Issue 4 2021

Feb21144 Safe and Secure Businesses are always looking for new ways of being secure, in order to protect property, product and staff. When it comes to finding the best methods of maintaining high standards, Dacha SSI stand above the rest of the crowd. We take a closer look at their impressive record, and dig a little deeper to see what draws such an astonishing array of businesses into their orbit. Issue 4 2021 45 Put simply, security is a matter of controlling who and where a person can go within a premises. In the 21st Century, this has become an essential service, not only for the protection of the people on site, but to ensure that the valuable data that is stored by businesses cannot be accessed without permission. The security of these locations is something that the team at Dacha take very seriously, and the service that they provide reflects this. From the initial on-site visit through to the ongoing maintenance of a product, the team are committed to ensuring that their customers have peace of mind that their property is safe. No two businesses are the same, so the team offer a wealth of security options that are uniquely suited to often unique situations. The team can provide Small Standalone systems through to Small Distributed Systems controlled from a single point through to large Enterprise Systems. With such experience behind them, it’s little wonder that the team has achieved such remarkable success. While the team are responsible for the installation and maintenance of some of the most secure sites in the UK, they are determined not to rest on their laurels. New and emerging threats in the security game have forced services to innovate in order to deliver a service that satisfies the needs of customers. Much of the work that the Dacha team undertakes is in taking these innovations and finding ways of applying them to the ways in which their customers operate. This means that customers who use the services proposed by the Dacha team are some of the best in the business. They include car park management, which assigns spaces to staff and visitors, locker management so that staff and visitors can have their own secure spaces to keep items or share as part of a group, and visitor management which ensures that full compliance can be kept with site rules, even before a visitor comes onto the premises. Dacha doesn’t just act as a security service; the team collect the data that businesses need to be proactive in how they make themselves secure. This proactive approach applies to the team’s innovative AI-based CCTV system, which protects and helps businesses through Smart Presence™ and a dynamic video view. This only brings relevant video to the operator’s attention while alerting them of threats before events occur. AI opens the doors to a more sophisticated security that can search for objects, events, and similarity by image. This makes it easier to find evidence with fewer resources. Of course, one of the most valuable attributes at the heart of Dacha is its specialism in intruder detection. This can be integrated into the other systems that Dacha provides, creating a comprehensive security structure for a client’s premises. Each system is bespoke fitted to secure the building with monitoring facilities that can advise the keyholder of any activation or fault that occurs. When it comes to security, Dacha have the whole thing sewn up. It’s little surprise that they’ve achieved such success, with solutions that are ideally suited to the needs of their clients. Company: Dacha SSI Name: David Canty Email: [email protected]