Issue 5 2022

Issue 5 2022 21 Mar22790 Empowering Professionals To Prevent Human Error: The New Frontier of Cybersecurity Having made itself ‘2022’s Leading Cybersecurity Software Training Provider’, Cydrill continues its trajectory to success by cultivating proactive cybersecurity further. By inspiring the professionals within the industry to code responsibly with security in mind, Cydrill remarkably reduces business risk and increases defence capabilities for all organisations developing software, regardless of their line of business. -Cydrill offers a blended learning journey to its clients by combining instructor-led training with e-learning, providing a front-running secure coding, and cybersecurity educational service. First and foremost, it works hard to ensure that its clients’ teams are up to speed with the latest software security trends and best practices to avoid and fix the mistakes before they evolve into business risks. Upskilling engineers in secure coding, it implements a cutting-edge educational technology that leverages security readiness of all IT professionals, ensuring an operation with organic security in mind. By ‘making secure coding second nature’ to its audience, Cydrill significantly improves cybersecurity on the macro scale, as professionals will create applications that are prepared for all kinds of attacks. Nominally, these efforts allow its trainees to learn how to root out the causes of cyber incidents line-by-line in the source code and stop them in their regular tracks before they would cause trouble. Increasing the trust that organisations can have in their coders and programmers, this approach works to reduce the human error that so often leads to cyber incidents. At the same time ensuring that business leaders can have full trust in the security of their products and services in the process of digitization. Slowly but surely a more secure world is built line-by-line into the code of specific software. As secure coding literacy becomes part of the skillset, code-hygiene improves fundamentally. Cydrill’s continuous learning plan and regular drills in the form of hands-on labs allow secure coding habits to become mental muscle memory, improving performance and allowing both independent technology vendors and large corporates alike to grow without fear. With a novel learning environment that meshes seamlessly with development tools that engineers already use in their everyday work, it views software security as a collective effort. Encouraging teamwork, gamification, instantly actionable plans and more, this Budapest-based company has built a team of exemplary minds in engineering and cybersecurity, each of whom cares deeply about the healthy furtherment of the industry. In addition, the pandemic has pushed software security to yet further prominence as more companies than ever before have had to turn to remote work. Working remotely naturally means moving certain sensitive elements of the business to an online space, and these areas require just as much protection as they did when they could be safeguarded by locks and keys. With on-site or virtual instructorled training and the self-paced e-learning journeys – where software professionals can study at their own leisure – its position in the wide world of online teaching is only becoming more emphasized as it continues to reduce the risk of human error. Company: Cydrill Contact: Laszlo Drajko Website: