Issue 4 2019

20 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2019 , RURO Incorporated specializes in establishing the centralization of data, which is often written off by other software providers as too expensive or difficult. Following their success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019, we profiled the firm to discover more about the innovative solutions they deliver to their clients. Enhancing the Productivity of Life Science Organizations With over 10 years of excellence in operations, ISO certifications, and an industry-leading team, RURO’s software solutions and services are comprehensive, modern, and constantly evolving. Along with offering true multifacet- ed integration of instruments and crucial legacy systems to improve the way your organization oper- ates beyond the user interface, RURO also provides their clients with life science software hosting, licensing, deployment, validation, training, and support all in one place. Over the years, thousands have successfully achieved Laboratory Information Bliss through RURO’s industry leading software solutions and their proven processes. In ad- dition to this, the firm’s vetted part- nerships enable seamless access to even more functionality through multiple integration options. At the foundation for all of RURO’s solutions within their portfolio, is their Limfinity framework. Having a framework means that solu- tions can be modified easily with RURO’s BRICK functionality, as well as having the ability to expand with life science companies and not remain on one level. Supporting the firm in delivering such exceptional services, is the dedicated, passionate and inven- tive team which forms the back- bone of RURO. Since the firm’s inception, RURO was established by software engineers with a back- ground in science. As such, the team is devoted to the engineering of software, quality of software, and also having subject matter ex- perts, such as Business Analysts, on staff to ensure that RURO is consistently providing quality work and that their systems go-live on time. Each member of the RURO team receives the same training and procedures, which is how they are able to ensure that their deployments maintain consistent, on time, and on budget. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at RURO hopes to continue to deliver their excep- tional services which has boosted them to reach many of their goals throughout the years, as well as receive numerous accolades which includes their most recent success in Corporate Vision’ Cor- porate Excellence Awards 2019 in which they were righteously recognised as the Leading Spe- cialists in Informatics Platforms 2019 – Software. Contact: Victoria Meo Company: RURO Incorporated Address: 321 Ballenger Center Dr, Suite 102, Frederick, Maryland, 21703, United States of America Telephone: +1 888 881 7876 Web Address: Mar19253