Issue 4 2023

The company ensures that its employees have the training necessary, together with undertaking operation follow ups, as well as staying up to date with new developments, to provide clients with the best services and solutions. IPGS’ approach has meant that it has recently been awarded with Best Risk Management & Asset Protection Company – Brussels. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that IPGS does and what continues to drive its success year after year. It views its clients more as a partnership than just clients, given that they are working towards the same outcome. This is to ensure that their belongings, establishments, and/or people are well taken care off. IPGS goes above and beyond for its partners, therefore it also has available a range of services that they can also benefit from. These include – telephonist, receptionist, home agent, hostess, valet parking, parking boy service, and administrative assistants. We look forward to seeing what the future has instore for the company as it is aiming to expand its workspace in 2023. Contact: Laurent Burvenich Company: Ipgsgroup Website: Mar23049 Best Risk Management & Asset Protection Company - Brussels IPGS is a caretaking company in Brussels that works in the private security sector, providing services and technological solutions to its clients. The team has many years of experience in the field of security guarding, which enables IPGS to deliver high quality services every time. We take a closer look to find out more. IPGS covers the following areas within the private security sector – store vigil, security patrol, control patrol, post-alarm intervention, physical access control, and security guard dog handler. It protects both property and people against theft, damage, fraud, and more. The team at IPGS are experts in the field and are trained specially to handle any possible situation that they may encounter while on the job. The employees are trained to provide security services at any establishment type, this means that IPGS adapts to its clients’ needs no matter what they may be. There is a huge benefit on having security within a store, home, event, or more, as it provides those in the building with peace of mind as they know that no matter what happens they are safe. For example, in case of an event or simply in a store, the team can provide its clients with security in all exists of the building to ensure that any damage is reduced, and safety is increased. In terms of alarm systems, IPGS technology comes with a 24/7 dispatching service – which means that as soon as an alarm is activated, a member of the team will turn up at the site to assess the situation. This is set up to ensure that its clients belongings are safe. The sooner the response the less damage is able to be caused which is exactly what its team is there for. Once at the site, security is able to quickly intervene and if deemed necessary contact authorities and rescue services.