Corporate Vision Issue 6

62 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 , If youwant to see your savings grow, with a guaranteed profitability and an above-average rate, you’re at the right place at Banco BNI Europa . We profiled the teamas we look to gain an insight into its achievements and what attributes the teampossesses which have contributed to its success. A New Vision of Banking Launched in 2014, Banco BNI Europa is Portugal’s fastest growing digital-only Bank. BNI aims to challenge the traditional banking sector through strategic partnerships with fast-moving fintech businesses to launch new products, allowing the use of the most advanced technology in terms of risk analysis, consumer experience and rapid entry into the market. This strategic orientation allows the Bank to affirm itself as a “Challenger Bank”, based on the logic of open architecture and differentiation. This positioning also allows Banco BNI Europa to stand out as a benchmark in the new generation “Fintech” of European Banks and to continue with significant growth rates. Ultimately, with the team all working towards achieving the same mission, there is widespread optimism about what the future holds for the bank. Always looking to achieve the best result for the client, staff at Banco BNI Europa adhere to the bank’s values, providing clients with a competitive offer based on transparency and thoroughness. Company: BNI – Banco de Negócios Internacional (Europa) S.A. Address: Av, Eng. Duarte Pacheco, CC das Amoreiras Torre 1 – Piso 7, Lisbon 1070-101, Portugal Phone: 00351 309 307 781 Website: 1804CV50