Issue 3 2019

20 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 , Having gained global acclaimas a payment service provider, e-commerce specialist Allied Wallet has set its sights on the other side of the market and is nowmoving into providing cutting-edge banking and credit services. To find out more we caught up with International Business Awards’ Financial Technology CEO of the Year – Dr. Andy Khawaja - who provides us with a fascinating overview of the firm’s latest developments and how these are driving it to even greater global success. Innovative Banking Solutions: A New Frontier For Allied Wallet With more than 14 years’ experience in the market, Allied Wallet has been in- novating and driving the e-commerce space to new heights through its cutting-edge technology and secure solutions since the dawn of the e-com- merce market. Now, the firm has a new target: banking services. Andy firmly believes that today’s consumers could benefit from the use of his firm’s secure payment technolo- gy, and that by linking consumers and merchants on one platform he will be able to create the future of payment technology. “Allied Wallet has created a truly spectacular e-commerce solution through its Next Generation payment platform, and now that this has proved a success we are eager to integrate new functions onto it to support an even wider range of clients. The product is already unique, as it provides a range of functions that cannot be found on any other software, all in one secure solution, but we are keen to enhance it even further. “As part of our drive towards bringing onboard a range of commercial and central banks, we have recently added a new function onto our platform to allow consumers to open their own Allied Wallet bank account. Through their account they can use any currency, anywhere in the world. Supported by local banks, the function is the latest in a line of exciting new develop- ments for our firm.” Among these enhancements to the platform is the addition of China UnionPay (CUP) cards, which Andy is very excited to discuss. “One of the functions I am very proud of is the addition of CUP cards to our platform. Allied Wallet is the only e-commerce platform currently on the market to work alongside these cards, and this is a vital service for many of our international clients, who need to be able to rely on their credit card when they travel to Asia. With the Asian market currently booming, we see the need to focus our attentions on it, and we are help- ing to facilitate easier business between Western customers and Asian businesses through our collaboration with CUP. “This development is particularly important as many of competitors who offer credit cards struggle in the Asian market, and often users cannot rely on these cards to work when they travel to China and other important markets in the region. As such, these clients are turning to Allied Wallet to meet their needs and ensure that they are able to make payments in Asia without any hassle.” In today’s e-commerce and banking spaces, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance, and as such Andy is keen to explore how his firm works to ensure that users can rest assured their transactions are always com- pletely protected. “With cybercriminals constantly adapting their techniques, Allied Wallet is constantly enhancing our security to ensure that they are never able to access our platform. We have an expert team who monitor transactions, searching for suspicious activity, and we also have sophisticated technology in place so that our merchants and consumers know that they are in safe hands when they work with us.” Over the years Allied Wallet has achieved phenomenal success, but the firm is keen not to rest on its laurels. Conquering the e-commerce markets and moving into the banking space is not enough for Andy: looking to the future he is keen to grow his plat- form even further to encompass more functions and services, as he proudly showcases. Oct18613 “In the future, Allied Wallet is keen to provide services to cen- tral government banks around the world. Currently they have old systems in place, and to ensure they remain ahead of emerging developments in the cybersecu- rity and online banking markets Allied Wallet is trying to replace these antiquated solutions with a platform which reduces fraud and helps with cybersecurity. At this very moment our platform is thousands of protecting consum- ers, merchants and B2B users: protecting governments is the next step.” Never one to leave without a word of advice, Andy’s parting comments offer inspiration for those looking to follow in his footsteps and drive themselves towards success in the global business market. “Ultimately, I firmly believe that the sky is the limit. All you have to do is keep building what you want to achieve; the more you build the more it will grow. What I have achieved with Allied Wallet took determination, hard work and commitment, but comparable success is achievable by anyone who is willing to work hard and earn it.” Company: Allied Wallet Web: