Issue 4 2021

Feb21387 Issue 4 2021 25 Much More Than a Fresh Lick of Paint LIME is an industry-leading painting and coating company that bring a premium service to high-end customers and their unique properties. With its infectious culture and wide variety of solutions, LIME has made a huge impact on its customers and the industry. LIME Painting specialise in painting, coatings and surface restoration for custom homes and businesses. They have successfully positioned themselves as reliable experts who can take a building and make it feel fresh and revitalised. To say that LIME is a speciality painter is to put it too simply. LIME is a premium painting option. There are many types of coating and formula that they offer to not only revamp or redecorate a property, but to restore and elevate it. Many of LIME’s clients come to them with a special need. Custom properties are made up of many surfaces, all of which deteriorate or become outdated. Each surface requires its own type of coating to protect it, and each has to be treated in specific ways. This is where the team’s expertise comes into play. LIME has dealt with all manner of surfaces, paints, coatings, and surface restorations in a wide variety of residential and commercial properties. Many of its clients own custom properties, meaning LIME knows how to properly care for even the rarest and most expensive of surfaces. LIME’s client focus is high-end residential and commercial properties with a painting or restoration need. LIME serves homes that are typically in the top third of home values in a market. Their clients with custom commercial properties tend to include resorts, restaurants, and country clubs. When dealing with such clients, it is crucial for LIME to keep them involved. LIME uses a consultative approach – the experts educate clients on the methods and best practices to restore or update their most valuable assets. LIME only uses thoroughly vetted solutions that the team knows will stand the test of time. By working with clients, discovering their wants, needs and preferences, LIME can then work with them and employ a combination of their 40 different services to give life to the client’s vision. Whether it is restoring a distressed exterior, or transforming an interior space, LIME’s artisans are dependable, creative, and capable. The team’s values are literally written into the title. LIME stands for Love, Integrity, Mission and Excellence. They are the guiding principles by which the company operates. It is because of this values-and-culture driven ethos that the team at LIME are able to excel. People thrive in a community that knows what it stands for. LIME stand by the idea that people are greater than profits and has an infection culture that embodies the four pillars of its name. The team has weathered tough times – the founder, Nick Lopez, started his career in 2009 in the middle of the recession. It has taken grit and adherence to LIME’s code to become a success. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but LIME managed to triple its locations nationwide during the pandemic. The rising culture of homeworking meant that people were spending more time in their own homes. It opened people’s eyes and gave them the push they needed to make the decision to update and revitalise their spaces. With the help of LIME’s visual reality consultants, who help on every project from start to finish, LIME has enabled people to express their personality through their custom properties and develop the perfect space to live and work in. Throughout 2021, LIME plans to continue its solid growth. For the last ten years, Nick Lopez has been preparing to bring LIME’s unique value for clients to different markets across the country. 2020 marked the start of that growth, and the momentum will carry through 2021. Whether it is the clients that are inspired to fall in love with their properties again, the people that make up LIME’s infectious culture, or the communities that LIME gives back to, LIME is in the business of valuing people over profits whilst empowering and impacting lives along the way. Company: LIME Painting Contact: Nick Lopez Website: