Issue 4 2021

Oct20436 Superior Aviation Innovation Based on its four key values of integrity, discretion, safety and elegance, Constellation Aviation have been providing travel internationally since its inception. To start, Captain Webb provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “Based in Dubai, Constellation Aviation operate a modern and long-range fleet of privately-owned aircrafts. Working with private individuals, business executives and senior government officials worldwide, we aim to offer a completely discreet and tailored experience with an assurance of safety and reliability. With inflight connectivity and levels of comfort often exceeding our customers’ expectations, we are considered the experts in tailoring flights to the personal requirements of a customer.” It is hard to argue against the excellence that Constellation Aviation displays on a daily basis. Captain Webb continues, saying “With aircraft management being the easiest way for aircraft owners to reduce operational costs, we partner with our clients to enable them to make an informed choice based on operational and budgetary requirements. Long-term solutions are designed for our clients to ensure of a mutually beneficial relationship based on the customer identified parameters. No two management customers will ever have the same requirements or expectations. In this capacity we act as a consultant, guiding where necessary and advising on the most effective solution.” There are a multitude of other areas in which the firm specialises, and each one benefits the work of Constellation Aviation in some way. Expanding a roster of vehicles or ensuring that every client has what they want for their flight experience, this firm does it all. “Aside from private charters and aircraft management, we specialise in aircraft maintenance and consultancy. As managing the engineering and maintenance of an aircraft can be extremely complicated and needlessly expensive, we provide the highest levels of aircraft maintenance through our own team of highly qualified engineers and trusted third parties. Constellation is not only able to negotiate preferential rates for maintenance through our own facilities or with the relevant providers, but we are also able to offer further benefits to owners through our pool of engineers, thereby allowing an aircraft to be budgeted optimally. On the consultancy side, our goal throughout the process is to provide advice even if this is to our detriment. Such an attitude builds confidence and trust, and this is of intrinsic importance in our industry. Naturally then, we believe in providing objective, independent consultancy in aircraft selection, negotiation, finance, insurance, operation, charter and sale.” Founded in 2011, Constellation Aviation provide a private jet charter service to its clients across the UAE. Following its brilliant business success in the Small Business Awards 2020, the firm has won the titles of Best Private Air Charter Company – UAE & Award for Excellence in Aircraft Management 2020 we got in touch with CEO Captain Elliott Webb to find out more. Issue 4 2021 57 Finally, Captain Webb discusses the firm’s future prospects as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Moving forward, we are keen to use this award as a platform for future success. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the last 12 months has certainly been a challenging period for the travel industry so we hope business will return to normal sooner rather than later”. Company: Constellation Aviation Contact: Captain Elliott Webb Email: [email protected] Web: Address: Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Prime Tower Offices, 1109 & 1110, P.O. Box 643696, Dubai, UAE No two management customers will ever have the same requirements or expectations. In this capacity we act as a consultant, guiding where necessary and advising on the most effective solution.” Constellation Aviation may be in direct competition with several private air charter companies across the UAE. However, as Captain Webb goes on to explain, its industry experience and knowledge has enabled the firm to stand out from the crowd. “By utilising the skills and experience our team have developed under previous operators, we have been able to provide bespoke travel solutions and business aircraft services to today’s time-pressed traveller”.