Issue 2 2023

Winners’ Listings 2023 Corporate Excellence Awards Corporate Vision Magazine celebrates this month’s recipients in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, the companies & individuals who are committed to innovation, business growth and provide the very best products and services in key industries worldwide. Best High-End Spirit Manufacturing Visitor Attraction 2023 - Wales Midas Mead Hamish Murray Best Hotel Sales Support Solutions Provider 2023 - USA Jacaruso Enterprises Inc Janel Allen Since 2007, Jacaruso has led the hotel industry in sales training, short-term sales service, & ongoing sales outsourcing. Our customized solutions give access to the expertise needed to build revenue. Best Multi-Industry AR Solutions Provider 2023 - Midwest USA Bundlar Lauren Lemieux BUNDLAR is Augmented Reality Made Easy. Anyone can build & edit AR experiences on our web platform, then instantly publish & experience on supported iOS/Android mobile devices - no coding required. Best Payment Processing System Provider 2023 - Arizona REPAY Kristen Hoyman Best Global Risk & Compliance Company 2023 Quantexa Sheryl Wharff Most Innovative Institutionally-Backed Acquisitions Company 2023 - Northeast USA Acquco John Berggren Seamlessly exit your Amazon business in less than 30 days. Sell your Amazon FBA e-commerce business and continue to profit as your brand grows with us. Best AI-Based Clinical Documentation Software Provider – 2023 Iodine Software Jessi Klein Best B2B Marketing Company 2023 - California Step2Growth Sneha Lundia Agrawal Best AI Healthcare Analytics Company 2023 - New Jersey Hindsait Pinaki Dasgupta Hindsait’s AI platform enables Payers and Benefit Managers to reduce unnecessary health services, human errors, wastage, and fraud, by augmenting pre-service and post-service medical necessity audits. Most Innovative Robotic Gardening Solution Company 2023 - the USA FarmBot Marc Roland Best Processed Food Products Importer 2023 - India Suresh Kumar & Co (Impex) Pvt. Ltd Nikhil Asrani