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Welcome to the February issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. Now finding ourselves halfway through Q1, we are starting to feel a new sense of hope and joy as the realisation sets in that spring is just around the corner. We’ve been noticing the days getting longer and look forward to daffodils blooming and warm sunshine – as well as the new opportunities that are yet to come. Already, 2023 is shaping up to be a year of great ambition and prosperity as we celebrate the successes of this month’s award-winning businesses. From a smart city technology solutions firm, to a video production company, to a home swap holiday platform, these companies are delivering innovative solutions that enhance the everyday lives of their clients. Indeed, we are delighted to be showcasing these businesses and the outstanding products and services they provide, and we are excited to see where their hard work takes them next. We hope you find exploring these business’s stories to be insightful and we wish you a wonderful month ahead. Until next time! Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editors Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland, Editor Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Issue 2 2023 3 Contents 4. News 6. Inscape Data: Smart City Networks - In A Box! 8. CROOW: The Future of Video Production 9. KCStrengthsHUB: Best Pharma Talent & Strategy Specialist Company 2023 10. Holiday Swap: Swap a Home for a Holiday? 11. The FutureWork Institute, Inc.: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 12. Winners’ Listings

4 Affluent millennials ready to be tapped for angel investment opportunities • Millennials are more likely to consider angel investing than any other generation • Only 2% of affluent millennials, Gen X and baby boomers are currently angel investors • Half of investors have invested in a business in the last two years As investors err on the side of caution amid economic concerns, research published today suggests that appetite for business investment remains high, particularly among millennial investors. A survey by UK law firm Michelmores of affluent millennials, Gen X and baby boomers found that nearly half (49%) have invested in a business in the last two years, often citing motivations that go beyond pure financial return. This includes investing in their own business (28%), an established businesses (15%) or a start-up (6%). Entrepreneurial millennials are significantly more likely than older generations to have invested in a business, with 59% of Gen X and 89% of baby boomers not investing in any business in the last two years. The data also revealed a stark disparity between the number of millennials that would consider angel investing (82%) versus the number that already are angel investors (2%). Nineteen per cent of millennials don’t consider themselves to have sufficient funds to be an angel investor – despite 44% of those interest having over £100,000 of investible assets - and 32% perceiving it to be too high risk. However, 15% said they simply don’t know how to become an angel investor, indicating that with the right level of targeted education on the process, this generation could offer a significant proportion of untapped resource for businesses seeking investment. More Gen X respondents are already angel investors than the other generations surveyed, but this figure is still extremely low (3%). However, with two thirds stating they would consider angel investing, this generation also offers a likely source of investment for fledgling or growing businesses. Unsurprisingly, the data showed that interest in angel investing wanes in the older generations, with just 2% of baby boomers stating they would ‘definitely’ consider it. Statements made by respondents of this generation included that they felt ‘too old’ to ‘wait for a new investment to blossom’ and didn’t ‘take risks’ with their money at their age. Chloe Vernon-Shore, Senior Associate at Michelmores, says: “Angel investment is such a fascinating asset class, offering incredibly valuable opportunities for the investor and the investee company. The perception is that angel investment is reserved for the wealthy elite, despite individual investments in a single venture starting from £5,000 - and sometimes as little as £1,000 with the right special purpose vehicle in place. “Like anything, raising awareness is key to growing this asset class and making it more accessible to individual investors and potential investors and to start-up and scaleup businesses. “The data suggests that businesses seeking investment should target their efforts at affluent millennials, who are most likely to have a longerterm outlook and the appetite to become an angel investor.”

Issue 2 2023 5 News VeUP launches with €100m growth fund to empower tech companies through AWS VeUP, a new global technology consultancy launches today, providing bespoke services to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) working in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. VeUP, which is planning to hire 40 fulltime staff this year, has opened offices in the UK and the US and has hired AWS veteran James Campanini as its CEO. Campanini previously served as Head of Channels and Alliances, UK&I at AWS, and will oversee the company’s expansion. VeUP will offer a suite of core services to its clients. These include consultancy around how to get the best from AWS Marketplace, enabling customers to scale quickly. The team will also provide frictionless billing management that scales in line with demand, as well as cost optimisation and governance services. The company will also provide foundational tech reviews, training, solution tailoring and workshops to enable customers to get the most out of AWS. Clients will benefit from VeUP’s IT expertise, including data scientists and solution architects who can help improve processes and enable a seamless customer journey. In addition to investing in and expanding its core tech services, VeUP has launched with partners a dedicated growth fund, Quadri Partners, which will be used to invest and assist high growth companies in reaching their vision and full potential. The initial funding is being provided by the company’s backers, who include several experienced international investors. Alexander Dick, Executive Chairman, VeUP said: “Technology is the beating heart of the global economy and our team is ready to help ambitious SMEs and enterprise players accelerate their growth to the next level. Backed by our multi-million growth fund and equipped with very best AWS industry experts, our team is ready to make waves in the tech industry.” James Campanini, CEO, VeUP comments: “AWS is the engine of business growth, yet so many companies lack the support they need to master it and reach their full potential. We have developed a bespoke senior team of AWS experts, supported by a substantial fund to help our clients expand and increase their market share.”

Cast your mind back to when the internet wasn’t a feature of our every waking moment. If you’re not in the tech business, you’ll only need to go back 20 years or so to get a clear picture of the impact technology has had on our daily lives. Smart devices now populate every corner of our homes, from monitoring the energy we use to controlling heating, lighting, security and of course, entertainment. Although there may be downsides to the continuing advances of technology, benefits such as time and energy saving can’t be denied. But the need for smart technology doesn’t end at the front door. With over 50% of the world’s population living in cities - a number which is only set to grow - the need for smart technology outside of the home has never been greater. Smart city networks are fast gaining in popularity. Smart road management takes the guesswork out of keeping the traffic moving. High-tech security cameras help to keep the streets safe and state-of-the-art monitoring helps councils monitor and promote more efficient use of resources. Some cities are even providing free Wi-Fi for visitors to commercial centres. Of course, providing internet connectivity outdoors comes with its own set of specific challenges. Despite extreme weather conditions, our expectations of infrastructure services remain the same. This means the technology needed to power smart cities has to be robust and secure, resilient to dust, water, extremes of cold and heat, and easy to maintain. That’s where the San Jose company, Inscape Data Corporation, steps in. Inscape Data manufactures and sells PoE switch solutions built to withstand the rigours of outdoor installation. Starting with a single product, the LinkPower™ IP68 Outdoor PoE switch, the company has evolved a range of products including LinkPower™ IP68 Outdoor Injectors and LinkPower™ Standard PoE to Passive PoE/D.C. converters. Having deployed its solutions in both North America and Europe, Inscape Data’s products are versatile and easy to use. Powering devices from as low as 5V up to 52V DC using standard RJ45 jacks, the company’s solutions power a diverse range of applications including infrared cameras for video surveillance, Wi-Fi radios and smart grid sensors. Remote control of power settings ensures the complete reliability and security of each system. Chief Technology Officer, David Lin, explains, “The flexibility and wide range of network power options we offer make Inscape Data an attractive and cost-effective answer for smart city network needs. We’re committed to delivering innovative, reliable, high-quality products, every time.” All Inscape Data’s equipment undergoes a meticulous inspection before deployment. And the company’s service doesn’t end when the product is delivered. Inscape Data provides every client with production scheduling and roll-out assistance. There’s also follow-up support allowing each deployment to be critically assessed. As well as working on smart city initiatives, Inscape Data collaborates with education establishments. Amongst the most technologically demanding environments, it’s essential that colleges and universities benefit from fast, reliable, and unbreakable services. Inscape Data’s LinkPower™ complete network solutions fit the bill perfectly, scaling Smart City Networks - In A Box! Established in 2004, Californian company, Inscape Data Corporation, is a US-based manufacturer of power over ethernet (PoE) and fiber optic solutions. The company’s own patented product designs reduce the challenges presented by environmental considerations, network design and outdoor installation. Inscape Data is our Most Innovative Smart City Technology Solutions Firm 2022 - California. from one simple unmanaged network switch through to sophisticated managed network switch solutions. The ability to scale is important for the small and medium enterprises and Wi-Fi service providers that Inscape Data works with too. A network that grows with the business is far preferable to swapping out an entire solution. The company’s cutting-edge, robust, technology is reliable pretty much anywhere. Demonstrated in the extreme during Hurricane Irma, Inscape Data’s LinkPower™ LPS3800ATM-T1 Outdoor PoE Switches, installed in the Mega Yacht Marina in Miami, endured violent storms to provide essential network services to users. In New Orleans, the company tackled another challenging environment when it collaborated with H&R Operator Services to revamp the networks for student housing at the University of New Orleans. To resist the climate and vandalism, the kit needed to be rugged and resilient. It also had to be future-proof by allowing for additions and, of course, on budget - and the team delivered. The LinkPower™ Commercial PoE Switch Solutions recommended for hotels, college campuses and medium to large enterprises are Layer 2+ and Layer 3 Managed PoE, offering 24 to 48 Gigabit PoE Ports, 4*1/10G SFP+ fiber slot ports. Switch hardware designs with Microsemi VITESSE chipsets feature a large cache, low latency, and powerful network management functions. PoE output power ranges from 400W to 600W depending on the specific model. The LinkPower Commercial PoE switches, feature automatic detection and recognition of the powerreceiving equipment. This meets the PoE standards and supplies power through the network cable. Inscape Data products are covered under warranty for up to 3 years. Inscape Data’s ‘all-in-a-box’ solutions will tackle most tasks admirably. But when the requirement is larger scale, say for the military or the government, that’s when Inscape Data’s engineering team steps in. Designing bespoke end-to-end PoE and fiber optic systems based on each customer’s requirements, Inscape Data guides the process through every stage, from concept through to production even assisting with component selection. Inscape Data has smart city solutions rolled out across Hidalgo County, San Jose, San Mateo, and Oakland as well as various national parks and areas of London. The company sells its products online at and also via its network of trusted distributors including GraybaR, Teleco, Viking Electric, Pioneer Music Company, and a list of regional resellers. Inscape Data welcomes enquiries from potential resellers and vendors interested in property licensing or OEM via the company website. Inscape Data is scheduled to attend ISC West from the 29th to the 31st of March 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact: David Lin Company: Inscape Data Web Address:

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Looking to the future, CROOW plans to add a creative network, CROOW Market, to the platform. This feature will provide teams and industry experts with a collaborative platform outside of individual projects. Contact: Aaron Lipkin (lead developer) Company: CROOW Web Address: Dec22458 The Future of Video Production Tampa Bay company, CROOW, is disrupting the video production industry by offering highquality, studio-produced video at a fraction of the cost. The company’s collaboration and project management software has earned CROOW our Best Collaboration Technology Solutions Provider – 2023 award. We catch up with CROOW’s lead developer, Aaron Lipkin, to find out more. Since the dawn of the digital age, the demand for high-quality video images has been on the increase. Filming an occasional TikTok or Instagram reel on your phone is fine. But when it comes to marketing and promoting your business, there’s nothing better than a professional-quality video. With the costs of video equipment and studio time out of reach of many, CROOW is streamlining the process of creating and editing video to provide an accessible service. CROOW, pronounced ‘crew,’ is a collaboration platform that makes the process of producing your video, faster, easier and more affordable. The platform features two products. CROOW Studio offers studioquality video at a fraction of the usual costs. By creating a project with CROOW Studio, clients can access studio-quality video recording and editing at a fraction of the normal cost. CROOWpm is project management software that enables stakeholders to collaborate on projects throughout their lifecycle. Aaron explains more about the service, “Our software makes video production seamless and stress-free. Clients want videos that match the presentation standards of their brand. Our automated templates and efficient processes help them get that. When they buy a video package through CROOW, they enjoy a production experience that meets all their needs. Our pre-production process is unique and painless.” Working with clients including Savills, CFO Alliance, Tampa Bay Chamber and Spoton Digital Media, the company’s goal is to help customers take their video production to the next level through its products and services. Popular options include digital short films to engage with the client’s audience via info sharing, interviews showcasing business leaders to build trust, and longer films sharing a company’s brand history, mission and vision. The team at CROOW are flexible and can visit your office if you wish. Or, visit them at one of the company’s fabulous studios to get the full VIP experience. The CROOW video team is on hand to ensure a smooth process. There’s even a library of title card logos, animations and icons to choose from. After the shoot, CROOW encourages clients to submit their comments via an automated system. This makes sure nothing gets lost in translation. CROOW’s smart workflows and advanced tools make creative collaboration a breeze, getting projects to delivery in a fraction of the time. We ask Aaron about the benefits of CROOW’s HQ base in Tampa Bay. He tells us, “We’re lucky to call Tampa Bay home. Over the years, we’ve filmed hundreds of videos in the Tampa/St Pete area. We’ve worked with some of the area’s brightest and most innovative companies, nonprofits, and thought leaders. And we’ve been fortunate to work with the region’s most impressive and talented video production professionals.” Today CROOW has expanded its operation and video production capabilities into Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC.

Issue 1 2023 9 How do we plan to innovate within our industry in the next 5 years? Already we have started, creating both world class client and coach onboarding process’s which are delighting these 2 groups already. We have also created new products and filed 4*successful Trademarks in 2022. These are: 1. Strengths HUB® 2. TPA®- Method 3. StrengthsHUB-HiiT® 4. StrengthsHUB-IGNiTE® We know that turnover rates are higher every year and with only 9% of the UK workforce engaged at work, according to Gallup World, we as a result we will also be introducing 2 new products in January 2023… 1. A World Class Employee Onboarding Program to a high-performance team, which is a development on what we’ve been doing so successfully to this date. By creating a “world class employee onboarding” program for our clients, this will accelerate the integration and alignment of new colleagues much quicker. It will also improve new hire retention and new hire productivity by as much as 82% and 70% respectively. 2. Grow My Strengths Program, which is designed with the intention as a great entry or follow up program for existing and new clients. This program is a lower effort higher impact program for our clients and offers them a great ROI. What impact has our company culture had on our success and how do we nurture this? Our culture is lived through our purpose and values, the ones that we adhere too internally and externally. We nurture them from the moment a new coach or client joins us, they are part of our onboarding process which is backed up by talking about them and sharing the video’s we’ve created. Overall, the future is set to be exceptionally bright for the company. 2022 was a year filled with abundance and success, with multiple awards coming into its possession. Sarah as CEO Executive Strengths Coach of the year 2022 and the company was recognised as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022. KCStrengthsHUB works with 4 of the Top 7 plus more Global Pharma companies and now employs seven coaches that deliver programs around the world. Contact: Keith Webster Company: KCStrengthsHUB Web Address: Dec22502 Best Pharma Talent & Strategy Specialist Company 2023 Recognised as Best Pharma Talent & Strategy Specialist Company 2023 for a second consecutive year, KCStrengthsHUB is a leading talent strategy and engagement company that maintains a focused portfolio of clients in the global pharma industry. Now entering its 6th year of Global operations KCStrengthsHUB remains focused on helping the Global Pharmaceutical industry win the battle for talent and create company-wide cultures of high performance to drive individual, team and business growth. KCStrengthsHUB partners, globally, with its Pharmaceutical Clients and its key strategic partners… Gallup, the world’s number one researchbased global performance-management consulting company, and e2Grow, a digital enabling platform company. What makes us unique? Our Purpose and Values at KCStrengthsHUB is what makes us unique, and our purpose is clear… To inspire Organisational Change & Greater Wellbeing by delivering impactful CliftonStrengths based workplace solutions that create a more Engaging Pharmaceutical workplace, enables Global Pharmaceutical companies to bring a consistent stream of innovative medicines that solve unmet medical needs that have a significant impact on people’s lives, quicker. What’s been our biggest challenge over the last 12 months and how did we approach it? Really getting our client leaders to align our programs to their business and the business outcomes they are focused on. Our methodology is based on real world data on how to drive performance at work and even the most senior of leaders, can shy away from aligning our highperformance programs to their outcomes. Our approach was twofold; 1) to coach every leader on the importance of business outcomes at the beginning of a program, so that meaningful goals and evaluations could be set. 2) we also collected data from every single coaching intervention, by individual and team, to see the program’s business connection by asking participants a simple set of questions about the extent to which this program has influenced certain business measures, from each intervention. This enabled us to produce world class reports for all our clients at year end showing the step-change results of every program we undertook with them. In addition, as the geo-political and global economic situation has worsened our challenge is for our clients to see that they need highperformance teams, employees to do more of what they do best with great leaders developing them, more than ever. Engaged employees and who they select as managers are key differentiators to success and can be a real competitive advantage in 2023. Benefitting from a wealth of knowledge and industry experience, the company has acquired numerous awards and titles over the years, with each recognising its dedicated services. Adding Best Pharma Talent Strategy & Engagement Specialist – 2023 to its 2022 award is one we are extremely proud of at KCStrengthsHUB.

Dec22599 Swap a Home for a Holiday? Ever wondered what it would be like to swap homes, at least for a short while? Well now you can! UK company, Holiday Swap, has clients in 185 countries around the world, all ready to swap their homes for a taste of life elsewhere. Holiday Swap is our Best Global Holiday Home Platform 2023. We speak to COO, Andy McGinlay, to find out more. Think back to the Christmas movie favourite, The Holiday. LA movie producer, Amanda, swaps her mansion for writer, Iris’ comfortable Surrey cottage over the holidays. It sounds like a perfect solution to the pair’s problems and in fact, does end up that way. Home swaps have been around for decades in a lowkey kind of way. One company that’s showcasing the concept front and centre is London-based, Holiday Swap. Using the latest in innovation and technology, Holiday Swap is fast gaining in popularity. In fact, the company is attracting clients at such a rate that it’s predicted to feature over 1 million homes on the platform by the end of the year. We ask Andy to tell us about the idea behind the brand. “Hotel prices and homestays are continuing to go up in price. We wanted to find a way for people to use the bed they sleep in to take away most of the accommodation costs when they travel. We’ve built a sharing platform to save money on accommodation. That means we have more to spend on flights, tours, and experiences. There are two options. People can book directly with hosts or match their homes and swap. It works out much cheaper, which means you can travel more.” Holiday Swap has witnessed huge growth in its client base since it started out in 2018. But not content to sit on its laurels, the company has lots of projects in the pipeline too. Andy says, “We offer industry-leading low fees for hosts, from just 3%. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t have hidden fees. And we’re the only accommodation platform in the world that allows both direct bookings and traditional home swaps for our customers. We like to think we are quite unique – no one has managed to scale home swapping globally, until now.” Holiday Swap couldn’t have picked a better time to scale its business. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many have a renewed thirst for travel after the pandemic but a tighter budget due to the global recession. The platform uses a token system with users earning tokens for setting up a profile, listing their home and using the platform. Tokens are then redeemed against future bookings of their choice. The company rolled out its cash booking system in 2022 enabling hosts to generate tangible income from the platform by renting out their properties too. In 2023, Holiday Swap will be launching its Loyalty Points program to enable users to benefit even more from using the platform. Team members at Holiday Swap all have one thing in common - a love of travel. With team members spread across the globe in the UK, USA, Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand, it’s not easy to get everyone together. But Andy and the team have a strong culture of collaboration and hold regular meetings to celebrate their successes. To find out more about Holiday Swap, or to register your home, please visit the company website. Contact: Andy McGinlay Company: Holiday Swap Web Address:

Issue 2 2023 11 Dec22228 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion The FutureWork Institute Inc (FutureWork) is a global consulting firm that translates future trends to transform organisations. Operating on five continents, it is a certified women-owned business (WBE) that serves as an incubator of innovation and change in addressing current and future workplace and marketplace issues. Recognised by Corporate Vision as Most Outstanding Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Firm – 2022, we got in touch with President and CEO, Margaret Regan to learn more. The consulting team at The FutureWork Institute has been working with major global organisations for over 25 years in the areas of diversity, leadership and career development, future work, and work/ life assignments. They help clients to discover innovative new ways to transform their workspaces so all talent can make extraordinary contributions. This is done through services that achieve a ‘MindShift’, a ‘HeartShift’, and a ‘SkillShift’, creating a more inclusive, future-driven culture and environment for clients and their teams. MindShift helps clients to see diversity and inclusion as a business strategy. It focuses on strategy sessions for leadership; future workplace and marketplace trends; business cases; scenario planning; and best practice benchmarks. HeartShift concentrates on feeling the power of diversity and inclusion and the impact of exclusion. This is delivered through employee focus groups; executive interviews; organisation culture inventory; root cause analysis; virtual reality simulations; and interactive theatre. SkillShift leverages diversity and inclusion, thus achieving results. This is done through WorldPrisms Profiler; training and TTT; cultural competency training; manager’s toolkits; e- and v-learning: ON24; and FW Island in virtual reality. President and CEO of FutureWork, Margaret Regan states, “Our core values of respect, diversity, equity, inclusion, and global mindset have not changed since the founding of FutureWork in 2001. What has changed is our business model, which we re-evaluate every two years to match the changing client needs. “We are a firm that lives its values by operating as we envision the future workforce: a global virtual team of consultants committed to building an inclusive community of practice.” Indeed, FutureWork is a firm that focuses on the future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and it does this by integrating talent management, leadership, and diversity work. It links its clients’ DEI work to the business strategy, and invents new ways for clients to learn and collaborate, as well as ensures a change management approach to DEI that also focuses on the ROI of clients’ work. “Currently, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry is under attack by people who think what we are doing is Critical Race Theory (CRT),” states Margaret. “We also run a membership organisation of DEI consultants, The Inclusion Allies Coalition. It started with 60 members and has grown in a few years to 750 members. We are a coalition of organisations and practitioners committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organisations and society. We provide resources, advocacy, networking, and webinars for dialogues across differences to promote inclusion. We serve as allies for those who feel marginalised and advocates for inclusive policies and practices.” The vision is to be the leading voice of DEI practitioners globally, with Margaret going on to say, “We are currently educating our members how to address the attacks on our work and explain Critical Race Theory with its true meaning. This is especially difficult in states where the governors are seeking to forbid the mention of race in the workplace or universities.” None of what FutureWorks does could be possible without its staff. They are the frontline delivering the training, focus groups, assessments, and more all over the world. Margaret tells us, “Our internal culture has a unique three-pronged approach to work: ‘my job – my way’, ‘my business – our way’, and ‘my perks – my way’. This enables our consultants to have total flexibility and relate to us in many different ways as their life changes. This was set up 20 years ago, two decades before the current work from home or hybrid and flexible work arrangements were embraced by many organisations.” She continues, “This commitment to flexible work is done within a culture of respect for differences and inclusion in which we look for the “gold” in each person before we make a judgement about them. We also work hard to address our unconscious biases and encourage others to point them out when we do not see them.” FutureWork clearly isn’t scared of change or the future, and with the Metaverse having recently become so popular, it has spent the last six months training consultants and clients to facilitate and train with their avatars within the new virtual reality FWI training centre it built in 2022. As the company prepares its people for the future, Margaret states, “We try to stay at least 10 years ahead of our clients and develop our staff and affiliates to embrace that futurist mindset.” Company: The FutureWork Institute, Inc. Contact: Margaret Regan Email: [email protected] Website:

Winners’ Listings 2023 Corporate Excellence Awards Corporate Vision Magazine celebrates this month’s recipients in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, the companies & individuals who are committed to innovation, business growth and provide the very best products and services in key industries worldwide. Most Innovative Robotics Developer Company - Canada First Robotics Canada Dave Ellis FIRST Robotics Canada is a charity whose mission is to engage young Canadians in exciting programs that build skills, foster self-confidence, teamwork, communication, and leadership. Best STEM In-Situ Solutions Provider 2023 DENSsolutions Robert Endert DENSsolutions is your partner for in situ electron microscopy solutions that allow you to perform meaningful research at the nanoscale with a tremendous impact on a global scale. Most Innovative Mobile App Development 2023 - New York Intellectsoft Alexander Radchenko Best Time Tracking & Productivity Monitoring Tool 2023: Hubstaff Hubstaff Kylie Bonassi Most Innovative Full-Service Tech-Focused Law Firm 2023 - West Midlands Mezzle. Mel Kang Most Innovative Mobile Skill-Based Gaming Company 2023 AviaGames Inc Vickie Yanjuan Chen AviaGames is a mobile, social competition gaming company and publisher of Pocket7Games, a unified gaming platform. The platform features 15+ unique games linked to a single membership and wallet. Best Vitamin & Nutraceutical Manufacturer 2023 - USA Supplement Manufacturing Partners John DiMartino SMP Nutra is a dietary supplement company with a range of products to support health and wellness. Offering stock products like gummies, tablets, powders, capsules, softgels, and liquids. Best Digital Communications Technology Firm 2023 - USA Cloudonix, Inc. Eric Klein Best Graph Database Technology Solutions 2023 - USA Franz Inc. Craig Norvell Franz Inc., is an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its product AllegroGraph, is a market leader in Graph Database technology for Knowledge Graph and Data Fabric Solutions.

Winners’ Listings 2023 Corporate Excellence Awards Corporate Vision Magazine celebrates this month’s recipients in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, the companies & individuals who are committed to innovation, business growth and provide the very best products and services in key industries worldwide. Best High-End Spirit Manufacturing Visitor Attraction 2023 - Wales Midas Mead Hamish Murray Best Hotel Sales Support Solutions Provider 2023 - USA Jacaruso Enterprises Inc Janel Allen Since 2007, Jacaruso has led the hotel industry in sales training, short-term sales service, & ongoing sales outsourcing. Our customized solutions give access to the expertise needed to build revenue. Best Multi-Industry AR Solutions Provider 2023 - Midwest USA Bundlar Lauren Lemieux BUNDLAR is Augmented Reality Made Easy. Anyone can build & edit AR experiences on our web platform, then instantly publish & experience on supported iOS/Android mobile devices - no coding required. Best Payment Processing System Provider 2023 - Arizona REPAY Kristen Hoyman Best Global Risk & Compliance Company 2023 Quantexa Sheryl Wharff Most Innovative Institutionally-Backed Acquisitions Company 2023 - Northeast USA Acquco John Berggren Seamlessly exit your Amazon business in less than 30 days. Sell your Amazon FBA e-commerce business and continue to profit as your brand grows with us. Best AI-Based Clinical Documentation Software Provider – 2023 Iodine Software Jessi Klein Best B2B Marketing Company 2023 - California Step2Growth Sneha Lundia Agrawal Best AI Healthcare Analytics Company 2023 - New Jersey Hindsait Pinaki Dasgupta Hindsait’s AI platform enables Payers and Benefit Managers to reduce unnecessary health services, human errors, wastage, and fraud, by augmenting pre-service and post-service medical necessity audits. Most Innovative Robotic Gardening Solution Company 2023 - the USA FarmBot Marc Roland Best Processed Food Products Importer 2023 - India Suresh Kumar & Co (Impex) Pvt. Ltd Nikhil Asrani

Winners’ Listings 2023 Corporate Excellence Awards Corporate Vision Magazine celebrates this month’s recipients in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, the companies & individuals who are committed to innovation, business growth and provide the very best products and services in key industries worldwide. Cloud Networking Innovators of the Year 2023 Zenlayer Sisi Wang Best Courier & Storage Company 2023 - UK Mango Logistics Group David Saunders Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Partner of the Year 2023 - UK Mahogany Inclusion Partners Donna Campbell We are a boutique consultancy offering tailored solutions for worldwide organisations at all stages of their inclusion and racial equity journey. Gin Distillery of the Year 2023 - Wales In the Welsh Wind Distillery Ltd. Sally Sellwood Best Multi-Sector CX / UX Communications Agency 2023 WONGDOODY Ariel Smith Best Audio Mixing Console Manufacturer 2023 - UK Audiotonix Martin Bennett Most Innovative PR & Communications Company 2023 - California Bitwise Industries Grace Decicco Best Lift Construction & Maintenance Company 2023 - Southern England Apex Lift & Escalator Engineers Ltd Tilly Hawkins Apex Lift & Escalator Engineers Ltd has 50+ years of experience within industry, providing lift modernisation, installation, servicing, maintenance and reactive repairs to London and the Southeast. Best Business Payment Automation Company 2023 - USA Velo Payments Eric Fox Best Cruelty-Free Beaty Brand 2023 - Canada MisMacK Clean Cosmetics Missy Mackintosh Best Learning & Organisational Development Training Provider 2023 - Singapore Influence Solutions Lilian We’re an award-winning Learning and Organisational Development training provider, delivering solutions globally in four critical areas – Leadership, Influence, Transformation and People Analytics.

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