Issue 3 2023

Issue 3 2023 Repair, Regenerate, Restore When you hear the term ‘regenerative cell therapy,’ you may think you’ve slipped into the future. However, thanks to the brilliant minds at R3 Stem Cell, we are closer to the future than we think. With ethical approaches to reducing pain at the root using external sources, R3 is heading towards being able to benefit any who are interested in giving stem cell therapy a chance. Bearspaw Contracting Inc.: Best On-Call Mining Services Company 2023 - Western Canada Featuring:

Welcome to the March issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. With the arrival of spring, we are also nearing the end of Q1 – and although we are three months into 2023, the season of new beginnings feels like a fresh start, with the blooming of flowers and gloriously sunny days. The world of business is vast and fast-paced and exciting – and new opportunities keep coming. We’re excited to be showcasing a range of award-winning businesses who capitalise on the opportunities that come their way and who aren’t afraid of change. One of these companies is our cover feature, the cuttingedge R3 Stem Cell, whose experts harness the human body’s natural repair mechanism to repair tissue injuries without the need for surgery. It is truly extraordinary and this concept may even sound futuristic, but it’s happening right now, and it’s transforming peoples’ lives, giving them back the ability to do the things they love while pain-free. Also among these pages, we celebrate a music school, a graduate recruitment agency, a translation provider, a digital marketing agency, and more – all outstanding businesses who are truly showing their industries how it’s done. I’m feeling inspired by our award winners as I look out of the window at the bright blue skies and listen to the sound of the birds chirping away. I hope you also enjoy the content of this issue and wish you a wonderful month ahead. See you again soon. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Alejandra Garcia, Writer | Isabella Mifsud, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Issue 3 2023 3 Contents 4. News 6. R3 Stem Cell: Repair, Regenerate, Restore 7. ShareVision: Best Global Financial Live Streaming & Content Platform 2023 8. Do Rei Mi for Kids Inc.: Best All-Ages Music School – GTA 9. Give a Grad a Go: The Cheerleaders for Future Leaders 10. AD Action Trailers: Best Automotive Trailer Dealership 2023 - Southwest Ontario 11. R&R International Translation Specialists Inc.: Translation Specialists of the Year 2023 12. SmartOpt: Best AI-Based Supply Chain Optimisation Company – Middle East 13. KCStrengthsHUB: Best Pharma Talent & Strategy Specialist Company 2023 14. Bearspaw Contracting Inc.: Best On-Call Mining Services Company 2023 - Western Canada 16. D-Kode Tech: Bay Area Digital Marketing 17. Wafy App: Saudi Arabia in the Palm of Your Hand

4 B2B credit decisioning tool Fuse offers lenders clearer insights and 97% accuracy in affordability tests • Fuse by Pave provides lenders with the data insights needed to significantly improve decision making, reduce the number of defaulted loans, improve profitability, and boost borrower outcomes. • Insights provided by Open Banking especially important as cost of living crisis continues to weigh heavy on the finances of millions, particularly the 12-15 million nearprime borrowers who are excluded from affordable borrowing. Business credit decisioning tool Fuse by Pave offers lenders 97% accuracy in affordability tests, clearer insights into consumer affordability, reduced rate of defaulted loans, and improvements to borrower outcomes. In addition to improved accuracy in affordability testing, Fuse by Pave - which uses Open Banking technology - offers lenders personalised insights into cashflow and credit risk of prospective borrowers. The AI-powered technology enables lenders from across the financial ecosystem to increase their credit prediction power by 22 percentage points and reduce loss rates by 30% without reducing approval rates. Fuse by Pave estimates that its adoption in lending models could improve margins by around 7%. Against a backdrop of the cost of living crisis, with the highest reliance on credit since 2005[1], millions across the UK are experiencing an increased reliance on the need to borrow. Currently, there are 12-15 million near-prime borrowers in the UK who are excluded from affordable borrowing. Using insights generated through Open Banking, Fuse by Pave provides lenders with a richer understanding of an applicant’s current financial situation and whether the credit product they are applying for is affordable for them. Fuse is the latest product from credit builder app Pave. Since launch, Pave has analysed more than 150,000 lending decisions, 1.5 million consumer credit reports, and over 400 million Open Banking transactions. Pave seeks to bring more financial equality to millions across the UK. As a fully regulated credit builder, receiving nearly half a million downloads to date, Pave utilises Open Banking transactions to help consumers build better access to credit. Sho Sugihara, CEO and Co-Founder of Fuse by Pave, commented: “Given the increasing reliance on credit, lenders require a tool that offers improved affordability insights not only to meet commercial goals but also enhances outcomes for borrowers. Fuse provides a solution to this demand, by providing market-leading clarity over lending decisions. “The data insights that Fuse offers customers enables them to build lending models that have consumers at the heart, reducing the number of defaulted loans, and ultimately protecting consumers. Transforming the financial system is vital to improve financial equality across the UK and eventually beyond – but lenders need regulatory and financial expertise to support them during this shift. Fuse can play a central role in providing lenders with the tools they need to remove barriers to improve lending decisions, provide more personalised product and boost equality across the credit sector.” Ahead of the introduction of the FCA’s Consumer Duty, Fuse by Pave will be launching a new product to allow lenders to proactively monitor their customers financial health. This product will diagnose consumers’ financial vulnerability, providing lenders with improved oversight on financial wellbeing, empowering vulnerable consumers and allowing them to obtain help at a much earlier stage.

Issue 3 2023 5 News OVERWORKED AND UNDERAPPRECIATED: A CRISIS FACING THE BRITISH WORKFORCE More than half (53%) of employees in the UK feel overworked, citing factors like reaching their maximum capacity, being spread too thin, or stressing over the threat of additional work - according to new data from Censuswide, commissioned by people analytics company Visier. The data - which comes during an uncertain economic market where businesses are striving to do more with less - reveals that young professionals aged 25-34 feel most overworked, followed closely by those aged 55+. And, whilst Jeremy Hunt’s spring budget outlined major policy changes to improve support for the workforce, businesses will need to do more for employees who expect better experiences from their employers and aren’t willing to settle. In fact, four in ten (40%) employees would look for a new job with a better work-life balance if they felt overworked. Unbearable workloads With many organisations slamming on the recruitment breaks amid broader market uncertainty, current employees are being asked to take on more responsibilities. 30% of respondents said they feel their employer has increased their work responsibility outside of their initial role, and 23% feel their employer expects or encourages them to pick up work outside of their remit. When asked about working hours, 32% said that their employer expects or encourages them to work outside of contracted work hours or to ask their line reports to do the same. These additional tasks have created an environment where employees are reaching a breaking point. 40% of respondents stated their workload has led to feelings of anxiety, whilst nearly a quarter (24%) said they have reached their mental limit. Furthermore, the data reveals that employees aren’t just feeling increasingly overwhelmed because of work. The cost-of-living crisis (61%) and family responsibilities (34%) were both cited as contributors. It’s not surprising therefore that employees feel they have good reason to participate in “bare minimum Mondays” - the practice of completing the least amount of work necessary to get through Monday, as a result of the constant pressure to be productive. The main reasons for partaking in “bare minimum Mondays” included seeing it as a good way to relieve stress (27%) and because preparing to go back to the work week led to increased feelings of anxiety (23%). Some 39% also cited that they’d participate in “bare minimum Mondays” because they aren’t being compensated or appreciated for the extra work they do, whilst 15% said they are being asked to spend extra time in the week doing another person’s work for free. Workers bear the brunt Employees are increasingly looking to find solutions to solve their overloaded schedules. The data reveals that 60% of employees would love to find another job, but the cost-of-living crisis means that they are not willing to take the risk. This serves as a stark reminder that whilst business leaders and managers are under increasing pressure to increase output to recessionproof the business. Improving team productivity isn’t just about the volume of work completed within a short space of time, but it’s about the working environment created to support those doing the work if businesses are to retain talent in an increasingly competitive market. We asked employees what their employers could do to set them up for success, 39% revealed that moving to a four-day-working-week would be key, whilst 30% pointed to more flexible working, 37% compensation for the work they do, and 31% an early finish on a Friday. “This data is a warning signal for employers attempting to buckle down and push for more from their employees.. For many, workloads no longer feel bearable, whether it’s directly related to additional responsibilities, or outside pressure. With business leaders under immense pressure to sustain output, it’s critical they establish a sustainable environment for their employees or risk seeing employees hit exhaustive levels or burn out, or leave entirely,” said Ben Harris, Director EMEA North, Visier. “Doing more with less may be the economic reality of the moment, but it can come at a cost. There’s a difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Businesses should take the time to understand how their teams are feeling, and engage employees in conversations about workload using workplace tools to gauge their stress levels. Leaders, including line managers, can then also work with individuals to reduce work-related exhaustion and provide support where it is needed most.”

Additionally, R3 is very transparent when it comes to any information that you may need to know about its procedures and research. The team understand that their research doesn’t substitute for professional medical advice, and instead they aim to offer alternative options for any who’s eager to try a different approach to improving their health. And with plenty of success stories from people who have benefitted from this treatment, R3 has demonstrated that it has earned its award in this fascinating branch of regenerative medicine. Not only has R3 gained an understanding of how to utilise Umbilical Cord Stem Cells to aid in regenerative therapy, but also umbilical cord derived exosomes as well. Exosomes are included with the umbilical cord stem cells and help amplify the benefits. None of the biologics create a rejection response in the recipients, and to date the side effects have only been mild to moderate, and transient. Regardless of whether you’re someone who wants to give R3’s new innovative regenerative cell therapy a go, or if you’re simply interested in learning more, R3 will be more than happy to assist you. Around the world, R3 Stem Cell offers free consultations to learn if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative therapies. After all, using our own cells to rebuild our bodies isn’t a future concept anymore, it’s happening now, and R3 Stem Cell is the one at the forefront of bringing the future to you. Contact: David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA Company: R3 Stem Cell +1 (844) GET-STEM Web Address: Jan23710 Repair, Regenerate, Restore When you hear the term ‘regenerative cell therapy,’ you may think you’ve slipped into the future. However, thanks to the brilliant minds at R3 Stem Cell, we are closer to the future than we think. With ethical approaches to reducing pain at the root using external sources, R3 is heading towards being able to benefit any who are interested in giving stem cell therapy a chance. With a plethora of awards already to its name, R3 Stem Cell (R3) has managed to establish itself as one of the most innovative medical companies invested in stem cell therapy treatment. But after earning its most recent award, R3 has brought to light a whole new branch of externally sourced stem cell therapy originating from ‘products of conception’. Referred to as allogenic, due to the tissues being harvested from consenting women after undergoing scheduled c-sections, Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy is the latest advancement in regenerative cell therapy. Since ‘products of conception’ contain a variety of benefits for babies during pregnancy, R3 understood the potential that this could hold for people who would benefit from all sorts of ailments. Instead of simply acting as a basic symptom relief, Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy is aimed towards addressing the cause of the pain at the root. After much testing using ethically harvested, FDA regulated tissue, R3 has uncovered just how much of an impact these cells can have on repairing and restoring damaged tissue. Of course, alongside its ground-breaking research, R3 has always closely adhered to its ethics and strict safety procedures. R3’s Centers of Excellence globally have performed over 21,000 procedures in six countries. The procedures utilize the ethically sourced donor tissue, and patient satisfaction exceeds 85% year after year. Since any tissue it harvests has to be collected, tested and processed according to FDA regulations, you can be assured that R3 is incredibly serious about providing a service that you can trust.

Issue 3 2023 7 Jan23834 Best Global Financial Live Streaming & Content Platform 2023 Building income in the world of business can seem intimidating. With so much information scattered about, sometimes it can be difficult to get a concrete answer to any business questions that you may face. But what if learning about building income could be made easier? ShareVision is here with a brilliant social media and a dedicated streaming platform to guide you through the ins and outs of the business world. Being the first social media strictly dedicated to offering people from all levels of interest a guide to the world of business, ShareVision has managed to establish itself as an effective way for anyone to learn more about their field of interest. Whether you’re a larger business wanting to give advice via lives, or someone wanting to understand how to best maximise your income, ShareVision is there to ensure that you have all the tools and knowledge for your journey. Since it launched in 2021, ShareVision has already established itself as the go-to social media for members of major business sectors such as finance, real estate, technology, online business, politics, healthcare and many other. With the platform being free to access, taking your first step into the business world has never been easier. Everyone can livestream and upload videos on the platform. Besides videos, channels have the option of sharing documents (Word, Excel, PDF) with their communities. This is the best way to maintain interaction with the followers and share a different type of content. If you want to make income from your streaming journey, ShareVision is there to offer you a profit-making structure. By allowing anyone to monetise their content and allowing creators to keep up to 80% of all revenue generated, ShareVision has created a true balance between passion and profit. Moreover, having recently launched a new Watch & Earn program, users can earn cash by watching videos on ShareVision. This program is a great way to earn passive income while enjoying your favourite content. For every video watched, users will receive money thus creating a first-of-a-kind program of direct viewer rewards. You don’t have to be a business expert to use ShareVision. Even if you are simply interested in a daily overview of economic news, and would like to adopt new business skills, ShareVision is accessible to everyone. Developed as a way for anybody from any background to access, there aren’t any limitations on who can enter the business world. New user-friendly features are constantly being added, and content always updated, so no matter what, you can be sure you’ll be receiving relevant information regardless of the question. With everything being built 100% in-house and with an own engineer team at our disposal, ShareVision is keen to follow the trends developing in the digital world and will still be going strong as a platform for the foreseeable future. However, if you’re an expert and you’re wanting to share your knowledge across this prestigious platform, ShareVision has ensured that this process is equally as easy as receiving information. Since you’ll be working on a platform that’s focused on becoming well-known in all sectors of business, you can be sure that you’ll be recognised for your expertise in a way that other social media platforms simply can’t offer. To lend to their achievements, ShareVision also has a large repertoire of partnerships already established with well-known companies, consisting of not only Bloomberg and Morningstar, but many others too. In addition to this, the ShareVision team understands the importance of introducing a whole host of age ranges to the business world. With frequent student competitions being hosted on its platform, ShareVision does not only appeal to those who have more experience in the field, but also offer a chance to younger people to gain invaluable knowledge through its services. At ShareVision, we aim to create the first business ecosystem dedicated to empowering the business community. Regardless of whether you’re someone who’s just looking to increase your personal income and enter the world of business, or a business expert wanting to educate, communicate and earn all at once, ShareVision with its’ dedicated streaming platform is the only social media you need. Join us today and start sharing your vision! Contact: Jean-Charles Malpel (Founder and CEO) Company: ShareVision Email: [email protected] Web Address: ShareVision

Jan23838 Best All-Ages Music School – GTA Whether you’re a young person wanting to pick up a new instrument, or someone looking to relive old passions, Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. is a music school for everyone. And with a professional team on hand to assist any age group with anything musical, you’ll be in fantastic hands when developing your skillset. In our everyday world, you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t enjoy music. From more casual listeners, to people who have a passion for certain genres or artists, music is an art form that can truly move any individual depending on their tastes. However, it takes a new kind of love to want to pursue learning a specific instrument. Becoming a musician is a feat in itself, and is almost always difficult to navigate alone. Where do you start? What if you spend money on an instrument, only to find yourself clueless on how to play it? This is where Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. can offer their expertise. Despite their name, Do Rei Mi for Kids Inc. is a music school for any age. Coaching students between 8 and 84 years old, it’s been able to help people of all kinds of backgrounds to unlock their musical potential. With a team of teachers, each equipped with post-secondary education in music/music education, there’s no doubt that you’re going to receive a personal experience when trying to learn your chosen instrument. The team at Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. believe that every person is inherently musical and are determined to persevere with people from every skill level to guide them through their musical journey. With a core value that ‘everyone, no matter their abilities or challenges, has the right to learn the joy of creating music’, you know you’ll be under the tutelage of people who share your love for music. To the team, becoming a musician is a beautiful journey filled with passion, and they’re more than eager to be a part of that journey. Not only do the team believe that everyone has the ability to create music, regardless of their background, but that music is a universal form of communication. As such, it’s their goal to involve not only single students, but families too. With a family-orientated mindset, Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. aspires to create a new form of communication between parents, grandparents and children through the medium of music. Learning music is a beautiful process to the team, and they feel it best to have this experience shared across the family tree. What sets this award-winning music school apart from the rest is how they encourage family members to bond with one another through a mutual love of music as an art form. Regardless of your age, the curriculums that have been developed by Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. will be suited to you. And if adjustments need to be made, the teachers are more than willing to adapt to your needs. With over 20 years of experience in this field, this music school has a plethora of achievements, and has solidified itself as a safe and joyous learning environment for everyone. And, even though they specialise in Early Childhood Music Education, with an award for Best All-Ages Music School, you can be sure you’re in the hands of professionals who clearly wish to spread their deep love for music with as many people as they possibly can. Whether you’re wanting to study alone, or with the rest of your family, Do Re Mi for Kids Inc. will be there to provide you with a multitude of options to suit your needs. Its teachers are experienced, and each and every one of them share the same ideals. Music is for everyone, and anyone can create it. So long as you want to learn, this music school will be there to teach you. Contact: Chris Marti Company: Do Rei Mi for Kids Inc. Web Address:

Issue 3 2023 9 Jan23831 The Cheerleaders for Future Leaders Whether you’re a graduate wanting to find your dream career, or a business struggling to hire the right candidate, Give a Grad a Go is here to provide simple solutions. Having earned the award for Leading Graduate Jobs & Recruitment Agency 2023 – UK, rest assured its friendly and capable team have all the resources to help you establish a brighter future. As we all know, getting a job is no easy feat. Additionally, for employers, finding the right fit for their teams can also be a difficult task. Finding a happy medium for both jobseekers and employers is complicated: Give a Grad a Go make it simple. Comprised of a group of diligent, recent graduates, the team at Give a Grad a Go are tirelessly working to make this process smooth and easy. With a focus on assisting both graduates and employers alike, Give a Grad a Go has established itself as a recruitment agency capable of matching the right graduates to the right business, time and time again. The team recognises that the younger generation are going to be spearheading the direction the world goes in. And Give a Grad a Go puts in the utmost effort to help this generation pursue their desired career. This truly sets Give a Grad a Go apart from other recruitment agencies, as it’s able to really connect with their clients and candidates in a way other agencies can’t rival. Give a Grad a Go aren’t just recruiters, but educators and mentors too. Its team pride themselves on supporting graduates every step of the way, offering CV advice, interview tips. and any relevant support at every juncture. They’re greatly attuned to graduate needs, and ensure they’re advertising roles that offer competitive and reasonable salaries. In every way, Give a Grad a Go is determined to assist graduates in securing a role at a company that will take care of them. The recruitment team are meticulous in their processes, and will tirelessly aim to partner employers and jobseekers who can work harmoniously with one another. And, since 2009, the company’s core values have not once wavered. The team take the time to get to know the graduates on the other end of the phone, and ensure they’re finding companies and roles that fit their personalities. Give a Grad a Go is growing every day. Its network is constantly getting bigger, and its team keeps getting smarter. A few years ago, the Give a Grad a Go team launched an office in Australia, where they help provide the same great service in Melbourne and beyond. It has also recently rebranded with a new website, and now offers even more bespoke services for employers. This includes a job board, where employers can seek specific graduate talent for roles across a vast range of industries. The team understand what employers are looking for, and have become experts in matching them to the suitable grad. And yet, despite its avid success, Give a Grad a Go still has plans to expand in the coming future. Australia isn’t the end, as the team are eager to grow their global reach to help as many graduates and employers as they possibly can. Give a Grad a Go is the go-to for graduates who are struggling to navigate the job market, and a no-brainer for employers trying to grow their teams smartly. Contact: Ben Faulkner Company: Give a Grad a Go Web Address:

Jan23294 - - - Best Automotive Trailer Dealership 2023 - Southwest Ontario CONTACT DETAILS 1-866-885-2569 [email protected] [email protected] Action Trailers

Issue 3 2023 11 Contact: Gabriela Rousso Company: R&R International Translation Specialists Inc. Web Address: Jan23754 Translation Specialists of the Year 2023 A language barrier is one of the most frustrating roadblocks any company could face. It can halt communication completely, and it’s something no business would want for their clients. The ability to communicate freely is essential, and that’s why R&R International Translation Specialists have made it their aim to eliminate this issue altogether. When it comes to building an international client base, the first hurdle that most companies must overcome is a language barrier. And with basic go-to translators being unable to grant translation tailored to a professional standard, it’s little wonder why R&R International saw a gap in the market for a translation company that truly understood the importance of making everyone heard. With over 150 language professionals on its staff network, and over 20 years of experience working within the translation industry, R&R International is the leading company in Canada for international translation. Not only is it capable and able to fulfil a high volume of requests on a daily basis, but it does so at an incredibly fair rate too. Using professional processes for their translations, the team is what your business might need for you to take the next step into going global. With client satisfaction at the core of their commitments, and with services that can only be described as excellent, the team at R&R International has already built up a loyal client base through their incredible quality of work. Every service the team delivers is fully optimised to whatever the client requires, and their efficiency guaranteed. This is done through ensuring that they adhere to their exceptionally high standards. Everyone at R&R International shares an understanding of how crucial quality translation services are in the shaping of a successful business. Throughout the 22 years since its inception, R&R International has managed to establish a track-record of fantastic customer service and has had the chance to work with a wide variety of companies all across the globe. And you needn’t worry about R&R International not being willing to keep up with the recent online trends. Even though AI translation has been on the rise in recent years, R&R International was one of the first language service providers within Canada to utilise it. In doing so, it’s established a concrete understanding of how these technologies function, more so than the majority of its competitors. That being said, R&R International still remains humble and doesn’t view itself as a ‘large’ business. It prefers to define itself as a boutique experience with its clients, offering them a service that they can truly enjoy working alongside. This allows it to hold the same capabilities as some of the larger organizations, whilst also holding a more personal attachment with their clients. And, to ensure they’re staying in-tune with their clients, the team are always requesting feedback so they can adapt to retain the best quality possible. With a dedication to its clients and learning how best to adjust itself to suit every translation need, R&R International can make presenting your business on a global scale an almost effortless experience. With a keen understanding of how businesses develop towards their full potential with a capable translation team behind them, R&R International devotes itself to bringing you the best quality for an ideal cost. As one of the fastest-growing LSPs in Canada, R&R International has truly cemented itself as the best choice for your business’s translation needs. Composed of a vast network of translators, there isn’t a single request that they won’t be able to manage for you. Take your business global with them, and you can be rest assured that nothing will ever be lost in translation again.

For the future, SmartOpt has plans to “extend the capabilities of its products in two areas: environmental compliance and integration of business intelligence in the decision processes. It has become a business imperative that businesses and supply chains measure, report and reduce their GHG emissions. Four of our products, MilkRunOpt™, NetOpt™, PlanOpt™, RouteOpt™, GHG emission models already included in our standard methods. “We plan to include GHG emission models to all of our products and services. We are also conducting extensive research on the next generation AI methods for sentiment analysis and business intelligence for ForecastOpt™ and NetOpt™.” The future of SmartOpt is looking incredibly bright as it has further plans to innovate with its solutions. We are sure to see it flourish even more as it continues to aid other businesses in their supply chain endeavours, for now and the generations to come. Contact: Metin Turkay Company: SmartOpt Web Address: Jan23295 Best AI-Based Supply Chain Optimisation Company – Middle East Deep technology can help us to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence with optimisation throughout our business ventures. In SmartOpt’s case, deep technology is used for the improvement of end-to-end supply chain management. Here we explore SmartOpt’s work as it wins its title from Corporate Vision. SmartOpt works closely with supply chain processes ranging from strategy, planning and operations from forecasting, procurement, inbound logistics, planning, inventory management and outbound logistics. Its ForecastOpt™, InventoryOpt™, MilkRunOpt™, NetOpt™, PlanOpt™, RouteOpt™, and PriceOpt™, are all tailored to these different areas of business – so that we can experience the benefits in next to no time. Its Founder, Metin Turkay, says, “We optimise supply chain and logistics operations to decrease costs, reduce GHG emissions, improve customer service levels and increase operational efficiency. SmartOpt customers usually saves approximately 30% of their supply chain and logistics costs.” Metin continues, “These solutions are developed on a single platform and they are integrated among each other for a customised end-toend supply chain solution and also are integrated with the enterprises’ ERP and other data services.” As a driving force behind supply chain improvement, SmartOpt ensures effectiveness, productivity, and, perhaps most importantly, security. “The SmartOpt culture is oriented towards problem solving and creating value,” says Metin. He runs the business with respect and an open line of communication between each individual, which, in turn, builds longterm relationships where honesty and trust are prioritised. What’s more, “A webinar series was delivered by SmartOpt founder Prof. Dr. Metin Turkay on ‘Data Science Fundamentals & Statistical Analysis and Modelling, Demand and Price Forecasting, Logistics Operations Optimization and Supply Chain Planning & Operational Planning’ for Turkish Airlines top management and the employees.” By supplying insight into its technology and solutions, SmartOpt opened channels to an elevated level of success for those in supply chain businesses. Its impressive knowledge of supply chain optimisation and intricate deep technology go hand in hand to create a more efficient, costeffective, and helpful future ahead. This is why SmartOpt has won Best AI-Based Supply Chain Optimisation Company, Middle East, from us at Corporate Vision. We see it as a visionary taking action to be the best in its industry. From the Middle East to the rest of the world, we all need to finetune our business operations and SmartOpt is the way forward. “The culture of not accepting status-quo, and always exploring new ideas, methods, and solutions to create value for our customers defines SmartOpt’s DNA.”

Issue 3 2023 13 How do we plan to innovate within our industry in the next 5 years? Already we have started, creating both world class client and coach onboarding process’s which are delighting these 2 groups already. We have also created new products and filed 4*successful Trademarks in 2022. These are: 1. Strengths HUB® 2. TPA®- Method 3. StrengthsHUB-HiiT® 4. StrengthsHUB-IGNiTE® We know that turnover rates are higher every year and with only 9% of the UK workforce engaged at work, according to Gallup World, we as a result we will also be introducing 2 new products in January 2023… 1. A World Class Employee Onboarding Program to a high-performance team, which is a development on what we’ve been doing so successfully to this date. By creating a “world class employee onboarding” program for our clients, this will accelerate the integration and alignment of new colleagues much quicker. It will also improve new hire retention and new hire productivity by as much as 82% and 70% respectively. 2. Grow My Strengths Program, which is designed with the intention as a great entry or follow up program for existing and new clients. This program is a lower effort higher impact program for our clients and offers them a great ROI. What impact has our company culture had on our success and how do we nurture this? Our culture is lived through our purpose and values, the ones that we adhere too internally and externally. We nurture them from the moment a new coach or client joins us, they are part of our onboarding process which is backed up by talking about them and sharing the video’s we’ve created. Overall, the future is set to be exceptionally bright for the company. 2022 was a year filled with abundance and success, with multiple awards coming into its possession. Sarah as CEO Executive Strengths Coach of the year 2022 and the company was recognised as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022. KCStrengthsHUB works with 4 of the Top 7 plus more Global Pharma companies and now employs seven coaches that deliver programs around the world. Contact: Keith Webster Company: KCStrengthsHUB Web Address: Dec22502 Best Pharma Talent & Strategy Specialist Company 2023 Recognised as Best Pharma Talent & Strategy Specialist Company 2023 for a second consecutive year, KCStrengthsHUB is a leading talent strategy and engagement company that maintains a focused portfolio of clients in the global pharma industry. Now entering its 6th year of Global operations KCStrengthsHUB remains focused on helping the Global Pharmaceutical industry win the battle for talent and create company-wide cultures of high performance to drive individual, team and business growth. KCStrengthsHUB partners, globally, with its Pharmaceutical Clients and its key strategic partners… Gallup, the world’s number one researchbased global performance-management consulting company, and e2Grow, a digital enabling platform company. What makes us unique? Our Purpose and Values at KCStrengthsHUB is what makes us unique, and our purpose is clear… To inspire Organisational Change & Greater Wellbeing by delivering impactful CliftonStrengths based workplace solutions that create a more Engaging Pharmaceutical workplace, enables Global Pharmaceutical companies to bring a consistent stream of innovative medicines that solve unmet medical needs that have a significant impact on people’s lives, quicker. What’s been our biggest challenge over the last 12 months and how did we approach it? Really getting our client leaders to align our programs to their business and the business outcomes they are focused on. Our methodology is based on real world data on how to drive performance at work and even the most senior of leaders, can shy away from aligning our highperformance programs to their outcomes. Our approach was twofold; 1) to coach every leader on the importance of business outcomes at the beginning of a program, so that meaningful goals and evaluations could be set. 2) we also collected data from every single coaching intervention, by individual and team, to see the program’s business connection by asking participants a simple set of questions about the extent to which this program has influenced certain business measures, from each intervention. This enabled us to produce world class reports for all our clients at year end showing the step-change results of every program we undertook with them. In addition, as the geo-political and global economic situation has worsened our challenge is for our clients to see that they need highperformance teams, employees to do more of what they do best with great leaders developing them, more than ever. Engaged employees and who they select as managers are key differentiators to success and can be a real competitive advantage in 2023. Benefitting from a wealth of knowledge and industry experience, the company has acquired numerous awards and titles over the years, with each recognising its dedicated services. Adding Best Pharma Talent Strategy & Engagement Specialist – 2023 to its 2022 award is one we are extremely proud of at KCStrengthsHUB.

Ian Benson co-founded Bearspaw Contracting after 18 years of working within the mining industry. He began his career as haul truck driver, moving on to mine rescue, to being on the blasting crew, and finally in the processing plant – meaning he has extensive experience of all things coal mining. Ian also owned and operated several local businesses over these years. It was in the mid-2000s that Ian opted to share his vast expertise of the industry with future generations by co-founding what would soon evolve into dynamic labour company, Bearspaw Contracting, offering a variety of outstanding services. Speaking of the work the company does, Ian says, “Our goal is to maintain a high level of labour services to our clients. As well, provide opportunities for our employees to experience the new industrial setting to further their employment careers.” He adds, “We take pride in training our young and new workers to this industrial/heavy equipment environment.” BPC has in almost two decades gone from hiring eight employees to around 165 at its peak, all of whom receive complete training and skills development, opportunities for advancement, and a full benefit package. Its people have the opportunity to work in picturesque, often remote locations, making it the perfect line of work for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hunting, fishing, and everything that the Elk Valley and Southern Alberta have to offer. All that is required from an individual to join the team at BPC is a good work ethic, a positive attitude, and the ability to work physically. The company is always training new workers to provide a wide range of 24/7 on-call labour services specific to the mining industry at some of the world’s largest coal mines. Specifically, these services include assessment, monitoring, and stand-by rescue in confined spaces; fire watch; industrial cleaning; and janitorial services. Confined Space Employees at BPC receive certified confined space training, enabling them to work safely in tunnels, equipment housings, ductwork, and pipelines. These areas aren’t necessarily designed for people, although they can accommodate workers to perform certain tasks, and they often only have one-way entry and exit, so this is why it is important to be trained to work in these spaces. Fire Watch Hot work such as welding or grinding can produce sparks, which can ignite fire – especially in areas where methane gas is present. BPC trains and provides vigilante fire watch personnel to observe the location, and if hazards arise, they can extinguish the fire and follow industry procedures to make sure everybody onsite is safe. Industrial Cleaning The BPC team are also trained to deliver comprehensive cleaning services to efficiently remove dust, dirt, rust, and grime on equipment prior to routine maintenance and/or repair. A proper pre-clean can Best On-Call Mining Services Company 2023 - Western Canada Established in 2006, Bearspaw Contracting (BPC) exists to help people, especially young workers, to gain the skills they need to secure jobs in the mining industry, while providing clients such as its primary partner, Teck Coal with skilled work and reliable service. In light of the company’s success within the Canadian Business Awards 2023, we learn more about its offering. make it safer and easier for technicians to perform their tasks, and can also extend the life of equipment and machinery. Janitorial Services Lastly, BPC’s trained people help clients to maintain safe, healthy working environments by providing an array of services in the form of general cleaning, laundry services, conveyor belt cleaning, and cleaning of highly mechanised areas. BPC remains keen to continue bringing more recruits on board, with Ian stating, “We are always accepting resumes as we take great pride in creating opportunities for people from all over, an opportunity to expand a career they may not even know is there for them. “Our goal is to entice new people to our area to experience a new industry with vast opportunities for everyone.” Of course, as BPC’s team members complete their work, it is of the utmost importance that they know how to keep themselves and others safe. Every project is closely assessed and employees undergo regular and ongoing training on industry standard safety procedures. Meanwhile, alongside the company’s devotion towards training young people and delivering top-notch services, it also has a passion for helping the community. With the belief that success should be shared, BPC’s “Community First” Society (BPCCFS) was formed, a non-profit charitable trust which assists with important projects for community betterment in the Elk Valley. These projects include but are not limited to covering health, education, and community. The Society’s core event is an annual golf tournament and fundraiser, which last year raised an incredible $300k for Angel Flight East Kootenay and the Elk Valley Safe Homes. Ultimately, it’s easy to see how Bearspaw Contracting has come to achieve such success within the Canadian Business Awards 2023, with its extraordinary commitment towards giving back, whether it’s in the form of providing employment opportunities or its charitable contributions. If you are interested in employment with Bearspaw Contracting, or if its services could help you, please get in touch. Company: Bearspaw Contracting Inc. Contact: Ian Benson Email: [email protected] Website: “We have an excellent track record of providing qualified, reliable workers to the mining industry.”

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He continues, “At D-Kode Tech, our team members know that they are valued and know that their innovations and ideas can be heard and often implemented. Because we have such a collaborative and positive company culture, both our employees and our clients benefit. Our clients appreciate the fact that our team is cohesive and collaborative. And our employees love to be part of such a dynamic and positive team. We think of our company as a family.” Aside from D-Kode’s work with its clients, it also believes in giving back, having created many websites and provided services for non-profits and charities for little to no cost. Jackie says, “Our clients often tell us that they appreciate our clear communication, positive results, and the fact that we go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction across all of the marketing elements we provide.” Now, the D-Kode team is taking a moment to bask in its extraordinary awards success before looking towards the very bright future ahead of it. Daniel gives us an insight into what this will entail. “We look forward to incorporating new technology into our business model and have the goal of continuing to serve with excellence and give back to our community. We will work to continue to help people achieve their marketing goals and bring their ideas and business visions to life.” Company: D-Kode Tech Contact: Daniel Kodam Email: [email protected] Website: Jan23306 Bay Area Digital Marketing D-Kode Tech (D-Kode) is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA adding the well-deserved accolade of ‘Digital Marketing Agency of the Year – California’ to its trophy shelf. We got in touch with CEO Daniel Kodam and COO Jackie Strack to find out what makes this the case. From the start of D-Kode Tech’s tenure as a premier Bay Area digital marketing provider, it has always endeavoured to provide its clients with the best that the industry can offer. It prides itself in offering the highest quality of service, thinking of its clients as family, always going above and beyond to help them grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals. With certifications in digital marketing from the American Marketing Association and the Digital Marketing Institute, CEO Daniel Kodam is expertly qualified to provide premiere service to all of D-Kode’s clients. D-Kode Tech specialises in offering every service a business of any size might need, whether that’s in website design and development, SEO, PPC, social media, software development, logo design, or mobile apps. Jackie explains, “This full service approach allows us to use every tool in the arsenal to improve visibility, increase brand awareness, and build cohesion for any business, from sole proprietor operations to large businesses and companies.” The company’s inhouse graphic designers, software developers, content writers, social media experts, and SEO specialists make it all happen, with Daniel saying, “Because these elements are all inhouse, we don’t have to contract outside entities to provide results. We are able to use an integrative approach where all elements of the marketing system work cohesively together.” Within D-Kode’s offering is a two-hour guaranteed response time, meaning it promises to respond to any customer questions or requests within two business hours. This is in addition to a website security guarantee, as Chief Operating Officer Jackie Strack states, “We value our clients’ safety and security just as much as our own. Our website security guarantee is our promise to you that your website will not be hacked. If it is, and our team cannot fix the issue, we are ready to clean out your hosting files and rebuild your entire website at no cost.” The D-Kode team enjoys meeting up with clients, too, offering a monthly meeting option to ensure the clients are satisfied and that their goals are being met. They never use a cookie cutter approach, delivering a customised solution to every client which is as individualised as they are. Daniel gives us a further insight into how the company tailors its offering. “If you listen to what people have to say, you’ll be better able to meet their needs. We always listen to what our clients express in terms of their goals and needs and it helps us to be successful in crafting customised solutions for them.” But before that, it’s important to invest in a good team. The company highly values its employees and it works hard to help them feel valued and appreciated. Daniel comments, “Your business is only as good as the people working with you. When you have a good team, you will go far.” Daniel goes on to tell us more about the company’s internal culture. “We pride ourselves in having a company culture where every employee feels valued and that they are a vital part of the team. Our company culture values open communication and collaboration across departments. We have regular meetings where our entire team can interact as a unit, and we make sure to do fun things as a company, like virtual games and team building exercises.”