Issue 4 2021

Climbing the Ladder to Success All construction is based around safety first, but unique solutions require a specialist’s approach. The team at SkyHigh Ladders & Guardrails Inc provide the ultimate in fall protection and remote access solutions to industries and institutions across North America. In fact, they were recognised in the Canadian Business Awards, where the team earned the title of Best Industrial Ladders Manufacturer 2021. We take a closer look to see how they have reached such dizzying heights of achievement. Sometimes, a building requires something a little different from the norm. In these situations, it pays to find a specialist who knows not only what they are talking about, but are capable of developing a safe and effective solution to the problem. SkyHigh had humble beginnings as a manufacturer and installer of custom ladders, stairs, and guardrails to order, but quickly grew to provide a broad range of services and products relating to remote access, climb prevention and fall protection, focused on custom solutions that fit perfectly with unconventional requirements. SkyHigh now also provides safety consultation and structural inspection to ensure all clients’ installations have been fully assessed for risks and best solutions. Ladders form a key part of any site build, with stairways and guardrails carefully designed to meet the needs of the client while adhering to building codes and standards. The SkyHigh team goes above and beyond to bring about a turnkey solution that delivers everything a client could ask for. The services they offer are incredibly varied, able to meet whatever is needed for the construction project. Because every location where their products are installed is unique, it requires attention to detail to ensure it meets exact site conditions and specifications. This ensures a perfect fit that is safe and secure. To do this work, SkyHigh undertakes its own site audits, determining the specific areas that need access, such as the servicing of machinery or the cleaning of drains, and verifying the capacity of existing structure to support new installations. They employ ladders or stairs to gain access, guardrails to prevent fall hazards, or ladder accessories such as grab bars or lifelines to make access safer and bring buildings up to code. SkyHigh accounts for safety, ergonomics, and economic feasibility when considering solutions for their clients. Their knowledge is often embraced by clients who appreciate an experienced second opinion, especially when building codes are involved. Feb21257 While it is essential to ensure that the design of a ladder or guardrail is perfect, the fabrication and installation must be held to utmost standards as well. To ensure high quality, the SkyHigh team prefers to execute projects in their entirety when possible. Keeping fabrication and installation in-house allows SkyHigh to ensure that any potential risk to safety is mitigated. The team has experienced, ticketed fabricators and installers and is an authorized installer and inspector for well-known players in the fall protection industry. Alongside new installation, SkyHigh has experience in the refurbishing and upgrading of existing structural components, utilizing cutting edge technology to determine the extent of damage in existing structures to decide the best solutions while mitigating risks. In this end, SkyHigh’s primary pursuit is to ensure that public safety is never compromised, and products are built to last. They also forecast potential code changes to ensure products will not fall out of updated code requirements. The success of SkyHigh cannot be questioned, with the team in demand across their home province of British Columbia and product shipped across North America, it is needless to say that their work has gained a reputation for excellence that surpasses the competition and brings the firm into a league of its own. Company: SkyHigh Ladders & Guardrails Inc Contact: Tony McHale Email: [email protected]