Issue 4 2021

Feb21244 The People at the Heart of the Law The Tucker Moore Group is a personal injury, employment, and civil rights attorneys service based in offices across the USA, found in Grenada, Ridgeland, Memphis, Jamaica, and Hyattsville respectively. It is led by Charles Tucker, a legal expert himself with over 21 years of experience and a significant amount of prestige in his industry. He has been recognized as an outstanding litigation attorney, and has the case experience to back it up, having worked on over 300 jury trials, bench trials, and administrative hearings. The exemplary experience and dedication of its founder shows in every element of this business’s operational model, from the attitude to its clients to its core principles. Thus, it has gained a solid reputation for being trustworthy and effective, elevating the standards of its industry as a result. Its personal injury litigation services will help clients to fight for their right to compensation after an accident, dedicated to reminding clients that it is on their side throughout. Furthermore, the Tucker Moore Group is well versed in civil rights and employment law, and it earns the confidence of those who contract it with its depth and breadth of knowledge in these fields. In this way, it staunchly protects the rights of its clients in the court of law, approaching each case with empathy and a personable attitude. Its services can notably cover police brutality, injuries suffered in the workplace, or personal injuries. Furthermore, each member of its team demonstrates a similarly enviable thorough knowledge of legalese and court workings, forming a staff that is ready to defend a client to the highest of industry standards. In tandem with efficacy, its services are also exemplary when it comes to speed and cost effectiveness. It encourages a client to explore its services and reach out to discuss how it might best be of help. The ‘Leading Expert in Corporate Litigation’ for 2021, The Tucker Moore Group, is a USA based legal services company with a penchant for unmatched service standards. Between its rigorously developed strategic footprint and its dedication to outstanding work, it has made itself a titan of the American judicial sector. Issue 4 2021 39 First and foremost, the Tucker Moore Group is a company made up of individuals. Each of the people who work for it share common values and provide high level services, but each is valued as their own person. Every staff member brings their own unique set of specialties and proficiencies to the table, and thus each handles a case differently. It also extends this level of inter-personal understanding out to its clients; each person who comes to it with a case is impressed by its diligence in representing them accurately. When it comes to tailoring legal services thusly, the Tucker Moore Group understands the importance of the people involved, knowing that an attorney and client who click on an empathic level can be what makes a case work. This is all part of its dedication to the best possible quality. It will strive throughout its time with a client for promptness, fairness, efficiency, and the just disposition of litigation and disputes. The Tucker Moore Group will employ all means within the law that it can to protect and enforce legitimate interests, fighting its clients’ corner with rigorous attention to detail. In this way, it reassures its clients that it will never act out of self-interest. Instead, its perseverance, competence, and efficacy has won it even the most difficult of cases. It is this attitude that forms the heart of its business and secures its reputation for unmatched service in the communities it represents. In tandem with this, these efforts have seen it be recognized by a multitude of prestigious accreditation boards: it has been named a ‘Super Lawyers’ business and is in the top 100 of National Trial Lawyers and National Black Lawyers. As it faces the rest of 2021, it will be continuing its industry-leading services, and striving for the betterment of its sector in the macro. Company: Tucker Moore Group Contact: Charles Tucker, Jr. Website: