Corporate Vision Issue 6

28 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 , Touchstone Associates is an award-winning coaching and consulting organisationworking across theUKandMiddle East.We profiled the consultancy and its Founder, JudithCashmore- James aswe look to explore the secrets behindher success. Creating Organisations to be Proud of Established in 2007, Touchstone Associates is an organisation brimming with experience and expertise. Judith and her team operate with a long-term mission of providing outstanding coaching services which support and inspires leaders to fully embrace and deliver transforming leadership. Judith’s passion for coaching and its powerful impact on individuals, their organisations and the communities they serve has led her to coach across the UK, the Middle East and Australia, driving leadership engagement and growth in everything she does. With an impressive background in senior leadership roles, Judith was witness to both the great and the occasional less than great impact of leadership, making it a lifetime’s mission to nurture and encourage the growth of outstanding leadership capability. Inspiring and nurturing others to grow is the bedrock of Touchstone’s passion for coaching. Operating throughout the coaching industry, the firm typically works with leaders in the public sector, third sector and SME’s. The aim for clients is to help leaders develop their business and allow staff to maximise their potential, whilst also gaining clarity around who they are as leaders and what is truly important to them. Essentially, the team can support and challenge the clients to chart their own path of leadership, developing a positive organisational culture as the businesses grow. Judith and her team encourage leaders to draw on their own coaching experience to nurture the next generation, and Touchstone believes that this is the key to sustainable growth. Touchstone works hard to provide in-house training to develop coaching and mentoring skills, as well as the provision of courses leading to internationally recognised and accredited qualifications in executive coaching. Providing all sorts of feedback for its clients, Touchstone can deliver excellent results for the leaders it works with. Importantly, the team see coaching as a powerful transforming agent for change in both business and the world. Overall, with the Touchstone team possessing a striking ability to deliver outstanding results to all its clients, there are many reasons why they choose to work with the firm. Throughout the sector, the organisation boasts an impressive track record in delivering outstanding coaching for clients, almost all of whom experience career growth and progression, meaning there is widespread optimism about what 1806CV03 the future holds for Touchstone Associates. Company: Touchstone Associates Ltd Contact: Judith Cashmore-James Address: First Floor, 6 Ferranti Court, Staffordshire Technology Park, Stafford, ST18 0LQ, UK Phone: 01785 613962 Website: