Issue 4 2020

Feb20109 Well-Verse(One)d In Success Founded in 2004, VerseOne Group is an innovative software and services company, providing complete digital transformation solutions that empower businesses to deliver exemplary customer experience through harnessing the value of their business content. The firm’s commitment to innovation with a customer-centric approach has not only grown a loyal customer base of more than 120 organisations, but has also seen it win the title of The UK’s Leading Digital Transformation Services Provider – 2020. We take a closer look at the firm’s success to learn more. Servicing more than twenty million people across the United Kingdom through an estimated 250 specialist applications, the VerseOne mission statement is simple: to harness the power of technology to make a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives. At the heart of everything the firm does is accessibility, specialising in building integrated digital solutions to W3C Accessibility Standards on its unified Open Standards software platform. Every one of the customer organisations’ key systems are intelligently and seamlessly connected in a way that drives accessibility. This can also help maximise investment made in their existing system whilst offering amazing customer experiences by realising the value of their most valuable asset: their business content. Any organisation with customers of its own is a potential customer of VerseOne’s. Designing solutions that provide an amazing customer experience through effective content management and integrated collaboration and communication, VerseOne champions customers. From its origins in servicing the social housing market, the firm has since diversified into healthcare and local government before now bringing its expertise to bear on the commercial world whilst maintaining dominance in core market sectors. VerseOne approaches every customer with a Total Engagement Programme: a 365 wraparound and consultative approach in which it advises, shares knowledge, and essentially becomes an extension of the organisation. It is a holistic methodology that results in the creation of a best-in-class solution capable of delivering meaningful content. This is done in a myriad of ways. Firstly, innovation. Blending deep market sector knowledge with the power that new technologies provide allows the team at VerseOne to create best-in-class digital solutions that address business issues and create differentiators through richer and personalised experiences. Secondly, a constantly maintained focus on delivering a customer-centric approach. Close consultation at all stages of the partnership with customers is essential to delivering effective solutions, and ensures the firm continues to extend its knowledge of customers’ markets. Finally, as has already been mentioned, is accessibility. Creating a level playing field of engagement for everyone, irrespective of their challenges, VerseOne championing of accessibility ensures every digital solution is just as effective for every client. In every service that the team at VerseOne delivers, there is a constant focus on three main areas; products, people, and processes. Always staying aligned with the mission statement of making a difference with great technology, the products are designed to be fully integrated, offering organisations easy access to mission-critical information across all their digital services and ensuring brand messages are delivered efficiently and consistently. Moreover, these products are soft-key configurable, empowering customers to tailor solutions without the need for costly and time-consuming custom code, creating immediate cost efficiencies in development and training. Behind the products is the people and the processes that make VerseOne so unique as a company. Convening together great people who are passionate about empowering exemplary customer experiences was the beginning of VerseOne, and that culture still permeates the workforce today. There is still an ever-growing passion for the products, processes, and sector markets. Those processes have been refined over several decades of cumulative experience in software delivery. Drawn together, VerseOne offers all the facets of an effective digital solution to provide a one-stop-shop for complete digital business transformation. VerseOne’s vision of harvesting value from content to empower exemplary customer experiences continues to deepen its relevance as the digital revolution deepens its impact on the lives of people everywhere. With its robust and well-developed plans underpinned by a proven digital platform and supported by a methodical expansion plan, any customer organisation of VerseOne can be confident of successful outcomes and more opportunities in the future. Company: VerseOne Group Contact: Alan Neilson Website: With its robust and well-developed plans underpinned by a proven digital platform and supported by a methodical expansion plan, any customer organisation of VerseOne can be confident of successful outcomes and more opportunities in the future.