Issue 2 2023

Cast your mind back to when the internet wasn’t a feature of our every waking moment. If you’re not in the tech business, you’ll only need to go back 20 years or so to get a clear picture of the impact technology has had on our daily lives. Smart devices now populate every corner of our homes, from monitoring the energy we use to controlling heating, lighting, security and of course, entertainment. Although there may be downsides to the continuing advances of technology, benefits such as time and energy saving can’t be denied. But the need for smart technology doesn’t end at the front door. With over 50% of the world’s population living in cities - a number which is only set to grow - the need for smart technology outside of the home has never been greater. Smart city networks are fast gaining in popularity. Smart road management takes the guesswork out of keeping the traffic moving. High-tech security cameras help to keep the streets safe and state-of-the-art monitoring helps councils monitor and promote more efficient use of resources. Some cities are even providing free Wi-Fi for visitors to commercial centres. Of course, providing internet connectivity outdoors comes with its own set of specific challenges. Despite extreme weather conditions, our expectations of infrastructure services remain the same. This means the technology needed to power smart cities has to be robust and secure, resilient to dust, water, extremes of cold and heat, and easy to maintain. That’s where the San Jose company, Inscape Data Corporation, steps in. Inscape Data manufactures and sells PoE switch solutions built to withstand the rigours of outdoor installation. Starting with a single product, the LinkPower™ IP68 Outdoor PoE switch, the company has evolved a range of products including LinkPower™ IP68 Outdoor Injectors and LinkPower™ Standard PoE to Passive PoE/D.C. converters. Having deployed its solutions in both North America and Europe, Inscape Data’s products are versatile and easy to use. Powering devices from as low as 5V up to 52V DC using standard RJ45 jacks, the company’s solutions power a diverse range of applications including infrared cameras for video surveillance, Wi-Fi radios and smart grid sensors. Remote control of power settings ensures the complete reliability and security of each system. Chief Technology Officer, David Lin, explains, “The flexibility and wide range of network power options we offer make Inscape Data an attractive and cost-effective answer for smart city network needs. We’re committed to delivering innovative, reliable, high-quality products, every time.” All Inscape Data’s equipment undergoes a meticulous inspection before deployment. And the company’s service doesn’t end when the product is delivered. Inscape Data provides every client with production scheduling and roll-out assistance. There’s also follow-up support allowing each deployment to be critically assessed. As well as working on smart city initiatives, Inscape Data collaborates with education establishments. Amongst the most technologically demanding environments, it’s essential that colleges and universities benefit from fast, reliable, and unbreakable services. Inscape Data’s LinkPower™ complete network solutions fit the bill perfectly, scaling Smart City Networks - In A Box! Established in 2004, Californian company, Inscape Data Corporation, is a US-based manufacturer of power over ethernet (PoE) and fiber optic solutions. The company’s own patented product designs reduce the challenges presented by environmental considerations, network design and outdoor installation. Inscape Data is our Most Innovative Smart City Technology Solutions Firm 2022 - California. from one simple unmanaged network switch through to sophisticated managed network switch solutions. The ability to scale is important for the small and medium enterprises and Wi-Fi service providers that Inscape Data works with too. A network that grows with the business is far preferable to swapping out an entire solution. The company’s cutting-edge, robust, technology is reliable pretty much anywhere. Demonstrated in the extreme during Hurricane Irma, Inscape Data’s LinkPower™ LPS3800ATM-T1 Outdoor PoE Switches, installed in the Mega Yacht Marina in Miami, endured violent storms to provide essential network services to users. In New Orleans, the company tackled another challenging environment when it collaborated with H&R Operator Services to revamp the networks for student housing at the University of New Orleans. To resist the climate and vandalism, the kit needed to be rugged and resilient. It also had to be future-proof by allowing for additions and, of course, on budget - and the team delivered. The LinkPower™ Commercial PoE Switch Solutions recommended for hotels, college campuses and medium to large enterprises are Layer 2+ and Layer 3 Managed PoE, offering 24 to 48 Gigabit PoE Ports, 4*1/10G SFP+ fiber slot ports. Switch hardware designs with Microsemi VITESSE chipsets feature a large cache, low latency, and powerful network management functions. PoE output power ranges from 400W to 600W depending on the specific model. The LinkPower Commercial PoE switches, feature automatic detection and recognition of the powerreceiving equipment. This meets the PoE standards and supplies power through the network cable. Inscape Data products are covered under warranty for up to 3 years. Inscape Data’s ‘all-in-a-box’ solutions will tackle most tasks admirably. But when the requirement is larger scale, say for the military or the government, that’s when Inscape Data’s engineering team steps in. Designing bespoke end-to-end PoE and fiber optic systems based on each customer’s requirements, Inscape Data guides the process through every stage, from concept through to production even assisting with component selection. Inscape Data has smart city solutions rolled out across Hidalgo County, San Jose, San Mateo, and Oakland as well as various national parks and areas of London. The company sells its products online at and also via its network of trusted distributors including GraybaR, Teleco, Viking Electric, Pioneer Music Company, and a list of regional resellers. Inscape Data welcomes enquiries from potential resellers and vendors interested in property licensing or OEM via the company website. Inscape Data is scheduled to attend ISC West from the 29th to the 31st of March 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact: David Lin Company: Inscape Data Web Address: