Issue 3 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 19 , Feb19289 Drawing on more than 50+ years collective experience in the life settlements industry, CMC devel- ops, initiates, implements, distrib- utes and manages yield-oriented and tax optimized investments specifically for institutional inves- tors and financial intermediaries in the life settlement sector. Currently, CMC operates the Luxembourg Life Fund FCP SIF, offering institutional investors with access to investment strat- egies based on life settlement products. The firm also special- ises in alternative asset strategy consulting and portfolio develop- ment. At the heart of the firm’s investment philosophy is a focus on value oriented and market neutral investment strategies. CMC puts the interest of inves- tors first and set the standard for integrity and responsiveness. Boasting one of the most expe- rienced teams in the industry, CMC provides management services to institutional investors. This expert team constantly think about their investors and explore how they can better serve and respond to their changing needs. The firm’s intelligent fund man- agement solutions are designed to work with a wide array of institutions, corporations, pension funds, family offices and high- Carlisle Management Company : Life Settlements Investment You Can Trust Carlisle Management Company S.C.A (CMC) is a Luxembourg based fund management firm focused on the United States secondary and tertiary life insurance market, with USD 1.44 bn in AuM. We profile the firm to learn more about the work it undertakes and explore the secrets behind the phenomenal success it enjoys today. net-worth individuals, and as such CMC can adapt to meet the needs of any client who requires its services. This innovative dynamic ap- proach has helped the company to become one a key player within the Life Settlements investment sector, which is incredibly difficult to enter due to its complexity and various unique challenges. Thanks to the firm’s vast industry experience, in sourcing and man- aging Life Settlements portfolios as well as in structuring Life Settlements vehicles, providing tax-optimized solutions and mar- keting to institutional investors, clients can rest assured they are in safe hands when they work with CMC. Looking to the future, CMC is set to continue to innovate and adapt to meet its clients continually changing needs. Based on the actual market situation and its clients’ needs and requests, over the coming years CMC is launch- ing a family of close-ended funds starting with the Absolute Return Fund I in January 2019 in order to isolate the attractive returns and liquidity risks. This develop- ment will pave the way for even greater success for the firm and help it to continue to provide its valued clients with the exception- al level of support and service they have come to rely on. Name: Jose C. García Website: