Issue 4 2021

first real estate exhibition in Greece, where ALMA prioritised forging relationships with other professionals in its sector. Events like this and participation in various prestigious platforms, such as CIOLook, allow the company to strengthen its good repute and increase its prestige. Due to its customer-first attitude and dedication to helping its industry grow and develop, ALMA was recently named one of the ’10 Most Innovative Business Leaders Revamping the Future’. It is easy to see why ALMA’s clientele laud it as such a trustworthy and dependable agency, and how it has managed to make itself so indispensable a voice in Greek real estate. As the business grows, it of course encounters new challenges as well as new opportunities. ALMA Real Estate Hellas is committed to handling these efficiently and diligently, developing in both creativity and communication skills internally. This has allowed it to design a rigorous and healthy growth plan, one that it hopes will win it new customers, form deep client connections, and maintain trust with existing clients. ‘We want to continue to be valuable members of society as we have been so far,” says ALMA founder Charikleia G. Stouka, ‘and to continue to help people satisfy their real estate needs and make them fortunate.’ Company: ALMA Real Estate Hellas Contact: Charikleia Stouka Website: The Minds Behind Customer Facing Greek Real Estate Established in 2001 by Charikleia G. Stouka, ALMA Real Estate Hellas was founded on the principle of putting real estate back in the hands of the client. By approaching its industry with a fresh voice and mindset, it has made a name for itself as a sophisticated and effective realtor agency since the turn of the century. In its experience, the real estate industry can be stressful and unappealing, and something that clients dread interacting with. ALMA wishes to buck this trend. Its mission, therefore, is to combine real estate experience and real, personable interaction, creating a service that is friendly as well as professional. In this way, ALMA has cultivated its client base around its customer service prowess, with a focus on the advisory side of its business, giving its clients the best guidance based on their individual factors and specific needs and helping them to make informed real estate decisions. It is this mindset that has made ALMA an award-winning company. In 2020, it won the Global Business Awards and cemented itself as one of the top 20 realtor agencies in Athens. The location in and of itself brings prestige to this company, as Greece is a popular spot for expat relocations and holiday homes, with a thriving domestic real estate market. Athens itself is a thriving centre of modern Greek life. This, along with the drive and ambition brought to the company by founder Charikleia G. Stouka, ensures ALMA’s place in the real estate market is secure. Charikleia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and has completed a number of courses in guerrilla marketing, digital marketing, and sales and strategic management as part of a postgraduate education. Stouka has also received numerous awards on a personal level for her dedication to exemplary service and her extensive knowledge in her field. Credited as a pillar of ‘outstanding public relations’ as well as being recognised as an ‘outstanding entrepreneur’ with ‘outstanding customer service initiative’, she has made herself a household name. She also has plentiful experience with professional writing and business acumen, having written for Business Partners magazine for two years on their real estate advice content. In this manner, she gave prospective clients of her industry thoughtful guidance and key tips for buying, selling, or letting property. Charikleia also informed readers of the ins and outs of real estate both as an industry and a profession. This is the spirit upon which ALMA Real Estate Hellas is built—the commitment to know-how and to helping clients that makes ALMA a reliable source of trustworthy information with significant experience in serving the market. As a company, ALMA recognises the importance of good brand development and outreach, and so participates in a multitude of industry events. One such exhibition was the AREXPO convention, the Feb21349 Upheld by both its sector and its clientele as the ‘Most Influential Leader in Real Estate’ for 2021, operating in the dynamic Greek market, ALMA Real Estate Hellas has built itself a healthy – and growing – home within the industry. Issue 4 2021 31