Issue 4 2021

Building Businesses for the Future The 21st Century has brought new challenges to the table, with businesses needing to find ways to adapt to the way in which modern enterprise operates. Moving forward is not easy, but the Smart Culture team know how to embrace its potential. In the Small Business Awards 2020, the team were named Most Innovative Corporate Transformation Consultancy – Spain. We dug a little deeper to see just how they did it. Every aspect of how a business functions has been changed by the constantly evolving nature of the 21st Century, but many businesses are not prepared for the challenges that are yet to come. This is not surprising, as most are doing their best to ensure that they can keep operating smoothly today, but a little foresight can make an enormous impact on the success of a company. Smart Culture offers to take the strain when it comes to developing new ways of working. The team as partners with both organizations and leaders to align the various parts of a business into a coherent whole. For many, the work ecosystem can become stale and difficult to manoeuvre, but the work that Smart Culture undertakes ensures that any business can embrace a more flexible environment. At the heart of any organization are the aspects of strategy, culture and people. Smart Culture takes the time to understand the needs of all three before making its suggestions. This ensures that any and all changes that are proposed move the structure of a firm towards high and sustainable performance from all stakeholders. Only through a process of carefully considered evaluation is it possible to make a real difference that will stand the test of time. As mentioned above, Smart Culture does not come in with suggestions to hand. Instead, the team champion a model of co-creation that is oriented towards the transfer of knowledge. This transfer goes in all directions, drawing on the workforce, on management and on the impressive experience that Smart Culture has built up over the years. Through a defined partnership, the team provide long-term value as well as a learning experience that will direct a company to the next level. Tackling the needs of tomorrow means being able to find solutions that meet a client’s capacity for change. When the team comes on board, they challenge an organization to evolve to improve its competitiveness. The first step is always to perform a rigorous check on what work is being done and how it can be changed to improve efficiency. No business is perfect, but working with Smart Culture opens the door to designing the ideal culture to deliver on strategy more effectively. From this exploration of how the business works, Smart Culture is ideally equipped to alter the style of leadership to suit the needs of a modern enterprise. In a VUCA environment where speed and exponentiality are present, it’s vital that a company’s leadership is collaborative throughout. A common goal is not enough to ensure success, as all businesses must lead by example. Only by working in this way can a business hope to generate a level of commitment that permeates throughout the company. From this approach which seeks to change how leaders operate, the team can then focus in on the performance of the board of directors. It’s not just enough to have a team at the top who wants change, it’s essential to build a group of people who are able to implement it effectively. This can be done through carefully considering the composition of the team in terms of diversity, experience, relational skills and alignment with the company’s strategy and values. For some businesses, this does not happen, which leads to stagnant leadership and a stagnant business. Sep20580 Issue 4 2021 9 Working down through the business, therefore, Smart Culture can begin to focus on building up an organization that can act as the engine of a company’s strategy. Finding talent who are capable of working well within an organization is not always easy, and the team promote simple, yet high-impact models that ensure this occurs. By embracing the potential talent within a business and directing it towards the new goal of the company, it’s possible to achieve remarkable results in short order. The benefit of this approach can be seen in the results that the business is able to mark. Having tackled the matter of leadership and direction, Smart Culture explores what the Employee Experience 4.0 looks like. When people are looking for a place to work, they are looking for a business that meets the needs of the modern day in the same way that customers are. Employee Experience 4.0 is about creating an environment where instead of problems arising and being tackled after they occur, issues can be dealt with when they arise. The goal is a workplace that is engaged and proactive, able to push forward bold new ideas that guarantee the growth of a company. In short, the model is one that positivity and productivity, to increase the bond of your collaborators and their results The team at Smart Culture is made of some of the best professionals in the business, drawing on a range of multidisciplinary backgrounds. This ensures that no matter what industry your organization is in, the team can provide the right advice to see it thrive now and into the future. It’s not enough for the team to offer this expertise however, and so they take advantage of internationally recognized tools of high statistical validity and proven effectiveness. Any project that is undertaken carries with it an objective approach that guarantees success as far as possible. Various different methodologies and techniques are drawn together to design an innovative solution that is tailormade to adapt a unique situation. No two businesses are the same, and no two businesses face the same challenges. Understanding the need for something that is bespoke at every level has proven vital to the team’s success. It’s easy to see why so many people turn to Smart Culture for advice, with their approach being one which empowers businesses to grow as opposed to pointing out where the areas in which they fail. By taking on this valuable partner, organizations take on a team who is ideally equipped to make a real difference. It’s vital that businesses of every size are equipped to face the challenges that the 21st Century will bring, and that is exactly what Smart Culture brings to the table. Company: Smart Culture Contact: Susana Gomez