Issue 4 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2019 33 , of the framework with the broader community this year.” Web Address: Feb19367 LitheSpeed provides premiumAgile training, executive coaching and consulting services for a vast range of sectors. Following their success in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2019where theywere selected as theMost Innovative Agile Consulting Company 2019 - USA, we profiled LitheSpeed and caught upwithVP ofMarketing Audrey Scheerewho provided us with a detailed insight into the innerworkings of the innovative firm. Changing the Way You Work Established in 2007, LitheSpeed are Lean and Agile consultants, trainers and coaches on a mission to make work more valued, productive and fulfilling. Supporting over 250 organisations in Agile transfor- mation, the firm have trained an impressive 25,000 people world- wide in the enabling processes of DevOps, Lean, Scrum, and Agile project management methods. LitheSpeed assist their clients in shaping not only their process, but also their mindset and leadership approach to adapt to changing technologies, disrupt competi- tion, and ultimately to a create a happier and more productive workforce. Going into further detail about LitheSpeed, Audrey begins by informing us of the clients the firm serve, and how they achieve success within such a dynamic and, at times, competitive industry. “Here at LitheSpeed, we have a long history in the agile communi- ty and a strong reputation for our pragmatic people-first approach that prioritizes custom solutions over prescribed approaches. “Since our inception, we have been fortunate enough to work with great internal change agents, helping numerous firms achieve success with Agile. We have vast experience supporting leadership teams in navigating the change that comes with adopting holistic end-to-end business agility.” Enabling the firm to deliver this exceptional level of success, is the passionate, talented and innovative team of individuals who form the backbone of LitheSpeed. When discussing the internal culture, Audrey is keen to high- light the significant role the team play in the overall success of the award-winning firm, and how they ensure they surpass their clients’ expectations. “At LitheSpeed, our experts focus exclusively, but comprehensive- ly, on lean and agile methods, taking a down-to-earth view of the various frameworks available and blending them based upon our clients’ situations. With this approach, we helped a major fi- nancial services firm improve their business-side velocity by 67%.” Bringing the interview to a close, Audrey signs off by revealing the exciting ways in which LitheSpeed are moving forward within their everchanging industry, and what the team hope will be the positive outcome following their years of hard-work and dedication to their craft. “In 2019, we are focused on rolling out our ‘ Business Agility Sparks™ ’ framework (busi- ). This framework, based upon our years of supporting end-to-end business agility, pulls together a set of powerful ideas that span the value chain. When combined into an overall delivery system, the result is a powerful system for achiev- ing true business agility. Looking ahead to what the future holds, LitheSpeed will be sharing more