Issue 4 2021

Professionals in Compliance All industries require licenses. Hospitality, retail, transportation, healthcare, chain service providers and so many more use licenses to assure compliance and competence as a business. For businesses in the US, there is the additional challenge of keeping up with the many different license requirements of each state, county and city, that are regulated by more than 72,000 government agencies throughout the country. Licensing is a complex and changeable industry, and one that many entrepreneurs and businessowners find to be a challenging concept to stay up to date with. PermitPros seeks to be the solution. The 200 Proof Solution for any business within any industry, PermitPros utilizes decades of experience in licensing, retail and franchising to deliver comprehensive valued business licensing services. Designed to help businessowners and their teams maintain compliance, avoid fines, and be confident in running their business in accordance with all regulations, Permit Pros boasts unrivalled knowledge and skill in licensing across industries in the many cities and states of the US. PermitPros LMS (License Management System) was created as a state-of-the-art modern management system that fulfils a multitude of licensing services, principally for executives who need access to instant insights into licensing departments, and for licensing professionals looking to manage their work with ease and productivity. From applications, renewals, acquisitions and transfers of licenses to license brokerage, corporate ownership, and budgetary analysis, the LMS uses insights garnered from experts in compliance and IT to deliver solutions tailored to the licensing needs of PermitPros clients. Offered as a subscription service, the LMS cloud-based software enables whole teams to access PermitPros features, while benefiting from the secure storage and data management that is integrated into the platform. Users can see real time and instant insights on the unique PermitPros Dashboard without needing to run a report, enabling them to view expirations, fees, professional certifications and more and proactively manage renewals and other key elements of business licensing on one handy platform. With the support of PermitPros’ comprehensive LMS, businesses are able to boost productivity and stay compliant, avoiding fines and penalties so that they can focus on the bigger picture of growing their organization. Best Cloud-Based Business License Management Solution – 2021 PermitPros License Management System is a full-service digital solution for businesses of all sizes across all industries, designed to support them in meeting licensing requirements. As a single source of expertise and insight across the regulations that vary city to city, state to state, and industry to industry, PermitPros is a trusted partner to businesses across the US. We take a closer look at its innovative platform dedicated to ensuring compliance. Issue 4 2021 43 Feb21157 legislation and health-related licensing. As a leader of its industry, PermitPros has built strong relationships with government agencies, enabling the team to gain the necessary insights to simplify the licensing processes of its clients. Moreover, at Ninth Street Bridge Development Inc., a division of Permit Pros that was co-founded by Ravi and Manohar Theruru, innovation is driving the continuous improvement of LMS’ software and reporting functions. With further changes expected in licensing and regulations brought about by changes in work habits, PermitPros is relying on its vast network of independent consultants like Ravi and Manohar to keep building its innovative resource for its growing clientele. As such, PermitPros has exciting plans for 2021, including the introduction of tracking of lease agreements and contracts that are currently due for beta testing later this year. These additions to the LMS’s capabilities will complement its licensing functions, while also completing the business overview of the system’s most important actionable items. We look forward to seeing how PermitPros continues to evolve over what is set to be an interesting, energetic year in the licensing sector of all industries across the US. Contact: Mark Edwards Company: PermitPROS, LLC Web Address: As a leader of its industry, PermitPros has built strong relationships with government agencies, enabling the team to gain the necessary insights to simplify the licensing processes of its clients. The outbreak of Covid-19 hit many industries hard, like hospitality, which was among those that felt the most devastating impacts. PermitPros is on hand to support its clients within this and other industries as they prepare for business in a post-Coronavirus landscape, which will undoubtedly see the implementation and modification of