Issue 4 2021

Issue 4 2021 35 Feb21295 Excellence in Asset Management, Germany A German company offering core competency asset management, Bestadvice handles the advice, implementation, and management of plans for a wide variety of clients. It prides itself on being a company that can offer its customers professional, effective, and communicative support that will stand by their side over generations. In this way, it has become the go-to investment advice firm for its clients, and a darling of its industry, being invited to talks across the country to speak on its area of expertise. One such talk was the Munich Stock Exchange Day convention in 2020, in which the managing directors Thomas Neumann and Marion Köbler were invited to speak. They gave a talk on asset protection and succession planning in front of over 200 listeners, which was extremely well received due to the depth and breadth of knowledge covered. Thomas has been working for BestAdvice in financial consultancy since 2003, and Marion since the turn of the century. Both therefore have extensive experience not only in their industry, but in serving the specific client base that Bestadvice reaches. In getting to know this market and how best to serve it, Bestadvice has cultivated a knowledge base that is tailored to the customer. The majority of its clients treat it as a point of contact for all things wealth management due to this, and rely on its competence and dependability, knowing that their case is in safe hands. After an initial consultation in which it helps its clients to understand the process better and how Bestadvice could aid them, clients entrust it with the mandate for the upcoming asset management. This peace of mind given to its customers allows Bestadvice to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, it happily takes on the role of the first line of contact when it comes to property issues, taking the pressure to manage such things off the client’s shoulders. In a similar vein, this has allowed it to maintain close personal relationships with its clients, and specialise in outreach to both the direct customer and their family. It is this that has given it Bestadvice its repute for empathic and intuitive service. Awarded the title of the ‘Best Independent Investment Advisory Firm’ for 2021, German company Bestadvice Vermogenstreuhand is a financial advice and asset management firm that focuses in on the people behind the paperwork. Bestadvice is also a private office. This means that it takes clients on a case by case basis, going above and beyond the call of duty for each. Although its core proficiency lies in financial issue management and asset protection, it can also offer guidance regarding a multitude of other issues. With its total wealth management strategy, therefore, it truly does mean ‘total’ – it ensures to cover things that it sees many of its competitors not covering, both filling a gap in the market and offering its clients a fully rounded service. It accomplishes the review and regular reporting of asset status, has a network of experts in asset management that it can reach out to for impartial third party guidance, can execute last wills and testaments, and guarantee the desired implementation of the will and death plan in question. Additionally, it can handle the relief of formalities for heirs and inheritors named in a given will, thereby avoiding property disputes through certified and objective executors, and securing wealth for future generations. Cumulatively, the Bestadvice team has over 100 years of professional experience between them, clocking in with an impressive over 100,000 consulting hours and counting. Its plans are tailored, holistic, and keep the client’s interests at heart, and it rejects the idea that financial advice must be a tedious or stressful process. Instead, it works hard to inject personality, understanding, and energy into its efforts. One of the ways in which it accomplishes this is with its ‘Fire Talks’, a social event that it puts on in the Munich area and the picturesque Bavarian Oberland. It is during these sessions that a client can get to know the people behind the company better, and the founders get to know the clients in return. With questions both asked and answered and sturdy relationships forged as a result, it cultivates an atmosphere of mutual trust. With information about such events available on its website, and contact details also found there, it encourages potential clients to get in touch at their earliest convenience. Company: Bestadvice Vermogenstreuhand GmbH Contact: Thomas Neumann Website: