Issue 4 2020

Dec19275 Helping Healthcare at Home and Field Given the particularly troubling coronavirus sweeping the world now, there has never been a more crucial time to introduce a revolutionary and innovative piece of healthcare technology to help. Fortunately, Real Time Touch’s vision includes decentralizing clinical vaccine trials using wireless remote-controlled dispensers, and video-connected, remotely controlled ventilators. Medical industry partners are required to get these urgent projects under way. Having been crowned California’s Most Influential Leader in Healthcare Technology 2020, the firm is excited to collaborate immediately to address the needs of people in this pandemic. To discover more about this potentially life-saving platform and associated plans for connected treatment devices, we took a closer look at what Real Time Touch has to offer. Despite the advancements in medicine and pharmaceuticals bringing a plethora of ways to help advance life for those able to get to a hospital, there has yet to be a major development in the pursuit of a medical solution that solves one of the most crucial needs. While upwards of 75% of people living in developed countries currently have access to a nearby clinic or hospital, much of the world’s rural population does not. At a time when people face novel health challenges, ensuring that people can have easy remote access to medical professionals and knowledge is paramount. That is the mission of Real Time Touch, through its patented innovative platform that aims to develop a variety of devices for physically augmented, face-to-face virtual healthcare visits. Real Time Touch’s platform seeks to bring about a new era of telehealth, telemedicine, and virtual healthcare with its platform and plans for a variety of tele-treatment devices. Rural residents can now get the treatment they need. Among many of those who are unable to travel from rural areas due to health conditions, mobility issues, and transportation costs, is the growing elderly population. The firm’s new technology enables easier access to quality healthcare for everybody, ensuring people can virtually interact with a medical practitioner for real-time treatments, therapies, pain relief, and medication release. Remote video chatting with doctors, nurses, and patients through a mobile device for medical consultations and procedures is the next step in getting proper medical care for everyone across the world. This amalgamation of technologies is a promise to help hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies reduce costs, whilst serving those in need through high quality care and proper patient-provider relationships without the physical interaction. Limiting in-person clinical visits protect the most vulnerable from unnecessary exposure to communicable disease. However, what distinguishes Real Time Touch as truly innovative and influential within the realms of healthcare technology is its commitment to go beyond simply enabling patients to meet with their healthcare providers. The firm also holds a pending patent for a wide range of devices for therapy, medication, training, and exercise for use within the home, workspace, or as a wearable piece of technology. The technology also enables veterinarians and pet lovers to remotely release medications and treats for pets and animals within their care. Crucially, these planned devices will need to be approved by the FDA in order to make the full impact as one of the most important developments in healthcare technology. Real Time Touch aims to integrate this platform and these devices with existing providers of virtual healthcare. While some hospitals and clinics already provide similar services, the firm’s offerings go one step further in ensuring a strong and stable connection to patients for remote monitoring, programming, and controlling of wearable, mobile and home medical devices. Virtual healthcare visits and other forms of technology can help overcome many of the barriers currently facing those who must isolate themselves from viruses like COVID-19 and those who are unable to get to the hospital when they need to. One of the major issues is transportation; many people either don’t drive or live in an area without a means of transport. Virtual healthcare visits can allow doctors to meet with patients and clients while reviewing their vital signs and healthcare records without leaving home or office. This is a rapidly evolving industry alongside technology, as virtual healthcare now seeks to take advantage of camera-equipped smart devices, faster Internet speeds, machine learning, secure data connections, and much more. Everybody on the planet requires affordable and reachable healthcare, whatever form that takes. Real Time Touch’s latest offering addresses that need through virtual meetings and remote-controlled home medicine dispensers to help maximize the comfort of patients in their homes. Independence is a key part of life, and the firm’s offering ensure that seniors can now virtually meet with doctors on their own, take their medication properly, and ultimately reduce drug dependency or accidental misuse for those living alone. Given the meteoric advancement of technology in all industries, it is perhaps the healthcare industry that can benefit the most, and the innovation of Real Time Touch is the perfect example of that. As the firm continues to work towards revolutionizing the global healthcare industry by enabling remote and digitally controlled treatments wherever a signal can be found, it will no doubt continue to ensure greater access to a greater number of people in need. Company: Real Time Touch Contact: Craig Linden Website: