Issue 5 2022

Achievement in Customer Satisfaction in 2022, Torre and her team show no sign of slowing down. On the rise, Torre and her team has set the web development trail ablaze for future generations and continues to surprise clients with their forward-thinking, full-on fiery attitude, and high intellect. Hooked On Code is different from the rest for many reasons. By being female owned and run, off-the-walls and weird with enviable approach, obsessed with efficiency, and much more, Hooked On Code captivates all that it touches. Torre Capistran ensures the fine work of Hooked On Code continues this upward trajectory and she promises that Hooked On Code will do the same for your business with its 100% happiness guarantee. We are proud to present Hooked On Code the award of Most Outstanding Woman-Owned Web Design Agency – 2022 – long may it continue offering its unparalleled work to the world. Contact: Torre Capistran Company: Hooked On Code, LLC Web Address: Mar22703 Most Outstanding Woman-OwnedWeb Design Agency 2022 The web design agency model shouldn’t be complex but, ultimately, some businesses can lose us in complicated and uninspiring jargon. Not only does this dishearten us but it affects our businesses in a detrimental way. As we trapse through a variety of companies that don’t exactly get it, we can be sure to eventually stumble upon gold. We’re taking a closer look at Hooked On Code as it wins the respected accolade of Most Outstanding Woman-Owned Web Design Agency – 2022. When searching for a web design agency that we can trust, it is of utmost importance that we find something clear-cut, innovative, and without any hidden agendas. Here’s where we find Hooked On Code. With its power to reduce and even irradicate any confusion, Hooked On Code takes our hands and guides us to an elevated state of being. The peace of mind we feel truly makes a difference as we kick back and let Hooked On Code take the lead with style, pazazz, and fierce attitude. As a simplicity-focused web development agency, Hooked On Code tirelessly paves the way for businesses and organizations to reap the benefits on a large scale. The tools that it uses allow flexibility for the present time and years to come. By building websites that not only work but create incredible traction for its clients, Hooked On Code has made a name for itself with revolutionary views, vibes, and expert nature. Working as a B2B web design agency can be tricky but not for Hooked On Code – nothing gets lost in translation and everything moves swiftly for an efficient, sustainable, and memorable experience. Specializing in creating and redesigning websites, Hooked On Code uses its modern tools to freshen and transform sites all over the world. This kind of service has won Hooked On Code a five-star customer satisfaction status since 2014. Hooked On Code has positioned itself in the market as a leading force that rolls with the punches and cuts through the noise of your everyday web design agencies. By keeping it simple, delightful, and progressive, Hooked On Code creates a world where anything is possible. Its down-to-earth, empowered, and passionate Owner, Torre Capistran, has headed Hooked On Code since its beginning and she has taken it to new heights time and time again. Torre formed Hooked On Code based on four core values centered around simplicity, a growth mindset, and a waste-free, do what you say attitude. By compressing its core values to four points, Hooked On Code has concentrated and tightened its form so that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by a load of complex terminology or mixed messages. Torre has been recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Disruptive Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022’ as she ‘Smashes the Norms by Instilling Simplicity At the Core.’ Torre leads Hooked On Code in the right direction every single day and, with her brilliant drive, Hooked On Code has flourished. Whoever said web development was difficult has been silenced in the wake of this outstanding agency. Presented with a Gold Stevie® in the category of Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2021 American Business Awards® and a Silver Stevie® for the category of