Corporate Vision Issue 3 2018

36 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2018 , inviteCHANGE delivers solutions for organizations that build great teams, cultures for innovation and workplaces that thrive, tailored to your firm’s strategies and goals. We profile the organisation as we look to gain further insight into the group’s success. Be the Cause Since 1997, inviteCHANGE has delivered generative learning and coaching experiences for leaders from the front line to the board room. The team partners with their customers to strengthen institutional capacity through team and leadership development, professional coaching, and culture consulting. The outcome of these solutions is a culture of generative wholeness. The Generative Wholeness Way, “GW Way,” is a signature, transformative approach for leaders and their teams to adopt the dynamic capacity to originate, create, learn and produce results. Staff create custom and measurable frameworks that underpin its talent strategies for organizational learning and change through character development solutions. As its core purpose, inviteCHANGE lives up to its name, inviting change in many aspects and encouraging people to live and play with purpose. Its mission is to be the catalyst for clients to engage boldly, coach purposefully, partner respectfully and lead authentically. inviteCHANGE is recognised as an industry champion, with the management leaders having been bold visionaries since the beginning of professional coaching. In the early 90’s, coaching was emerging as a true force in North America, and the team volunteered vast amounts of hours to help clarify and articulate the standards for coach demonstration competency. On a global basis, leaders worldwide live and play with purpose as the optimal pathway toward sustainable excellence. The competencies of the GW Way, delivered to their customers, is also practiced and modelled by all team members. Engaging with inviteCHANGE leaders is an experience of congruence and integrity that fuels this team to be response-agile and operate consistently with its values and core purpose. Moving forward, inviteCHANGE has an empowering global vision. Staff intends to promote the GW Way principles, models and techniques as the motivation for effective conscious choice by organizational leaders. A key strategy deployed is generative character development as the new frontier of leadership development. Knowing what to change in habit and behavior is only part of the equation. The full equation for excellence in organizational culture requires transforming knowledge into new mindsets that fuel exponential shifts in performance. inviteCHANGE is dedicated to be the cause of sustainable excellence in organizations around the globe. Contact: Janet Harvey Address: 110 3rd Avenue North, Suite 102; Edmonds, WA 98020 Telephone: 425-778-3505 Web Address: 1803CV19