Issue 4 2021

Shop Local, Shop Smart Since its inception, Ivida Smart Technologies has had a vision to digitally upgrade local shops to better connect them with their communities. Now, as retailers of all sizes across the globe deal with the surge in digitisation and the necessary shift to online, Ivida is supporting smaller, independent brands to seamlessly manage the transition. We take a closer look at how Ivida is marrying global technology with local thinking to ensure the successes of those businesses that make up the backbone of the global economy. As a leading provider of smart retail solutions, Ivida Smart Technologies is well positioned in the global phenomenon that is unravelling in a broad variety of industries. With ecommerce and online shopping seeing growth that has been accelerated at an unprecedented rate by the ongoing pandemic, retailers around the world are having to embrace advanced technology systems to elevate their bricks-and- mortar shops into brands with impactful online presence. However, while larger retailers and brands have the means and knowhow to manage this transition themselves, for the independent local shops, the shift is more of a challenge. Moreover, few simple, integrated and low-cost resources exist to support these businesses which make enormous contributions to the global economy, as they make the increasingly crucial transition. Ivida exists to rectify that situation. The Melbourne and Sydney based organisation was founded by Scott Zhang, former CEO of the IoT Joint Venture Company, Qualcomm, with a vision to utilise knowledge and insights of the retail and technology industries to lead further innovation in both fields. Working with small to mid- sized local businesses in retail, hospitality and beauty, Ivida offers an unmatched solution that will help its users to upgrade their enterprises. Consequently, businesses do not only survive but thrive, utilising smart solutions to play an even greater role in their communities. Ivida’s core solution is the Ivida Taptouch Connected POS, a system that connects retailers with their customers through multiple online and offline channels and that is proven to boost sales. The benefits of Taptouch can be broken down into three key areas: simplicity, for both users and customers; integration, as the one Taptouch terminal means managing omnichannel shops, promotions, customer bases, stock and more is accessible and easily done on one device; and its low- cost, from the price of the hardware to the low management costs of daily operations. Moreover, Taptouch is super powerful and superfast, making business operations online and offline easy and succinct. However, kitting out its clients with the advanced yet accessible technology of Taptouch is just the first step in moving local businesses online. Ivida is dedicated to working with its clients to ensure they understand how to run an online enterprise, providing support and guidance as they integrate Taptouch into their daily operations and begin the exciting process of building their digital presence. With easy- to-use technology systems and a caring, educative team of experts at their disposal, local shops across Australia have been given the means to make the move to digital. Consequently, Ivida has seen major growth over the past year, with 300 customers adopting Taptouch in just one quarter of 2020. This growth is expected to continue well into 2021 and beyond, as Ivida strategizes the expansion of its community of local enterprises, introducing the essential independent retailers of Australia to Taptouch and its many benefits. As the world enters the new age of digitisation in commerce, Ivida is championing the movement and ensuring that the local shops that keep economies moving are able to not only keep up, but to take their places at the forefront of innovation. Contact: Scott Zhang Company: Ivida Smart Technologies Pty Ltd Web Address: Feb21376