Corporate Vision Issue 3 2018

38 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2018 , Located in Angola, The LCF groupmanages five corporate social responsibility projects. We profile the firmand its founder, Lourdes Caposso Fernandes, as we aim to find out more its extensive success. Fulfilling a Dream LCF, based in Luanda, Angola, is a firm of Attorneys founded on the 1st of October 2008 by Dr. Lourdes Caposso Fernandes, Association Law in Force is the firm’s NGO, as it promotes Angolan communities’ knowledge of the law, as well as other subjects such as entrepreneurship. In addition to its work, LCF hosts an annual conference; Valuing African Human Capital Symposium, in which the team focuses on improving and reinvigorating the education systems in Africa to compete on a global scale. Highlighting its expertise, the law firm also hosts the annual Forum of African Finance, Economy, and Compliance conference, in which people work to develop sustainable solutions for finance, economy, and compliance in Africa. In terms of its legal work, Association Law in Force works to promote technical and vocational training in Angolan communities. Providing free legal consultations and training sessions in the fields of business, law, education, health, and leadership to give Angolans the skills they need to succeed. Offering training a variety of markets, the team are able to teach vendors on how to improve their business strategies, and talk to them about how to take their businesses from the informal to the formal sector, and incorporate into companies. Contributing to her success and beliefs, throughout her childhood, founder Lourdes learned about action that others took in order to get what they deserve, and from this came a burning desire to have an impact and influence on other people throughout her own career. Embarking on her successful career, Lourdes became a high school chemistry teacher at the age of 16, and taught at this school for four years, setting her up for the times ahead. From this, Lourdes received a scholarship from the Angolan government in order to study chemical engineering in Portugal, after realising that chemistry was not enough to solve the issues within Angola. She wanted to make a real impact on people’s lives and study at Lisbon University. Having completed law school in Portugal, Lourdes continued in the country after taking a job with a large oil and gas law firm in Portugal, before realising that learning English would be a major benefit to her career. Moving to London, Lourdes threw herself into learning the English language, and as such began working for Exxon Mobil as a legal counsel for exploration, development, and production of oil and gas. After 15 years abroad, Lourdes moved back to her native country of Angola in order to make a difference. She partnered with multiple law firms on regulatory public legislation and foreign direct investments, however, felt 1802CV31 that she needed to do more to help the country by training other Angolans in business. Subsequently, in 2008, Lourdes founded her own company called Lecture Compliance First (LCF); a company which combines legal expertise with a passion for teaching. Outlining the overall mission of the firm, the team aim to value human capital, and believe that the biggest asset that they have in the world is people. Working with a clear goal in the mind, LCF’s vision is to be able to integrate a global mindset of sharing educational experiences between African countries. As such, in 2013, the firm expanded the LCF group internationally by opening an entrepreneurship development centre in Houston, and trains African students to open their own companies within Africa. As a result, the international expansion led the firm to being able to promote cooperation between different countries and African businesses. Over the years, Lourdes has worked with a variety of organisations and networks that focus on African developments. As a member of the World Economic Forum for Africa, Lourdes aims to develop sustainable solutions which boost the economies of African countries in order to create a better world. With an aim in mind, LCF want to inspire African youth that you can overcome life’s obstacles, but only if you live your life based on the “Five H’s” – humility, honesty, happiness, hard work, and homogeneity (we are all one if only we work together). Overall, Lourdes’ background as an Angolan female lawyer with a focus on human capital and compliance has given her the political skills and public exposure to succeed in international development and public administration. Fully deserving of her award in the Corporate Excellence Awards as the Most Influential Woman on Natural Resources in Angola, LCF and Lourdes can look forward to an exciting future. Company: LCF Address: Rua Rainha Ginga, Trade Center Elysée 15/A, Mutamba-Ingombotas. Angola, Luanda. Phone: 244936533555 Website: