Issue 4 2020

Jan20334 Wonder is their Watchword A watch you can pay for dinner with sounds like a gadget from a James Bond film, but the incredible team from BIOWETRICS SA has managed to achieve what seemed impossible. Their delightful product is the stuff of dreams, acting as wallet, password manager and exceptional timepiece. As the team claim Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence award for Most Innovative Wearable Authentication Solution – 2020, we take a closer look at their spectacular achievement. BIOWETRICS was founded with one aim, namely to free people from the pain and frustration of having to continually prove their own identity both off-and-online while also providing them with better protection from identity fraud. Needless to say, they have achieved all of this and more with their stylish, yet inconspicuous watch. Specialising in end-user authentication, a BIOWETRICS smartwatch is able to perform roles far beyond that of a normal watch. Through complex systems built into the system itself, the W Watch is able to double as a cards and password wallet with all this information secured by the unique wrist biometrics of the user. Authentication solutions take many forms, but whether key or card, PIN or password, all have the ability to fall foul of a determined identity thief. What makes BIOWETRICS’ solution so impressive is its use of a digital identity that unifies the user experience for authentication while strengthening security. The unique selling point of BIOWETRICS is the proprietary IP and algorithms that it holds on wrist vein pattern recognition. Thanks to the work of an incredibly talented team, the user’s wrist can be recognised by the W Watch by the unique shape of the wrist veins. This security means that it has a wealth of different potential uses in industry and beyond, but BIOWETRICS has turned its attention first and foremost to pharmaceutical companies. This would see the watches used for access control and to ensure continuous authentication in the labs. Corporate access control as a whole is the company’s next step to spreading impressive device. One of the challenges that BIOWETRICS has had to face is the matter of funding in its Swiss location. As with any innovation, the need for more investors never goes away and the team are raising funds to develop their products ever further. In places such as Silicon Valley, this would be a more straightforward process. That said, Switzerland offers many of its own benefits, with the development of the W Watch being handled with incredible ease by the workforce there. In the future, it’s hoped that the W Watch will progress from a B2B item and become directly accessible to customers. In all, the W Watch is a true innovation, adding added layers of security that will protect businesses and individuals. As the business continues to grow and develop, we are sure that the products they produce will be enormously successful. Company: BIOWETRICS SA Contact: Matthias Vanoni Website: