplies and markets a wide range of electronic protection systems as well as offering installation services. We find out more from Angelos Gallis as the firm is named in the Corporate Vision Awards for its rapid rise to the top. Novatron was initially established in 2002, specialising in business technology solutions for B2B and B2C clients in Greece and abroad. With an extensive range of innovative products, and having served to date more than 15,000 customers, the company provides integrated and effective solutions Having only being established in 2016, the security division of the group, Novatron Security Distribution, is now the largest wholesale company of security systems, such as surveillance cameras and recorders, intrusion alarms, access control and fire detection, in Greece. Serving three distinct distribution channels, the mid/high professional, the low/end professional and the DIY channel, the company sees many different clients from the security industry. From general consumers, to working directly with a stream of internationally renowned manufacturers, the firm has risen through the ranks to become a trusted partner for some of the largest names in the world, including Pulsar, Sensormatic and Honeywell, to name but a few. An experienced and knowledgeable team of staff operate and drive the company forward, with Co-Owner and Managing Director, Angelos Gallis, at the helm. “Our experienced and highly professional team staff our sales department and they are ready to advise all of our customers with the suitable materials for their installation/solution,” enthuses Angelos. “Additionally, our specialised technical team can provide the support that clients may need before and after the sale.” The firm’s website operates as a catalogue of its products for clients to view. “The site is a unique tool for our customers and contains all the items we trade with, with detailed descriptions, availability, prices, photos, technical brochures, manuals, special offers, as well as useful features such as creating a quote for your customers, order history, and XML,” Angelos says. One of the advantages of procuring a Novatron Security system, and the way the firm helps to differentiate itself in a fiercely competitive industry, lies in its customer-centric focus and the way the team acts as a ‘hub’ for all its clients. And Angelos is committed to ensuring that his staff are able to continue to offer the great service that they are fast-becoming known for within the industry. “We regularly update and train our team and customers in new technologies,” he elaborates. “Ensuring that they are aware of new products and solutions by providing technical seminars and workshops.” Recently, Novatron Security Distribution was recognised in the Corporate Vision Awards and named Best Security Distribution Company – Greece. This success is testament to the dedication of the team and the future of the company is looking very bright. Here’s to another successful seven years. Company: Novatron Security Distribution SA Name: Angelos Gallis Web Address:

Issue 2 2022 13 Oct21572 Best BPO & Consultancy Firm - Nigeria Kennedia Consulting Limited prides itself on providing world-class services to its clients through partnerships that transforms the way they manage their people and functions, so they can focus more on their core business. We find out more as we speak to Managing Director Lotanna Uzoka. Kennedia Consulting Limited (Kennedia) is an industry-leading HR consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, and offers cost-effective HR consultancy services to its esteemed clients in the areas of manpower outsourcing, talent acquisition, learning and development, talent management, and HR consulting/strategic business advisory. “By providing timely and bespoke services, we have continuously kept ourselves ahead of the curve,” explains Managing Director, Lotanna Uzoka. “Our aim is to become the best professional service organisation through an in-depth understanding of our service provisions vis-a-vis the trends and developments in our industry.” With clients from across every sector of the African economy and beyond, ranging from SMEs to large and multinational corporations, Kennedia’s commitment to top-notch service delivery and customer satisfaction gives it a clear edge over competitors and access to more business opportunities from existing clients and referrals. The firm’s operating models allow it to offer bundled services, integrate and manage the provision of these services, either remotely or at its clients’ premises. “We create exceptional values by working closely with key stakeholders in our clients’ organisations,” Lotanna elaborates. “We work ethically, responsibly, and take pride in what we do. A key component of our strategy is developing capable professionals in all functions. We encourage collaboration and innovation – we believe these are critical to fulfilling our client’s requirements.” Kennedia’s core values can be put into the simple acronym of T.W.I.C.E, with clear-cut explanations to each of them. Team spirit – Driven by collaboration, respect, communication and accountability, while recognising that everyone has their own unique role that must be respected and appreciated. ‘WOW’ customer experience – Every employee is dedicated to providing a quality service that gives customers a ‘WOW’ experience by creating an emotional impact that is satisfying, memorable, and lasting from the customer’s viewpoint. Innovation – Striving to stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve on what it offers. Kennedia’s people are empowered to creatively approach challenging tasks efficiently. Commitment – Dedicated to the success of clients, partners, employees, and shareholders. As individuals and as an organisation, Kennedia is committed to creating and sustaining value. Excellence – Focused on creating winning outcomes for both clients and employees. The company strives to excel in every aspect of its business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed and make a lasting difference. It’s people who are at the true heart of Kennedia’s success, and Lotanna is quick to sing the praises of the dedicated workforce who have helped to raise the firm’s profile over the years. “People are essential to the success of any business,” she enthuses. “Our internal culture highlights the values, goals, attitudes and practices that characterise us an organization. We prioritize our people and provide a conducive work environment for every member of the firm. Our people feel valued and empowered and have more control over their job. Our open communication and conducive work environment have also helped to reduce turnover, increased employee engagement and productivity which has resulted to significant impact on our bottom line.” Just like every other company, Kennedia is consistently faced with challenges arising from the impact of both external and internal factors. The internal factors are often controllable, however the external factors are uncontrollable, such as the unstable economy and inadequate regulations. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, an external factor, Lotanna tells us that the firm experienced both disadvantages but also opportunities which arose. “For us in Kennedia Consulting, we saw its impact in both positive and negative perspectives. On one side, we have experienced disruption in business operations, suspended or delayed business execution as a result of the pandemic. The pandemic has also compelled us to explore the possibility of remote work pattern/arrangement, where workers often feel more valued and achieve higher levels of performance.” Recently recognised by Corporate Vision as the Best BPO & Consultancy Firm in Nigeria, Kennedia is now firmly positioned for future growth and further success. Lotanna concludes, “We believe that your new year starts when you renew your commitment to focus and goal accomplishment. Our plan for 2022 is to have a more motivated workforce, improved client satisfaction and business growth. We encourage everyone to remain very hopeful, prayerful, focus and committed to excellence in all endeavours.” Contact: Lotanna Uzoka Company: Kennedia Consulting Limited Web Address:

Best Construction & Property Development Group - Malta V&C Contractors, a construction company operating across the island of Malta with a dedication to being the best of the best, is one committed to the idea of working both smart and hard. In a competitive industry that is constantly learning new tricks, it has made itself one of the companies learning and teaching said tricks, having worked with clients such as Transport Malta, Gov.MT, Smart City Malta, and more, implementing new technologies and updating its fleet on a consistent basis in order to keep itself fiercely competitive. With construction and property development as a field being thrust onto the world’s stage now more than ever, the scrutiny has been shedding light on those companies who have been working with the best practices to attain the best results. V&C Contractors is one such company. Fundamentally, having found its feet in April of 1992, V&C Contractors began by making itself a stand-out name in the construction industry of Malta, quickly becoming one of the linchpin firms on the island proper and growing quickly by way of the multitude of good reviews that its clients leave it, as well as the word-of-mouth referrals that said clients go on to give to peers and colleagues. Owned and run by two hardworking, energetic, and diligent people in brothers Vincent and Charles Borg, the two have worked relentlessly hard in order to ensure that V&C Contractors becomes a cornerstone of Maltese construction through the carrying out of exemplary work and the implementation of market leading customer service. Additionally, in the early days, work was mainly garnered through subcontracting. This gave it the launchpad it needed to reach greater heights of success, working under larger and more established businesses in order to build up great relationships with each of them and establish itself as a trustworthy business partner and up-andcoming player in the sector. Consequentially, it is now capable of securing that work for itself; however, it works hard to maintain the exemplary connections it made during this time in order to keep itself in good stead amongst the peer ship of Maltese construction firms currently operating on the island. Its humble beginnings, and its ability to work its way up from these, have resulted in a growth pattern that is both exponential and sustainable. It has been able to expand in a controlled and controllable manner so that it can make sure its staff and other resources can handle the amount of demand being placed on it at any given time, resulting in a company that ensures every customer walks away satisfied, and one that funnels significant effort into human resources. This, being one of its greatest resources, is one department that V&C Contractors will always prioritise the funding of. Critically, due to the consistent growth and development of the company, its HR department has been a pivotal player in making sure that this growth remains productive and that it doesn’t allow details such as staff safety, fulfilment, and training to fall to the wayside. It is the consistent review of where and when such investments are needed that have allowed it to also keep up such a competitive fleet. Recently, it has upgraded its fleet and equipment once again, ensuring that its staff are working with the best tools that will make their lives easier and safer across the board, each decision made by the management team contributing to making this a reality. Today, the company boasts a competitive management team, which manages a hard-working force and an extensive roster of machinery that is kept up to the highest standards of quality and maintenance on a daily basis, offering strict due diligence and ensuring the highest standards of training are maintained amongst the operators of said machinery. In addition to all of this, whilst V&C Contractors is first and foremost a construction expert, it is also so much more. Its has dedicated a significant amount of effort into broadening its views of what a construction company could be, always looking for new ways to diversify its portfolio and resist stagnation by always searching for new avenues through which to learn. Thus, it has invested in the expansion into real estate as a business venture through its sub-company, V&C Developments; it also is looking forward to diving more into the tourism sector through V&C Contractors proper, hoping to find new ways to push the construction sector onward to greater things and bolster the Maltese economy as a result. Its services are also always growing in quality. Each of these – including road building and trenching, excavation, landscaping projects, restoration, and more – have each been lauded as ‘well executed and completed to client satisfaction’ by the customers who have contracted it in the past, and this is part of its commitment to its clients. Although its services and solutions already started off as exemplary, it is forever striving to make these more and more competitive, taking on board feedback, comments, queries and concerns so that it can make the necessary changes. After all, it is incredibly important to V&C Contractors that it maintains its slogan of ‘we always keep our promises’. With its quality construction, cost effective execution, and timely project deadline diligence, each professional within its ranks helps it to build up the type of long-lasting relationships with its clients that will have said client coming back time and time again for any and all construction needs. Fundamentally, it takes great amounts of pride in the work it does, considering it just as much of a privilege to work with the clients its serves as they might consider it a privilege to work with it, something that – once again – is often included in reviews and testimonials. Company: V&C Contractors Contact: Christabelle Camilleri Website: Nov21070 With construction and property development as a field being thrust onto the world’s stage now more than ever, the scrutiny has been shedding light on those companies who have been working with the best practices to attain the best results.

Issue 2 2022 15

Nov21106 Best Customer Experience Strategy Consultancy - Sydney Established in 2018, Behavjor is represented by two leading minds within their field, Rob Prescott, CX Strategy & Design Consultant and Jodie Moule, Principal Researcher & Service Designer. Recognised as Sydney’s Best Customer Experience Strategy Consultancy, Behavjor comprises of experienced practitioners consulting and guiding organisations on Design Thinking, Design Research and Strategic Design. From strategy through to execution and capability building, Behavjor was founded with the aim to support better business outcomes by providing remarkable customer experience leadership. For Behavjor, mindfulness is in all that it does; it is its essence and founding principle. “We have chosen to prioritise honesty, humility and humbleness - at all times - as a pathway towards attracting like-minded people, building incredible teams, and a brand worth believing in,” Jodie Moule, Principal Researcher & Service Designer. Ultimately, Behavjor was created to remind larger organisations about the customers in which they serve. Jodie states, “too often large organisations forget that its process is not the customer’s journey - their imperatives are not the customers. In large organisations, people get in the way, personalities get in the way, what an individual wants gets in the way - and too often, these desires override what will best serve the people that ultimately matter to our bottom line the most. The customer.” Thus, Behavjor was created so that organisations could partner with them to develop a better, clearer, unclouded point of view on problems that many businesses find overwhelming and challenging. “Because we sit outside of normal business rules, norms or constraints [perceived or actual], we don’t suffer collective cultural thinking that can quickly bias, confine and define organisational teams today,” states Jodie. Behavjor offers an alternative, external perspective that is heavily valued for being practical, honest and, most of the time, the exact thing that businesses need in order to re-think problems with a modernised approach. Moreover, at Behavjor, the company firmly believes in a collaborative advantage over a competitive advantage, as Jodie explains. “We see ourselves as a community of creative misfits - constantly evolving our habits, traditions, approaches, and ways of working to embody our beliefs better. We strive to ensure all our strategic moves are guided by the constraints we set as a group, found within our values. Without them, ‘behavjor’ists’ don’t embody ‘behavjor.’” However, like many businesses globally, Behavjor was affected significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it has allowed the company to become closer – operating as a close-knitted team holding itself to the highest standards to get the job done and maintain this standard throughout all work done within the company, personally and professionally. Ultimately, it has allowed Behavjor to provide consistent quality throughout the years, despite fluctuating industries and uncertain markets. Coming into the new year, Behavjor has announced a plan for the company’s future, as Jodie explains in her closing comments. “The simple strategy is, and has always been, to do more of the same - but better. Know what we are good at, do what we are good at and always strive to be a better version of that.” Company Name: Behavjor Contact Name: Jodie Moule Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

Issue 2 2022 17 Nov21642 Best Marketing & Communications Strategists - Northeast USA Impact Consulting Enterprises LLC, recognized as a minority-woman owned full-service agency, is renowned for providing several comprehensive services from strategic communication, marketing, advertising, website design and development to event management, public relations and media buying services. Launched in 1989, Impact Consulting Enterprises has been established as Northeast USA’s Best Marketing & Communications Strategists of 2021. Founded by business strategist and communicator Cheryl McCants over three decades ago, Impact Consulting Enterprises LLC impacts businesses with words. Impact Consulting Enterprises are brand storytellers – supporting individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations and public agencies in creating meaningful and relevant stories that reflect their brand’s purpose. Overall, the company is fueled by its desire to provide award-winning, professional communication and business developments through the power of stories and narratives. Communication is vital: it is core principle that the company is founded upon. By all regards, Cheryl is one of the most revolutionary women within her industry, with a reputation built on the back of her significant experience, expertise and qualifications. These include her four college degrees, executive education certificates in digital excellence and business development from Google and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, an M.A. in project management from George Washington University, an M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and two B.A.s from Brown University in Business Economics and Organizational Behaviour and Management. Through her various years of dedicated work within the industry, Cheryl has been recognized as PR News 2017 Top Woman in Public Relations and is the global Stevie Awards winner for Woman of the Year in Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising. Most recently, Cheryl has added Best Marketing &Communications Strategists from Corporate Visions Media Innovator Awards and Ney Jersey’s Best Business & Brand Narrative PR Agency in Corporate Visions Small Business Awards to her collection of unmatched praise and recognition within the industry. Cheryl’s unmatched knowledge and industry specializations are utilized within both the private and public sectors with renowned clients ranging from Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Communication for Social Change Consortium to the U.S. Department of Transportation and the City of Newark, NJ’s Department of Economic & Housing and Development. These are just a few among many who trust, respect and need the efforts of Cheryl and her team to produce such quality standard stories that entirely capsulate the essence of its brand and its company’s core. At Impact Consulting Enterprises, Cheryl and her team members are industry experts who often work with organizations discouraged by impersonal campaigns that traditionally produce materials that don’t reflect the entire essence of a brand – costing a lot of time and money in the process. Thus, Impact Consulting Enterprises connects with a business’s target audience through traditional and modern media channels both off and online to ensure optimum results with introspective narratives. Since its inception, Impact Consulting Enterprises has produced innovative narrative content. Whether through designing and developing websites, social media campaigns or grassroots and gorilla marketing campaigns - Impact Consulting Enterprises creates meaningly stories that capture its clients and their businesses true essence. Over the past three decades, Cheryl has not only founded her own globally-renowned career but Impact Consulting Enterprises, a reputable top-tier full-service strategic communication, marketing and public relations firm. Supporting clients with impactful untold stories, the company is one of the most strategic and innovative firms in the modern industry, allowing “brands to feel good about where they are and better about where they are going,” states Impact Consulting Enterprises. Company Name: Impact Consulting Enterprises Contact Name: Cheryl McCants Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]