Issue 4 2021

Open Communication And Innovation Organisations of all types and sizes are negatively impacted by damage or downtime caused by environmental issues. Over 30% of downtime for most SMBs comes from damage caused by leaking pipes, power outages, failed air conditioners and more. Launched in 1988, AVTECH Software helps monitor computer networks and facilities to warn staff of environmental issues that could potentially cause downtime to a company, such as temperature, humidity, power, flood, smoke, motion and more. The firm’s innovative Room Alert product monitors, sensors, and software form a comprehensive suite of products to help any organisation prevent environmental-related downtime. Room Alert is currently used in 187 of 196 countries by organisations ranging from thousands of small businesses to one of the world’s largest retailers, with more than 80% of the Fortune 1000, the United Nations, every branch of the US military, and many state and local governments employing this solution. “Our unique selling point is our longevity,” explains the firm’s President, Richard Grundy. “With over 30 years in business, we’ve seen every situation that could cause problems and downtime for a customer, we are able to offer a specific solution that is customised to their exact situation.” Most new customers will approach AVTECH after they’ve already experienced a problem and have potentially already lost thousands of dollars in revenue and productivity. However, Richard has started to notice more new customers over the last few years taking a proactive approach and adding Room Alert to their business continuity plans before they have a problem. “We like to look at environment monitoring and Room Alert like computer and network security; there was once a time when businesses really didn’t think about firewalls, antivirus software, and network intrusion. Now, a new organisation wouldn’t even consider opening their doors without comprehensive data and network security in place. Environment monitoring is headed in the same direction.” The company’s success is not all down to simply having a great product offering – it’s also about the dedicated and committed team behind the scenes and Richard is quick to sing the praises of his staff. “Our team is essential to Room Alert’s growth over recent years,” he exclaims. “We believe in fostering open communication and innovation, while never becoming complacent with our place in the environment monitoring industry. We encourage our team to bring their ideas to the table and work with other departments to develop new products and concepts, and this has always been the case since the inception of the company.” It is thanks to the efforts of this passionate team that AVTECH survived the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a major impact Feb21155 on the company, as it did with nearly every other organisation worldwide. He tells us more about weathering this storm. “Thanks to the efforts of our teams, we have been able to remain productive while working remotely using collaboration tools to keep us all in touch with each other. Not only have operations run smoothly, we have also been able to introduce new products to the market ahead of schedule while remote. We are very proud of our team for making the best of the current situation and remaining productive while also remaining safe and healthy. It is a testament to the hard work of everyone on the AVTECH team.” Regarding the future, Richard and the AVTECH team have plans for further growth. Having introduced the new Room Alert PRO line of monitors in 2020, which were an immediate success, the firm plans to have regular updates that introduce even more new and useful features for customers who use it for local software- based Room Alert management, alerting, reporting and more. While the pandemic caused many companies to pull back on their marketing and sales outside of their own region, AVTECH has experienced incredible international growth that has led Richard and the team to look even further into how it can support its customers and authorised resellers across the world. “Our team looks forward to a safe and successful year ahead for our customers and are proud that our Room Alert products play such an important role in protecting their organisations and facilities. “We see 2021 as a turning point in how organisations think about business continuity and resilience and expect Room Alert to play an important role protecting organisations worldwide against environment-related damage and downtime.” Company: AVTECH Software, Inc Contact: Richard Grundy Website: