Issue 3 2023

He continues, “At D-Kode Tech, our team members know that they are valued and know that their innovations and ideas can be heard and often implemented. Because we have such a collaborative and positive company culture, both our employees and our clients benefit. Our clients appreciate the fact that our team is cohesive and collaborative. And our employees love to be part of such a dynamic and positive team. We think of our company as a family.” Aside from D-Kode’s work with its clients, it also believes in giving back, having created many websites and provided services for non-profits and charities for little to no cost. Jackie says, “Our clients often tell us that they appreciate our clear communication, positive results, and the fact that we go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction across all of the marketing elements we provide.” Now, the D-Kode team is taking a moment to bask in its extraordinary awards success before looking towards the very bright future ahead of it. Daniel gives us an insight into what this will entail. “We look forward to incorporating new technology into our business model and have the goal of continuing to serve with excellence and give back to our community. We will work to continue to help people achieve their marketing goals and bring their ideas and business visions to life.” Company: D-Kode Tech Contact: Daniel Kodam Email: [email protected] Website: Jan23306 Bay Area Digital Marketing D-Kode Tech (D-Kode) is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA adding the well-deserved accolade of ‘Digital Marketing Agency of the Year – California’ to its trophy shelf. We got in touch with CEO Daniel Kodam and COO Jackie Strack to find out what makes this the case. From the start of D-Kode Tech’s tenure as a premier Bay Area digital marketing provider, it has always endeavoured to provide its clients with the best that the industry can offer. It prides itself in offering the highest quality of service, thinking of its clients as family, always going above and beyond to help them grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals. With certifications in digital marketing from the American Marketing Association and the Digital Marketing Institute, CEO Daniel Kodam is expertly qualified to provide premiere service to all of D-Kode’s clients. D-Kode Tech specialises in offering every service a business of any size might need, whether that’s in website design and development, SEO, PPC, social media, software development, logo design, or mobile apps. Jackie explains, “This full service approach allows us to use every tool in the arsenal to improve visibility, increase brand awareness, and build cohesion for any business, from sole proprietor operations to large businesses and companies.” The company’s inhouse graphic designers, software developers, content writers, social media experts, and SEO specialists make it all happen, with Daniel saying, “Because these elements are all inhouse, we don’t have to contract outside entities to provide results. We are able to use an integrative approach where all elements of the marketing system work cohesively together.” Within D-Kode’s offering is a two-hour guaranteed response time, meaning it promises to respond to any customer questions or requests within two business hours. This is in addition to a website security guarantee, as Chief Operating Officer Jackie Strack states, “We value our clients’ safety and security just as much as our own. Our website security guarantee is our promise to you that your website will not be hacked. If it is, and our team cannot fix the issue, we are ready to clean out your hosting files and rebuild your entire website at no cost.” The D-Kode team enjoys meeting up with clients, too, offering a monthly meeting option to ensure the clients are satisfied and that their goals are being met. They never use a cookie cutter approach, delivering a customised solution to every client which is as individualised as they are. Daniel gives us a further insight into how the company tailors its offering. “If you listen to what people have to say, you’ll be better able to meet their needs. We always listen to what our clients express in terms of their goals and needs and it helps us to be successful in crafting customised solutions for them.” But before that, it’s important to invest in a good team. The company highly values its employees and it works hard to help them feel valued and appreciated. Daniel comments, “Your business is only as good as the people working with you. When you have a good team, you will go far.” Daniel goes on to tell us more about the company’s internal culture. “We pride ourselves in having a company culture where every employee feels valued and that they are a vital part of the team. Our company culture values open communication and collaboration across departments. We have regular meetings where our entire team can interact as a unit, and we make sure to do fun things as a company, like virtual games and team building exercises.”