Issue 4 2021

Jan21164 Speaking for Yourself The art of leadership is one that encompasses many different talents. Leaders must guide a business forward, organise its operation and communicate these clearly. For many, the ability to command attention in a public forum is an entirely new skill. Fortunately, the team at Stand and Command are on hand to help. Named Best Coaching & Corporate Training Firm 2021 - Western Canada in the Canadian Business Awards 2021, we dig a little deeper to discover the secrets of their success. Public speaking is not easy for everyone. To some, it comes easily, but others can imagine nothing worse than the spotlight in front of their peers. The team behind Stand and Command work directly with leaders across the globe to help them become exceptional presenters. They train them with the skills they need to overcome their fears and grow into a communicator who can command a room with a glance. It’s easy to see the positive results of working with a group like Stand and Command because you can see the results. The team are experts in their field and provide a patient and empathetic approach that generates spectacular results. Public speaking has become an essential skill among leaders, with their professional development focused specifically on ensuring that they can clearly communicate their message to their peers, their colleagues and the world at large. Where once, the team would be a supplemental package to those who had achieved success, now Stand and Command has become the team to turn to at the start of the entrepreneurial journey. The clearest sign of success for the Stand and Command team is the way in which they now build their business through referrals. The work they do has grown organically as their clients achieve new levels of success. As a small firm, Stand and Command can provide a service that is agile, genuine and authentic. It sets them apart from other brand firms in this area such as Accenture, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and has enabled the team to erode their market share. People want a team who can cater to their specific needs quickly. More and more people are coming to Stand and Command with their own unique requirements. Often, they need to keep their training a secret. This includes actors, politicians, community leaders and CEOs to name but a few. The training that Stand and Command offers can be accessed in the comfort of their own houses, in a secure way. This lightens the pressure considerably while also opening the door to better communications. The result of this service-based approach to training is a business that is in a fine position for the future. Not only do they work with some of the most exciting people on an international scale, but they have the option of letting clients go if they do not fit their culture. The firm has made the decision to work on an online training video series called the Glosso-files. A Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking and the team developed their video series to help those who are looking for public speaking training, but cannot afford the bespoke one-on-one service that Stand and Command is famous for. The success of Stand and Command is something to be commended, with an approach that has an impressive reach across international borders. As more people see the value of being able to communicate in a genuine and authentic manner, this workload is only going to increase. We celebrate the team’s success, and look ahead to what they do next. Name: Avnish Mehta and Bijal Dattani Web Address: & Email: [email protected] and [email protected]