Issue 6 2022

The DailyPay team lives and breathes these values every day, guided by them in all of their endeavours. The values are the company’s North Star, and with them, they can change the world, one payment at a time. These values mean that partners can trust DailyPay to continually innovate on behalf of every one of their customers, constantly driving to provide the best products, services, and user experience. These values are why DailyPay is, and continues to be, the most trusted partner and the recognised gold standard in the industry, selected by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies that offer an on-demand pay solution. Recently, DailyPay announced the creation of the DailyPay Marketplace which, for the first time, enables an opportunity for banks, fintechs, and all types of financial service providers to participate in the on-demand pay movement. By partnering with DailyPay via the Marketplace, partners will gain access to its proprietary on-demand pay capabilities at the intersection of payroll and banking. This includes PAY, DailyPay’s flagship product that gives employees access to earned pay prior to payday, and the entire suite of DailyPay capabilities. Banks and financial institutions can participate in the DailyPay Marketplace either in their own environment or by becoming part of the DailyPay ecosystem. Company: DailyPay Website: Apr22292 On-Demand Pay You Can Trust Based in New York, DailyPay is the innovator of a technology platform which empowers users to take control of their finances and no longer rely on financially crippling options such as payday loans and overdraft fees. The company’s success with the platform has earned it the award of Most Innovative End-to-End HCM Finance Platform – 2022 in this issue of Corporate Vision. For far too long, payday loans and overdraft fees have been a financial plague on underserved communities. DailyPay is disrupting those predatory industries with its ground-breaking products that allow workers to access their earned pay before an arbitrary payday so bills can be paid on time. DailyPay is a voluntary benefit that allows employees to control the timing of when they receive their earned and unpaid income. This benefit enables employees to harness the power of their pay to meet unexpected expenses, pay bills on time, and save money before payday. It also strengthens the employee-employer bond through a unique pay experience which leads to increased employee engagement and retention, with minimal effort and at no cost to the employer. Proprietary, direct integration with employer payroll, time and attendance, accounting and other systems allow employers to verify employment and wages earned for employees using timely employer information, so that only people working and earning wages are able to access verified on-demand earned pay. Being America’s leading on-demand pay provider, DailyPay prides itself on partnerships with organisations across a range of industries including retail, call centres, supermarkets, hospitality, home health aides, nurses, non-medical hospital staff, and many other private sector frontline workers. Among these are some of the country’s largest employers, such as Target, Hilton, McDonald’s, Kroger, and more. DailyPay wouldn’t be what it is today without its high-performing, collaborative, and ambitious team, who work together to carry out the company mission of creating meaningful change for partners and their employees. Its team are innovators, bold thinkers, and agile movers. They are constantly changing the way things are done, looking for better ways to give partners’ employees access to their money and the opportunities it creates. The company itself is dedicated to supporting diversity, equity and inclusivity to create a culture of belonging for everyone. The change DailyPay works to create for its employees is deeply connected to its mission to support financial equity and inclusion for end users through its product. As it works to change pay for good, DailyPay keeps its core values at the forefront, shaping the team, what they do, and how they do it. These values are the cultural cornerstones that inform the company’s decision making processes, helping it to provide the best solutions for its partners and users. These values are ‘do your research’ (believing that knowledge is power and being lifelong learners), ‘start simple’ (not worrying about having all the answers – just getting started), ‘see the circle’ (acknowledging that each team member plays an integral role in the company’s success), ‘pull the wagon’ (everyone is willing and ready to do whatever it takes to move the company forward), ‘move the line’ (team members challenging themselves and pushing their own boundaries daily), ‘we win with diversity’ (valuing each other’s unique experiences and how they shape them, learning from all to build for all), and ‘act like an owner’ (moving forward with purpose and inventing the future). DailyPay is disrupting those predatory industries with its ground-breaking products that allow workers to access their earned pay before an arbitrary payday so bills can be paid on time.