Issue 4 2021

Alphaletz wins ‘Best Global Cloud-Based Property Management Platform – 2021’ Corporate Vision are delighted to award Alphaletz with this prestigious award by helping Landlords save up to 50% of their time by using the new Alphaletz app Being a landlord can be very rewarding or very demoralising, depending on how you run your investment properties. It’s easy for landlords to find themselves bogged down with lots of mundane tasks, or worried about compliance and non-payment of rents. The majority of landlords try to solve this problem by using an agent or tracking everything in a spreadsheets and other home-made systems. The founder of Alphaletz, Richard Jackson, had exactly this problem and was finding it more and more difficult to manage his portfolio as the tax rules changed, compliance rules changed, and costs went up. With a background in technology and having looked for a software solution for a number of years without success, Jackson embarked on creating a completely new way of working using all the latest and available technology such as cloud technology and a mobile app. After reviewing a number of new solutions on the market, Corporate Vision have decided to recognise Alphaletz with the award for the ‘Best Global Cloud-Based Property Management Platform of 2021’, based on extremely positive reviews and testimonials, excellent range of features and very comprehensive roadmap which we feel aligns extremely well to what landlords everywhere are looking for. We take a closer look below at this innovator of the rental market and outline why we awarded Alphaletz with this prestigious award. Alphaletz is a cloud-based and mobile application for landlords that reduces costs, streamlines reporting for tax returns and compliance, and automates processes to reduce stress and enhance profitability for landlords everywhere. With the market currently in a vicious cycle of housing shortages and financial restraints, many landlords have been selling up, only compounding the limited availability for tenants leading to ever increasing rents. Alphaletz helps landlords stay in the market and address these issues by providing a purpose-built system that continues to innovate and add features. Landlords are no longer faced with managing a myriad of home-made systems that are often out of sync, not always backed up and have no mobile access. With their purpose-built solution created for landlords, the system will save landlords huge amounts of time, help them stay compliant and alert them to important tasks and reminders such as safety certificates, end of tenancies and when insurance renewals are due. Users reported particularly liking the opening dashboard that keeps landlords in control with all the important information as they log in, and Smart Reporting and document storage that makes tax time a breeze, Alphaletz is helping landlords transform property nightmares into profitable investments which are more reasons that we felt Alphaletz were very worthy winners of this award. “My biggest issue has been managing information as I store things across spreadsheets, email, and google drive. It can be really difficult to quickly find answers, so using a landlord app where everything is in one place is proving really helpful. It’s great to be able to quickly check any missed rental payments or if there are any certificates to renew.” Says Naresh Harwani, a property investor with 6 HMO’s and 3 single let properties. The roadmap for the app’s development is largely determined by the feedback of customers and accordingly, Alphaletz relies heavily on speaking to landlords wherever possible. As a cloud-based software product, Alphaletz is able to implement the updates recommended by users extremely quickly, meaning customers get the immediate benefit within their monthly subscription plan without the need to manually update. The integrated technology of Alphaletz has only increased in value in the midst of the global pandemic, which has seen businesses across all industries realise the sudden need to move online. Company: Contact: Richard Jackson Website: Jan21035