Issue 4 2021

necessity of having multiple sources of supply spread across different geographies. Border closings and reduced flights meant companies needed to identify new routes and partners to keep goods available for customers and end-users. Now is the time to resolve these issues as the world pulls out of its enforced shutdown. Working with organisations like Controlant will help companies avoid situations like those seen during this pandemic in the future. As a company that comes together during a crisis, it is a credit to the team that they have been able to react so quickly and effectively to so many different stakeholders’ disparate needs. This is due to the approach taken by hiring managers that put people’s temperament and attitude first and foremost. Anyone can learn new skills, but how a person acts and reacts is key to the team’s success. Those who join Controlant take a role as part of a supportive environment built on collaboration and trust. Team members are excited to come to work each day because they know they provide a vital service for customers. Already, the team at Controlant has prepared a new vision for the cold chain, including new logger technology, further data- tracking capabilities, workflow automation opportunities, and support services that will enable companies to deploy cold chain solutions across their primary and secondary distribution faster. It is a team that is always looking forward and striving to anticipate and solve the next problem. It’s the reason why they are entrusted with some of the most important deliveries in the world, and why they continue to achieve the remarkable within the supply chain. Company: Controlant Name: Gisli Herjolfsson, CEO Web Address: Email: [email protected] Stone Cold Success The cold chain industry has shown itself incredibly resilient in the last few months. The team at Controlant has proven to be invaluable when it comes to the delivery of temperature- sensitive products, like COVID-19 vaccines, across various borders. In a time when the safety of pharmaceuticals and the reduction of supply chain waste are vital, they have achieved the remarkable. We dig a little deeper into how they did it. When Controlant was established in 2007, it had the simple mission of serving companies in the cold chain, primarily the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. In a world that was growing ever more interconnected, this was a sector that remained steadfastly siloed. Thanks to the efforts of Controlant, systems have been put into place that gather the data from the various points in the supply chain to enable more efficient and safer transportation. The first big test of Controlant’s approach came in 2009, with the impact of the H1N1 pandemic. The technology the team had developed proved vital in monitoring the distribution and storage of critical vaccine supplies throughout Iceland. While this demonstrated the company could deliver in a crisis, the team has continued to evolve new products and services to meet clients’ needs worldwide. They are proud to provide Cold Chain as a Service®, a three-fold approach to monitoring the cold chain that is flexible, cost- effective, and scalable across the entire supply chain. The use of Internet of Things (IoT) data loggers has been vital to track and measure insights that improve the cold chain. The Controlant team has combined the IoT loggers with a proprietary, cloud- based software platform that delivers live shipment data. Supply chain stakeholders have easy access to any crisis that might occur and can mitigate the risks accordingly. The company can also provide 24/7 supply chain monitoring and intervene on behalf of the customers to mitigate risks and prevent product loss. The reputation that Controlant has built over the years saw it entrusted with the delivery of Pfizer’s mRNA-based Pfizer- BioNTech +1.3 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses across the globe. In addition to taking part in such a crucial venture, the team is also working directly with the U.S. Government and health officials to provide on-site monitoring at U.S. Government-preferred designated vaccination locations. Controlant’s products and services have allowed for seamless continuity during product hand-offs, providing a transparent and visible sign of success throughout the entire U.S. supply chain journey. Controlant is proud to play an essential role in the smooth delivery of vaccines around the world and has seen a 99.99% successful vaccine delivery rate, according to Pfizer’s CEO. In many ways, the best supply chain is one that the public never sees, but that was not the case throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic exposed many vulnerabilities within the pharmaceutical supply chain. For example, the reliance on India and China for active pharmaceutical ingredients has proven the Feb21428 Those who join Controlant take a role as part of a supportive environment built on collaboration and trust. Team members are excited to come to work each day because they know they provide a vital service for customers.