Issue 4 2020

4 Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre Fast Tracked Construction of the UK’s new vaccines centre by Glencar Construction starts well ahead of schedule as timelines are fast tracked due to Covid-19. Construction work has begun ahead of schedule to build the highly specialist facility that will house the Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC). VMIC, a not for profit organisation, will provide the country’s first bespoke strategic vaccine development and manufacturing capability. A rapidly accelerated programme will aim to see the 7,000 m2 (75,000 sq ft - footprint) state-of-the-art facility opening its doors in 2021, ahead of the original scheduled date in 2022. An unprecedented collaborative effort between The Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre, Harwell Campus, Vale of the White Horse District Council, UK Research and Innovation, and Glencar Construction, the main contractor, has accelerated the construction of this complex build in order to bring the facility on line early so that it can provide an emergency response capability for the UK. Ground works began on the site at Harwell Campus in early April and have focused on site clearance, preparing the site for construction and the early order of the steelwork. Glencar expect to see the basebuild ready for early access for fit-out, in late July/early August. Design and fit out are underway and led by WHP Engineering.