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Issue 4 2023 Welcome to the April issue of Corporate Vision Magazine Spring is well and truly here, and for some of us, it’s meaning a lot of rain showers. Despite the rain and grey skies, it remains the season of brightly coloured blooms and birds singing in the trees. Gloomy days come and go, but like the flowers need the rain to thrive, struggles and challenges faced by businesses can come as a learning curve and allow them to become better than before. DHgate Group: Selling Online Made Simple Featuring:

Welcome to the April issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. Spring is well and truly here, and for some of us, it’s meaning a lot of rain showers. Despite the rain and grey skies, it remains the season of brightly coloured blooms and birds singing in the trees. Gloomy days come and go, but like the flowers need the rain to thrive, struggles and challenges faced by businesses can come as a learning curve and allow them to become better than before. Resilient and devoted to their causes, these teams keep going and making the best of each situation. Then, when the rain passes and they feel the warmth of the sun, they know their efforts and hard work were all worth it. With spring comes a new lease for life, along with a new sense of optimism and motivation to overcome any hurdle and reap the rewards. These are the businesses we pride in celebrating. Our award-winning businesses are dedicated to innovation, growth, and providing only the best products and services to their customers – no matter what. In this issue, we showcase businesses operating in finance, recruitment, training, ecommerce, advertising, and software development, their expert teams knowing exactly what it takes to go far, even in the rainiest of Aprils. I hope you are having a lovely spring, even if it’s raining where you are, and that you are flourishing. Until next time! Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Alejandra Garcia, Writer | Isabella Mifsud, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Issue 4 2023 3 Contents 4. News 6. Capitalflow: Making Finance Simple and Putting People First 7. Boardsi: Expert Connections at your Fingertips 8. United Earth Contractors: Best Commercial Development & Landfill Restoration Company - British Columbia 10. ARCHway Learning Solutions: Embrace Change Towards Success 12. DHGATE Group: Selling Online Made Simple 13. Knowledge Hub Media: Best Data Processing & Technology Platform 2023 – USA 14. Vet Seekers: Best Veterinary Recruitment Agency 2023 - UK 15. Advanced Commerce: The Gold Standard for Merchandising 16. Ipgsgroup: Best Risk Management & Asset Protection Company - Brussels 18. disguise: disguise Helps Brands Extend Their Reality for New Audiences 20. Marvelution: For the Love of Coding

4 The Digital Scaffolding Supporting Successful Universities We’re all aware that many organisations had to make drastic changes to ensure they could still function effectively during COVID-19. Universities were no exception to this change, embracing online learning and making substantial changes to behind the scenes systems. As the education sector continues to embrace technological advancements, universities across the UK are taking steps to improve their overall operational efficiency, and this has a natural focus on digital implementation. A study carried out in 2019 found that compared to the banking sector, universities spent 31% less of their annual budget on technology. However due to the demands to upgrade outdated systems more quickly than expected thanks to COVID-19, by the end of 2021 the Edtech industry is estimated to be worth £3.4 billion. As higher education institutions work towards embracing digital transformation at an organisational level, challenges can arise as it is important that a system suits the unique needs of the individual institution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultants, Pragmatiq, are among the leaders in designing and deploying bespoke business solutions, and recently supported the University of Buckingham in optimising their technological capabilities to better serve their students. Previously, the University of Buckingham operated on a disparate Excel-based system which presented challenges to staff; A lack of mobile capabilities, limitations with reporting, and a strain on recruitment teams due to time-consuming processes. The University recognised it was time to upgrade their digital infrastructure to better support employees, students, and stakeholders. Pragmatiq’s Technical Director, Jamie Evans explains, “By optimising their digital infrastructure, universities can improve their access to key information, increase admission and retention rates, minimise errors, and provide a greater overall service.” By embracing technological advancements and working with Pragmatiq, the University of Buckingham saw a whole host of benefits to every aspect of their organisation. These benefits included improved access to data, a better student onboarding experience, enhanced communication, improved reporting, and a platform with the capabilities for future growth. These changes allow the University to operate with a streamlined approach as they adapt to a cloudbased, centralised solution. Speaking about Pragmatiq’s support, The University of Buckingham said, “Right from the start, Pragmatiq were extremely helpful and worked with us to design and develop a bespoke solution that suited our requirements.” “Throughout the process, the team were responsive, engaging and worked hard to understand our organisation and unique processes. I was particularly impressed by the team’s expertise and professionalism, and we now have a solution that supports various departments within the University and enhances the overall student experience.” As universities across the UK continue to adapt to the ever-evolving digital age, Pragmatiq is well-positioned to help them navigate these changes. By providing innovative tech solutions and expert support, they are helping to ensure that universities can provide the best possible experience for their students.

Issue 4 2023 5 News Leading IT provider launches new business to help reduce costs and downtime for SME’s Leading IT provider The Group has launched a new division to help SME’s to cut costs and downtime on their IT. Uptime Allies, which is a subsidiary company of The Group is a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) business will help SME’s reduce IT costs and improve service levels throughout the region and beyond. Uptime Allies, which was launched in March 2023 offers several self-serve packages for internet, email and webhosting, as well as leased lines, telephone and voice over internet (VOIP) services. In addition to off-the-shelf packages, Uptime Allies also offers business bundles tailored to micro-companies, small offices and co-working spaces, retail and hospitality. The company is also helping businesses prepare for the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch-off. The PSTN switchoff will shut down the traditional analogue telephone network that has been in use for decades. The switch-off is being carried out by telecommunication companies as they migrate their voice communication services to digital technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP) and mobile networks or internet- based communication platforms like Skype or WhatsApp. Uptime Allies, which was set up by The Group directors Karl Mitchell and James Creese has direct relationships with end suppliers (carriers) rather than acting as a reseller or middle man. Operations Director Karl said: “We set up Uptime Allies because we were being approached by a lot of companies for help with their business connectivity and telecommunications. They required accessible and reliable services, without the additional costs of managed support and long contract tie-ins. More often than not, companies don’t know they are buying repackaged services through a third party, so if something goes wrong, they find themselves three or four times removed from the company providing the service. We are hoping we will save our customers time, money and frustration with the new service and it’s a quickly scalable proposition for us.” The Group has launched the service to complement its existing managed IT services division, IT

other as well as clients. As a result, the company’s culture is largely based on passion for the work it does and putting the client first, striving to provide straightforward communication and speedy final decisions. Capitalflow has worked hard to build its upstanding reputation. The company is proud of the fact that it is known as an easy organisation to deal with. Putting people first, Capitalflow makes decisions based on more than just balance sheets, instead also considering the potential of the client’s business and the people behind it. This makes its services particularly unique and personalised. Furthermore, when a decision is made, Capitalflow aims to deliver funding efficiently. It does not want clients to wait any longer than necessary to pursue their business goals, so it works hard to ensure funding goes directly to clients as quickly as possible. Capitalflow’s dedication to supporting its clients through thick and thin is what makes the company stand out from its competitors. As a result of its people-focused approach, helping businesses across Ireland access the funding they need to grow, Capitalflow has won Best Digital Business Lending Company, Republic of Ireland, in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2023. Having recently surpassed the €1 billion milestone, the company’s ambitious team now strives to double this target. Continuously evolving and developing new products for customers, Capitalflow aims to lend its next €1 billion over the next two to three years. Contact: Jane Wall Company: Capitalflow Web Address: Feb23276 Making Finance Simple and Putting People First Behind every business there is an ambitious individual seeking the support they need to achieve their goals. Capitalflow, Ireland’s fastest growing specialist business lender, delivers funding directly to these individuals in a timely manner, helping them overcome financial barriers and access the necessary tools to kickstart their growth. The company believes in making finance simple, supporting business owners with a team of expert staff. Utilising a convenient digital platform, Capitalflow operates nationwide to offer business loans with flexible finance options to companies planning for growth and expansion. Its platform can be used to apply for a loan digitally, obtain an instant quote, and discuss your options with a dedicated support team. The company is currently a leader in providing financial solutions across multiple areas, particularly asset and equipment finance, commercial property finance, and invoice finance. Typically, Capitalflow’s customers are businesspeople such as SMEs, sole traders, property investors, partners, brokers, and suppliers, who work within industries including construction, agriculture, services, retail, dental, transport, audio-visual technology, and medicine. In 2021, Capitalflow was acquired by bunq, a Dutch bank with a panEuropean banking license. This acquisition has allowed the company to increase its loan capabilities to over €1 billion, positioning Capitalflow as a key lender in the Irish market. In a climate where inflation is skyrocketing, businesses need funding now more than ever to achieve their ambitions. As many other banks leave the Irish market, Capitalflow continues to support its customers through these challenging times. In fact, in 2022, the company helped more new customers than ever, which led to a growth of 60% in new business lending. Capitalflow has increased its team by over 50% in the past 24 months to accommodate this substantial growth. Its team is comprised of highly experienced experts that are well-equipped to support customers and respond quickly to lending requests. Capitalflow hires individuals who are customer-focused, authentic, and energised by relationship building in the workplace, creating an environment where staff support each Best Digital Business Lending Company 2023 - Republic of Ireland

Issue 4 2023 7 Feb23138 Founded in 2017, Boardsi is a modern recruitment company that aims to revolutionise the way in which companies and executives connect, facilitating business growth and career progression. The company’s platform enables businesses to build their board of directors and advisors by connecting them with executives who meet their specific requirements. Thanks to its innovative platform, Boardsi is proud to have won Best Modern Recruitment Company 2023, USA, in the Corporate Excellence Awards. In times of crisis, it is important for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to have a cohesive board of diverse minds at their fingertips. While they are often well-equipped with the experience and expertise they need to run their businesses, CEOs cannot be experts in everything. When things go wrong, it may be beneficial for them to turn to a board member with relevant experience for help and advice. Boardsi’s platform assists businesses in their pursuit to build a board with the right collection of skills and experience to get their company through these times of crisis. Designed to be both detailed and easy to use, Boardsi allows executives to explore paid Board of Directors and Board of Advisors opportunities. Combining AI matching technology with human connection, the platform creates ideal matches that benefit both companies and executives, providing users with a seamless networking experience. Dedicated to helping executives further their careers, Boardsi increases its network daily, opening doors to some of the highest paying board positions in the world. Through this, executives can build meaningful relationships with other professionals and access board roles that they may not have discovered otherwise. Boardsi helps shape candidates’ profiles, checking in frequently to ensure they are up to date, which increases the likelihood that they will be seen in the right places. Always looking to improve itself through innovation, Boardsi prides itself on its ability to create new tools and apply new technologies to its platform. The company is constantly developing new and efficient strategies to help businesses form connections with executives who fulfil their exact requirements. New executives and companies are introduced to the platform every day, meaning it is continuously evolving and changing as Boardsi works to meet the needs of its clients. Marketing its platform to both businesses and consumers, growth is both challenging and rewarding for Boardsi. The company has found it to be a trial-and-error situation, utilising a number of platforms to determine the best ways in which it can reach both companies and executives. Boardsi regularly posts on its social media, marketing to executives who are looking to serve on a board. The company also uses social media to identify and reach out to businesses that might benefit from using its platform to fill roles. Boardsi owes its success to its incredible team of staff, who work hard every day to expand the platform’s network and provide excellent customer service to clients. The company has 5 offices in California and Nevada and hires many employees who work remotely. To ensure its team are always working to the best of their ability, Boardsi looks after its staff by encouraging them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The company understands the importance of communication, making sure to connect with staff daily by phone, zoom, and other platforms, as well as bringing the team together in person every year. Moving forwards, Boardsi aims to continue to grow at a healthy rate without sacrificing the strong customer service it offers. Since many businesses who use the platform are willing to hire remote executives, Boardsi is able to connect people from across the globe. To build on this, Boardsi aims to grow internationally into Europe, India, and Africa. This will allow companies to recruit the best possible person from a larger selection of candidates, while enabling executives to gain exposure to boards across the world which they may have never found on their own. Utilising advanced technology and well-designed tools, Boardsi has created a platform which streamlines the process of hiring expert executives, making it easier and much more efficient. As a result of this outstanding service, the company has won Best Modern Recruitment Company 2023, USA, in the Corporate Excellence Awards. Contact: Lisa Williams Company: Boardsi Web Address: Expert Connections at your Fingertips

Initially established as United Contractors Ltd. in 1945, United Earth Contractors has evolved drastically over the 77 years since it began work. Comprised of several family generations, United Earth Contractors aims to keep its business tight-knit and dependable, with skillsets being passed down from generation to generation. As a result, the quality of its work has not once faltered, and the tricks of the trade have been efficiently taught to its successors throughout its impressive lifespan. This constant understanding of what true quality means is what’s helped United Earth Contractors utterly thrive throughout the decades, and has contributed to the award-winning prestige that it holds today. Its dedication towards each job it’s tasked with is unparalleled, and the team of experts will ensure each approach is meticulous and inlaid with a quality higher than what any other contractor within British Columbia has to offer. Regardless of the job, United Earth Contractors will ensure it’s completed with the utmost care, and can guarantee the longevity of each project with absolute certainty. Each project its undertaken acts as a testament to this assured quality of work. From its 92nd St Rail Road Crossing completion in April 2015, to its ongoing commercial development on Ecowaste Richmond Landfill, United Earth Contractors has proven again and again that its reliability is completely irrefutable. Its team has become adept in a multitude of skillsets, each providing clients with an opportunity to utilise its services to suit any of their commercial development needs. However, not only is United Earth Contractors able to carry out professional work to a standard that’s beyond admirable, but it also provides the equipment to companies looking to rent. With experience in supplying various equipment and labour to a multitude of jobs, United Earth Contractors has acted time and time again as a handy service that’s invaluable to anyone seeking out an efficient contractor. Equipment is frequently maintained, and services are always being improved, all so United Earth Contractors can do its absolute best for each and every client. Every project is taken seriously, and not once has United Earth Contractors allowed its quality to dip or waver. It’s wholly committed to developing itself alongside the changes in its industry – from constantly adapting its skillsets, to discovering eco-friendly alternatives to better alleviate the impact that its industry has on the environment. United Earth Contractors keeps itself aware of each fluctuation to ensure it never falls behind, and can remain on top as one of the best contractors in British Columbia. Best Commercial Development & Landfill Restoration Company - British Columbia When approaching the development of crucial sites and plots throughout the country, finding a reliable contractor to tackle the project with passion and flair is a luxury not offered by many companies. However, thanks to United Earth Contractors, operating mostly in Canada’s lower mainland, key projects will never again be subjected to the threat of poor-quality work. United Earth Contractors is dedicated to upholding a standard that’s yet to be bested within its area, leading to its reputation as a contractor that lives up to its award-winning status. Additionally, regardless of the conditions, United Earth Contractors strives to always fulfil its contracts with its clients. Whether faced with blazing sun or a snowstorm, United Earth Contractors will never let anything stand between the team and their determination to complete each and every project they undertake. It repeatedly ensures that, no matter the work, the time or year, or the difficulties that it may face, every client exits the process both satisfied and proud of the work that’s been produced for them. And, with a mindset of getting the job done, no matter what, United Earth Contractors has delivered on each of its promises to provide a result that’s both impressive and reliable. It places its clients first, and is willing to sacrifice whatever it must to ensure that your needs are met throughout the process. If they need to change parts of their methods to better suit your project, the team will do so without expressing any hardships whatsoever. So long as it’s able to excel your project to perfection, United Earth Contractors will do whatever it takes, all with a smile and an inspiring can-do attitude. Rated highly by previous clients for its quality and professionalism, United Earth Contractors has cemented its place within the industry as a contractor that will never back down from a challenge. In fact, the tougher the request, the more eager the team will be to tackle it. No matter the scale of your project, you can be sure that, through working with United Earth Contractors, you’ll be receiving a fivestar service that is second to none within British Columbia. The relationships within the company are air-tight, and this manifests itself in a work ethic that is simply unbeatable. Contact: Dave Kleszewski Company: United Earth Contractors Web Address: Comprised of several family generations, United Earth Contractors aims to keep its business tight-knit and dependable, with skillsets being passed down from generation to generation.

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As the brain develops, the way we learn best changes and we must adapt to such to optimise the learning that takes place. This is why ARCHway specialises in adult learning and incorporates research-based methods to provide companies with the tools needed to improve and excel in what they do. ARCHway presents its clients with customised training such as leadership training, corporate training, and employee training. It integrates video production and interactive coursework to create a learning experience that inspires and uplifts the learner. The type of courses it offers are engaging e-courses and blended learning, unique live workshops and webinars, on demand video content, streamlined onboarding and orientation, curated learning management systems, and comprehensive learning strategies. These are available either as eLearning, instructor led training or both depending on the desired learning outcome, the amount of content, and the learners’ access to it. Both approaches have been proven to provide the best results for understanding, knowledge retention, and application. At all levels, employees are able to either drive a company towards success or failure, investing in their growth is directly reflected in the company’s performance. Therefore, ARCHway changes how companies engage with their employees on their career growth. It focuses on the learners’ experience and meeting their needs first, which creates a strong foundation for knowledge, organisational trust, and people centred results. This can have a huge impact on the employees’ longterm success and commitment to the organisation. ARCHway’s President, Amber Carlson-Hays, says, “The learning experiences that ARCHway Learning Solutions creates are customized to uplift the culture of an organization and, in the process, review how solid the culture is for that company and its teams. With expertise in organizational development, leadership, and adult learning, ARCHway is far more than a typical design firm. We are a team dedicated to developing engaging, impactful, and meaningful learning that measurably impacts the company’s success.” The customised training that ARCHway develops is able to support the growth of its clients but to do so it must understand their needs and requirements. Therefore, it begins by analysing reason why it is seeking training, the company’s goals, the audience, performance impact, and the resources that will need to be included in the course. The information gathered will then create a blueprint to help clarify the content, brand specific requirements, interactive experiences, and visual/auditory elements before going ahead with the design. Once the client approves the design, the team at ARCHway follow the blueprint to develop the course’s content. They use the learning principle of reducing on screen text to focus on visuals, stories, examples, and interactions. When finished, it is reviewed to ensure that there is technical accuracy, the content is accessible and easily understood by the target audience, and that spelling, grammar, and style continuity are correct. Then, Stakeholders and a small group of the target audience come together to provide feedback on the content so any changes can be made before the wider target audience start the course. An evaluation is completed on the learner satisfaction, behavioural changes, and the impact on performance. It can also Embrace Change Towards Success ARCHway learning solutions provides training programs to companies looking to elevate their team and company. It offers a variety of research-based methods that feature – co-active coaching, motivation, decision-making, behaviour change psychology, and creative self-expression. include survey-based audience reactions, knowledge tests, behaviour change checks, business results, and ROI. The approach to learning that it has adapted and crafted for its clients has shown to be a success within the industry. ARCHway has seen a rise in demand with more companies seeking its support and alongside that, it has recently been awarded with Best Adult Learning Specialists 2023 – USA. ARCHway is made up of professionals who love learning and are constantly assessing and measuring the best way to do things in order to grow and improve. This is what drives its success. It embraces change and incorporates it into its practices to provide its clients with effective learning solutions, so they can succeed too. ARCHway’s testimonials reflect the hard work it puts into the delivery of its services. For example, one shares, “Working with Archway Learning Solutions proved to be a great business decision through and through. Amber Carlson-Hays and her team were able to take my vision of having an interactive employee orientation program and make it a reality. Her team is professional and easy to work with. What could have been a stressful project wasn’t because of their patience, expertise, and dedication to making sure I was satisfied with the end product. We are thrilled with our program and the results it is producing. I highly recommend Archway Learning Solutions to anyone that is considering working with them!” Contact: Amber Carlson-Hays Company: ARCHway Learning Solutions Web Address: This is why ARCHway specialises in adult learning and incorporates research-based methods to provide companies with the tools needed to improve and excel in what they do. ARCHway presents its clients with customised training such as leadership training, corporate training, and employee training. It integrates video production and interactive coursework to create a learning experience that inspires and uplifts the learner.

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Feb23479 DHGATE Group: Selling Online Made Simple Founded in 2004, DHGATE Group aims to accelerate digitalisation to empower micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), women owned businesses, and society as a whole. The company has launched two digital platforms, including DHgate, one of the leading B2B cross-border e-commerce platforms in China, and MyyShop, a pioneering cross-border social commerce platform. Dedicated to connect MSMEs from every corner of the world with high-quality products, the company is proud to have won Best E-commerce Platform 2023, China, in the Corporate Excellence Awards. As a leading B2B e-commerce platform for goods made in China, DHgate helps businesses access high-quality products at the best price from every corner of the world, hosting over 30 million items in a wide range of categories. By the end of 2022, DHgate had served more than 59.6 million registered buyers from 225 countries and regions by connecting them with over 2.54 million Chinese sellers. The platform has seen significant growth in the last year due to trending products, emerging markets, and new users. In 2020, DHGATE launched MyyShop, a social commerce platform which allows effortless selling on social media. The platform provides content creators AI-powered tailored product recommendations that their audiences will find irresistible. Through this, DHGATE allows creators to sell with confidence, backed by a reliable world-leading supply chain and secure in the knowledge that their products are in demand. Recently, MyyShop made its debut, showcasing its cutting-edge services, at the SXSW Creative Industries Expo, a gathering of entrepreneurs, innovators, and disruptors in industries such as technology and entertainment. In the coming year, DHGATE Group plans to continue to focus on the creator economy and upgrade its supply chain based on the needs of content creators. The company’s goal for 2023 is to support 1,000 high-quality merchants and connect them with 1 million content creators globally. Moving forwards, the company plans to accelerate its expansion into the US by opening 100 showrooms within three years to connect with overseas buyers, partners, and content creators, making its services more accessible. In February 2023, DHGATE launched the first of these in Los Angeles, which attracted many social media content creators with millions of followers. To further aid in its penetration of the US domestic market, DHGATE has launched a local partner distribution system, utilising its network of connections in adjacent industries and regions. These connections will provide a one-stop service for the sourcing and assembly of goods, technical support, logistics, warehousing, supply chain finance, and other areas. Through this, the company helps the platform’s sellers achieve their goals. At DHGATE Group, policies have been put in place that aim to create an equal work environment for male and female employees, creating an inclusive and empowering internal culture. Women have access to fair opportunities and enjoy the same rights and benefits as men in recruitment, promotion, and other areas. Additionally, women at DHGATE Group receive at least 128 days of fully paid maternity leave, baby care rooms for new mothers, and other necessary benefits. The company strives to increase women’s participation in technological, innovation-driven sectors, and to give female employees the voice they deserve in the workplace. As a result of the outstanding platforms it has created, connecting the dots across different organisations, coordinating efforts and maximising resources, DHGATE Group has won Best E-commerce Platform 2023, China, in the Corporate Excellence Awards. With big plans for the future, there is no doubt that both DHgate and MyyShop will continue to grow and penetrate new markets across the world. Contact: Harry Wang Company: DHGATE Group Web Address:

Issue 4 2023 13 Feb23633 Best Data Processing & Technology Platform 2023 – USA Knowledge Hub Media is a key player in the B2B advertising space, with core competencies in innovative advertising technology. Here’s a look at the work of this advanced company, and its President and CEO Paul Guenther, as it wins a title from Corporate Vision. Founded in 2009, Knowledge Hub Media began life as IT Knowledge Hub. Ever since its inception it has been a prominent player in the B2B advertising environment, with key skills in demand generation and content syndication. The company generates leads via assets such as white papers, webinars, and case studies. Its clients consist mainly of software and technology industry players, or advertising/media agencies working on their behalf. Most Knowledge Hub Media clients are promoting technology platforms and software solutions. Paul Guenther is President and CEO of the company. He has spoken with us to discuss the outset of his entrepreneurial journey, which for him started at Penn State University in 2002. He began here by determining he wanted to go to law school, and so decided to major in crime, law and justice. After graduating in Spring 2006, this is indeed what he did. Balancing his law school attendance with a part-time night school programme and also socialising with friends. This combination inevitably led to a lack of focus, and Paul feels he was not in all honesty ready to take on such challenges at the time. In retrospect, this may have actually been a blessing in disguise however, as it led to Paul’s decision to go back to study in 2008. This time around he did an MBA concentrated on marketing management at Wilmington University. During his course, Paul also began working on the project that was to eventually become Knowledge Hub Media. Once his MBA was completed, he turned his focus to the company fulltime. He worked tirelessly throughout most nights to get things off the ground covering everything from sales to marketing, accounting, and website development. Paul was very much a one-man-band in the early days, but he was thrilled to be able to take on his first employees over the next couple of years. By 2020, the business was up and running, and Paul had also achieved a doctorate in business administration. He has some sage advice about the most important qualities a business leader must possess. “Believe in yourself. Whether you think you can or think you can’t… Either way you’re going to end up being right about it. Always learn from your mistakes – and never repeat them. Don’t ever make the same mistake twice. Live in the now. When you think about it, the present is the only tense you can actually control. The past has already happened… And the future is basically just a goal… A projection for what you want to happen down the line. The present is actually happening right now.” Paul believes in business everything is about ownership and accountability. If things ever go poorly you must understand and admit your mistakes. Apologise and make sure moving forward things are changed. Conversely, when things go right it is important to give credit to the people who deserve it. Remember one person can’t do it all. It takes a confluence of amazing people with beautiful personalities to build and maintain a strong company. The company has great strengths in analytics, having seriously engaged in big data for a long time. It uses its Intent Datacloud to measure consumption of B2B across multiple channels. This tool can help enhance its customers experiences, something integral to the company. Knowledge Media Hub always puts its customers at the heart of what it’s doing, as they are the most important thing. Offering a great customer experience is its primary goal. Knowledge Hub Media have achieved many accolades over the years. It has made the Inc. 5000 list three years in a row and been honoured as an Entrepreneur 360 company in Entrepreneur Magazine. It has also been named as one of the most innovative advertising technology companies of 2020-2021 at the InterCon awards. Knowledge Hub Media is now able to add to its award-winning roster its latest award as Best Data Processing & Technology Platform 2023 – USA. It certainly is a company who, together with its CEO, is building robust influence and success right across the board. Company: Knowledge Hub Media Contact: Paul Guenther Web Address:

Feb23669 Best Veterinary Recruitment Agency 2023 - UK Established in 2016, North Yorkshire based Vet Seekers is a multi-award-winning veterinary recruitment business. It works with veterinary professionals throughout the UK to deliver the highest standards of service. Vet Seekers offers complete recruitment solutions for veterinary locums and permanent staff across the UK. It is a proud member of the Recruitment Employment Confederation (the REC) and is fully compliant with GDPR. It provides RTW (right to work) checks as standard, along with digital ID checks on all candidate applications. Vet Seekers can supply vets and vet nurses to work as permanent staff members or locums. It handles end to end recruitment from identifying suitable candidates through to job offer and post placement reviews. It is set up to pay locums directly each week through its PAYE Umbrella services. The company has an admirable ethos and culture it refers to as its Vet Seekers DNA. This encompasses core values such as always being virtuous – meaning it always adheres to best practice and works with respect towards its clients, candidates, and its own team members. It wants to provide a positive experience for all involved. Its next value is success – meaning the company’s success is to assist with the success of its clients. Vet Seekers is dedicated to building long lasting and mutually advantageous relationships with its partner businesses. Vet Seekers is also dynamic – it invests in its people and industry to continuously improve and evolve processes. It never stops looking forward. The next principle Vet Seekers values is no nonsense. By this, it means what you see is what you get. It values transparency through all stages of the hiring process, with no hidden costs or clauses. Finally, the company identifies one of its values as above and beyond. With over 25 years’ combined experience recruiting specifically for the veterinary sector, it knows how important it is to go the extra mile. This means it is always striving to have a positive impact on its industry. Vet Seekers is undergoing a huge stage of growth. It has taken on new team members and ensured its staff are trained (or training towards) REC Diploma level. This means its clients can be assured of high-quality service from goal-orientated, ambitious, resilient individuals with great personalities and fantastic work ethics. Vet Seekers is passionate about the veterinary industry, and proud of its excellent reputation as a provider of staff services. Its consultants have extensive knowledge of the sector and work hard to ensure they understand the business needs of their clients. It provides an outstanding recruitment service to individuals and companies. The company has recently launched itself on Trustpilot. This allows both clients and candidates to share their experiences of working with Vet Seekers. This kind of transparency is fully in keeping with the company’s ethos. A new, proactive direction the company is heading is to begin recruiting candidates from overseas. It realised there are clients with sponsorship opportunities here in the UK who could benefit from the right foreign staff. Conversely, Vet Seekers also has ambitious plans to launch an international division focused on veterinary staff seeking work abroad. It noticed the market trend for individuals to move away from the UK in search of a better quality of life and a higher earning potential. Vet Seekers is also a huge charity supporter. As a business it takes its responsibility to the environment seriously both in and out of the office. That is why it has partnered with treenation to fight against deforestation and climate change. It has committed to plant trees for every permanent and locum veterinary superstar they find, as well as for every referral received. The company also supports street paws, WWF and cancer research. Vet Seekers is the winner of a whole host of awards. It has won Best Specialist Veterinary Recruitment Company two years running, as well as several Veterinary Recruitment Agency of the Year awards. Its latest prestigious award is for Best Veterinary Recruitment Agency 2023 – UK. It is little wonder the company is held in such high esteem by its workers, staff and clients. It truly does go from strength to strength. Contact: David Maclellan Company: Vet Seekers Web Address: “We are focused on helping veterinary professionals across the globe find their dream career, and with our extensive 25+ years industry knowledge, honesty, and transparency, you can be rest assured that we will go above and beyond to cater for your wants and needs!”

Issue 4 2023 15 Contact: Andre Brown Company: Advanced Commerce Web Address: Feb23680 The Gold Standard for Merchandising Over the past decade, technology has advanced at rates that are beyond anything we have ever seen. As a result, there’s an oversaturation of online shopping that can leave some businesses feeling completely smothered by larger-scale companies. If you find that you need a bit of a boost to your business to make yourself seen through the floods of online merchandising, then partnering alongside the Most Advanced Merchandising Platform 2023, Advanced Commerce, will act as an award-winning solution to any of your online merchandising difficulties. Since its inception, Advanced Commerce has been tirelessly working towards one primary goal – to draw in revenue for its clients by expertly optimising their online merchandising. Advanced Commerce recognises how imperative merchandising is to the success of any business, and therefore provides an efficient service that is able to integrate with any platform, all so you can guarantee an increase in sales with little to no effort involved. Advanced Commerce makes marketing your products easy, and has been proven time and time again to boost sales through the implementation of its ingenious GrapheneHC system. Formed from the keen awareness of how to outperform competitors in almost every aspect, all to garner impressive results for each and every client, GrapheneHC has already established itself as a platform that’s able to effortlessly increase the reach of your business. Through eliminating null results via its intelligent search engine, GrapheneHC is capable not only of reducing your bounce rate, but protecting the shopping experience for each customer too. As a result, your business will be able to attract far more attention, without having to concern itself with any of the tricky bits. Advanced Commerce has every intention of bringing in more customers for its clients, without you having to sacrifice any additional resources to improve traction. Not only does GrapheneHC encourage an effective protection for your customers, but with its personalisation tools, it’s also able to enhance each customer’s experience. Each visitor to your site will be met with excellent performance and an experience that’s completely custom to them, all without you having to lift a finger. GrapheneHC does all of the work for you, all so you can reap the rewards whist focusing wholly on your customers. Advanced Commerce dedicates itself to your requirements, and will stop at nothing to make your merchandising as effective and efficient as it needs to be. Even if it’s lending a hand to slightly reduce your load, Advanced Commerce will happily accompany you and bring in the best results possible. Advanced Commerce understands you. It recognises how crucial it is for a business to not only succeed, but to completely thrive. And it’s keenly aware that customer experience through professional merchandising can contribute hugely, if not wholly, to how your company progresses. Therefore, it’s spared no expense to provide systems that can effortlessly integrate merchandising effects into each and every platform. Optimising your business is at the core of Advanced Commerce’s tools and systems, so you can guarantee each utilisation of its brilliant technology will draw in outcomes that’re bound to satisfy you. Whether your business is struggling against the competition, or needs a gentle guide towards improving beyond anything you may have anticipated, Advanced Commerce has every resource available to help your company truly flourish. Regardless of your merchandising need, Advance Commerce can eliminate all of the complications and make your experience as smooth and streamlined as your clients’ online shopping experiences. With its award-winning status and passionate team, there isn’t much Advanced Commerce can’t do for you and your company. Step into the golden age of online merchandising with the Most Advanced Merchandising Platform 2023.

The company ensures that its employees have the training necessary, together with undertaking operation follow ups, as well as staying up to date with new developments, to provide clients with the best services and solutions. IPGS’ approach has meant that it has recently been awarded with Best Risk Management & Asset Protection Company – Brussels. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that IPGS does and what continues to drive its success year after year. It views its clients more as a partnership than just clients, given that they are working towards the same outcome. This is to ensure that their belongings, establishments, and/or people are well taken care off. IPGS goes above and beyond for its partners, therefore it also has available a range of services that they can also benefit from. These include – telephonist, receptionist, home agent, hostess, valet parking, parking boy service, and administrative assistants. We look forward to seeing what the future has instore for the company as it is aiming to expand its workspace in 2023. Contact: Laurent Burvenich Company: Ipgsgroup Website: Mar23049 Best Risk Management & Asset Protection Company - Brussels IPGS is a caretaking company in Brussels that works in the private security sector, providing services and technological solutions to its clients. The team has many years of experience in the field of security guarding, which enables IPGS to deliver high quality services every time. We take a closer look to find out more. IPGS covers the following areas within the private security sector – store vigil, security patrol, control patrol, post-alarm intervention, physical access control, and security guard dog handler. It protects both property and people against theft, damage, fraud, and more. The team at IPGS are experts in the field and are trained specially to handle any possible situation that they may encounter while on the job. The employees are trained to provide security services at any establishment type, this means that IPGS adapts to its clients’ needs no matter what they may be. There is a huge benefit on having security within a store, home, event, or more, as it provides those in the building with peace of mind as they know that no matter what happens they are safe. For example, in case of an event or simply in a store, the team can provide its clients with security in all exists of the building to ensure that any damage is reduced, and safety is increased. In terms of alarm systems, IPGS technology comes with a 24/7 dispatching service – which means that as soon as an alarm is activated, a member of the team will turn up at the site to assess the situation. This is set up to ensure that its clients belongings are safe. The sooner the response the less damage is able to be caused which is exactly what its team is there for. Once at the site, security is able to quickly intervene and if deemed necessary contact authorities and rescue services.

Issue 4 2023 17 Mar23116 The more we progress towards a technologically prominent society, there’s always a concern among businesses that their revenue management may not be up to snuff. With so many changes occurring so rapidly, trying to keep up can be beyond daunting. Everyone needs a little assistance from time to time, and nobody is more willing to extend a hand to help you manage your revenue than Revenue AI. With its inspired AI software, you’ll have an award-winning companion available 24/7 to assist you with all of your revenue management needs. In the current decade, businesses as a whole have so much to juggle. On top of having to adapt to new online trends every single day, you have to manage your incomes, as well as deploy new business strategies on a constant basis. As a result, it can leave any person of any skillset overwhelmed with the task of having to match the pace of their swiftly evolving industries. Revenue AI understands better than most that, in order to stay competitive in your industry, you have to act within a strong network. However, with the steep increase of retailers, manufacturers and competing businesses across the cyberspace, it has become increasingly tricky for most businesses truly thrive and produce the results they’re wanting. It’s not impossible, but Revenue AI is on-hand to offer a solution that can make life that little bit easier. With its brilliant AI software, Revenue AI completely eliminates the difficulty of trying to manage your revenue by yourself. It acts as a companion that’s present whenever the situation relies on it, and it’s able to not only calculate where your business could improve, but will alert you of any changes on a frequent basis. This incredibly intuitive software is able to analyse your business, from its core mechanics to its priorities, and can recommend the best courses of action via its augmented decision-making capabilities. Thanks to its fantastic programming prowess, Revenue AI has created a go-to approach for any of your revenue management difficulties. Its AI software has a range of features, including portfolio architecture, where it can track how consumers view your brand, and identifies opportunities to fill spaces in your industry’s market to appeal to more and more customers. In addition, it allows you to effortlessly learn what your clients want, and how to personalise offers and promotions to suit their needs. This way, you’ll be able to build firm relationships with your consumers, and compile a loyal clientele who will trust you to know exactly what they’re looking for. Revenue AI’s software has everything you need to make the entire process of online revenue management as streamlined as possible. Revenue AI has mastered what it means to make revenue management easy for any business. Through its fantastic understanding of the developments facing almost each business in almost every industry, it’s been able to concoct a universal assistant software that has your needs and company in mind. Regardless of whether you need constant updates to keep consumers engaged with your business, or require a little extra assistance in understanding how your business could change to match recent evolutions in online marketing, Revenue AI’s fantastic software has everything you could ask for. As a result, revenue management just got much more intuitive. With Revenue AI’s software, you can relieve yourself of some of the pressures that partner your revenue management processes, and allow an AI that can replicate years of training to help grow your business. The world is changing, and technology is becoming far more advanced. But, with Revenue AI’s award-winning software, you can effortlessly take your place at the forefront of the digital age. Contact: Duygu Kargin Company: Revenue AI Web Address: Best Revenue Management Software 2022 On top of having to adapt to new online trends every single day, you have to manage your incomes, as well as deploy new business strategies on a constant basis. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter: