Issue 4 2021

Issue 4 2021 23 Feb21461 another successful year. As a final word, the brokerage wishes to say that it upholds a promise to its clients to support them through one of the most significant changes one can make in life, looking forward to demonstrating this to many future clients. A prospective client can get in touch with Northrop Realty through any one of its 14 office locations or the website. Contact: Creig Northrop Website: Helping Clients Find Home An ambitious and tenacious real estate brokerage in the USA, Northrop Realty has cemented itself as a market leader. Thanks to the knowledge of its founders and the many successes that have spurred its growth, it looks forward to yet another lucrative year. Northrop Realty is a leading voice in the modern real estate industry, working hard to serve the thriving markets of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. Maryland, specifically, has an extremely healthy realty sector as a state, as many businesses have pulled through the brunt of the pandemic and grown from it accordingly. The surviving companies prioritized their flexibility and adaptability in their comebacks, pivoting their business models to work remotely. Nowadays, sales are skyrocketing in Maryland and have been since the winter of 2020 where it saw an increase in sales that topped the previous year by 25%. One of the front runners taking Maryland’s real estate onward to great things in 2021, carrying on the good numbers from the latter months of 2020, is Northrop Realty. It does this with its shared goals and a positive culture, taking great pride in its approach; above all, Northrop puts its clients first. Uninterested in simply making the sale, the brokerage wishes to forge lifelong connections to foster return customers and a satisfied clientele. With a mindset of collective success and thinking that allows them to approach home sales from many different perspectives, they can achieve new standards of excellence in customer service. This positivity and drive to be better than the best all stem from the founder’s ambition. Creig Northrop, who started the company and is still the CEO in partnership with his wife, Carla Northrop, has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Maryland University and ample experience in his industry. During his degree and initial years of experience, he formed the knowledge base needed to accurately and sensitively serve the needs of his target market. He gained a solid understanding of customer service through connecting to clients beyond the sale, starting the Creig Northrop Team in 2000 on the mindset of choosing your area and excelling at it. That mindset allowed the business to corner the market in its region, and thus, Creig and Carla’s partnership was one established on maximizing all their assets and seeing how far they could go. The momentum they built up during their start at the turn of the century pushed them into notoriety, and it has kept this atmosphere going to this day. Further fuelling their propulsion into the forefront of the real estate sector was Carla’s extensive background in marketing and law. This experience allowed the Creig Northrop Team to create and cultivate an in-house marketing department that formed the backbone for its customer outreach and stands on the shoulders of its ‘everyone matters’ philosophy. Furthermore, they took inspiration from other leaders in the industry, growing and learning from those around them to better themselves. The resulting growth that came from accepting and utilizing feedback cemented them as an award-winning sales team. They were extremely successful in this endeavor, and due to this, they were lauded as the number one team nationally three times, an accolade that was previously unattained. Of course, Creig and Carla didn’t stop there, accomplishing further heights of success when in February of 2018, they announced that the Creig Northrop team was becoming a full-service brokerage, Northrop Realty. Since then, its growth has been exponential, and it now has over 300 agents and admin staff, all of whom bring different specialisms to the company. In this way, Northrop Realty has ensured it doesn’t lose sight of its focus on the individual, extending this attitude to its brokerage and clients. It has continuously evolved, creating world- class marketing and real estate processes and internal dedication to training and upskilling. With such passion fuelling it and energy that shows no signs of burning out, Northrop Realty is settling in for