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Issue 6 2022 DailyPay: On-Demand Pay You Can Trust Bsecure: Premium Mainframe Security

Welcome to the June issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. For insight into the developments of the digital world, Corporate Vision June is here to present you with a plethora of businesses that are changing our perception of the digital realm. From cryptocurrency to software, AI to financial services, and much more, this issue is happy to offer something you can read with the future of business in mind. The future of the corporate world is truly in our hands and, as we make all kinds of advancements, it is worth noting how far we have come – not just how much further we have to go. The digital improvements ensure a better future for consulting, marketing, security, investing, and more. It is through digital transformation that we head towards a more stable and sophisticated time ahead – for ourselves and generations to come. It is with excitement and pride that we present this selection of companies with these prestigious accolades. As they are change the corporate world, it is important to step back and admire them for what they have done, what they will do, and how they are gateways to brighter days. The team at Corporate Vision hope you have an inspiring and successful month ahead and we look forward to delivering the next issue to you soon. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Issue 6 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. OneFourZero: Fostering Collaboration in Business Consultancy 7. Gresham International: Pioneering Cryptocurrency 8. Southpoint Financial Services: A Much-Needed Leg Up 10. L7 Defense: Active Protection on APIs from the first Request 11. By Falengreen: Community Focused Haircare 13. PremierAgile Consulting Pvt Ltd: An Agile Transformation For Your Business 14. Bsecure: Premium Mainframe Security 16. DailyPay: On-Demand Pay You Can Trust 17. Megaphone: Australia’s Best Marketers 18. Business IT: Sustainable IT Solutions to Streamline Your Business 19. Vertex Group: The Group of Unstoppables: Trailblazing Digital Transformation 20. Kastle: Securing Security Success! 22. GhangorCloud: Gold Standard of Data Leak Prevention 24. Launch Entertainment Park: Be Part of Launch and Skyrocket to Success 25. ARYA BioMed: Innovative Portable Oxygen Concentrators 26. Winners’ Listings

4 IDS Builds a Digital Strategy For Spin-Out Success With BML Digital Business transformation specialist BML Digital, has announced today that it has been appointed to deliver comprehensive IT transition and digital business leadership to International Decorative Surfaces (IDS), the largest distributor of decorative surfaces in the UK. This follows the divestment of IDS by Saint-Gobain and the subsequent IDS management buy-out, supported by Chiltern Capital. IDS currently employs 500 people across 11 regional branches, 7 Makeover Centres and an online e-commerce platform, generating a turnover of approximately €120m. IDS supplies more than 12,000 products, making more than 2,000 daily deliveries via a fleet of over 100 vehicles, servicing 98% of UK postcodes within 48 hours. In a recent statement, John Bagshaw, managing director of IDS commented: “IDS has proved itself over two decades to be a strong business with an ambition for growth and we will be building on the support and infrastructure that being part of Saint Gobain has given us over twenty years. With my experienced management team, we look forward to a bright and dynamic future where we will take the business to the next level. It’s very much business as usual and we look forward to continuing our partnerships with our trusted customer and supplier base. We will build on our leading market position, as well as expanding our product offering, to drive faster growth.” Having executed a full Digital Maturity Assessment of IDS, BML Digital has established a practical technology strategy for how the divested business can operate and scale rapidly. BML Digital will manage the programme to transition smoothly all IT from Saint Gobain to a new independent IDS. BML Digital will also provide technology leadership throughout the divestment and first year of operation. As part of this transition, BML Digital will establish a new IT core infrastructure and management capability for IDS. Existing ERP applications will be migrated to the appropriate platforms to enhance integration with CRM and warehouse management solutions. This will be augmented by new, cloud-based finance and HR systems. “BML Digital has already proven its ability in working with the commercial complexities of divestments and management buy outs, and the management and improvement of our websites,” said Rob Bains, CFO for IDS. “The pragmatic approach that they offered began with an assessment of our digital maturity and a comprehensive roadmap for our transition. Beyond this, the digital leadership that they will provide for the first year of our independence, will help establish IDS as a digital leader in its field.” “This continues our work with a range of private equity firms and recently divested and acquired companies. We are working with IDS to not only set their technology strategy for future growth, but also ensure a smooth transition to a standalone business by supporting the board with digital transformation leadership.” said Ben Johnson, founder and CEO of BML Digital. “As spin-outs and divestments continue to increase, we expect to see greater demand for this specialised area of digital transformation.”

Issue 6 2022 5 News Alshaya Group Partners with Optimizely and to Drive Experimentation Across Their Online Channels Dubai, UAE; June 13, 2022: Alshaya Group, one of the world’s leading brand franchise operators; will use Optimizely’s experimentation platform to optimize their digital touchpoints and excel in providing a great customer experience. The experimentation project will be carried out in collaboration with, an Optimizely partner with specialist expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Eric Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer, Optimizely, said: “We are delighted to partner with the leading multinational retail franchise operator Alshaya Group just within a few months of opening our office in the Middle East. Optimizely’s experimentation platform will allow Alshaya Group to constantly test and experiment, to improve the various digital touchpoints where consumers engage with them. This will further improve their UX and increase personalisation throughout the customer life cycle.” He added: “A customer’s overall experience with a brand is crucial in their decision to make a purchase, therefore it is important to optimize every possible digital touchpoint so that each brings value to customers and guide them in their purchase journey. As more and more consumers in the region turn to online shopping, companies need to adopt a culture of experimentation to improve their digital touchpoints. This will ensure greater customer loyalty and retention.” Optimizely, the world’s leading experimentation platform, will provide Alshaya Group with the ability to conduct fast experimentation and give them a clear direction on how to deliver impactful customer experiences. Alshaya is a dynamic family-owned enterprise with a consistent record of growth and innovation. Over the past years, the company has accelerated their digital footprint doubling their e-commerce online portfolio to over 100 live experiences. Because of this expansion, the company is now focusing on leveraging AB testing and experimentation to continue innovating and increase engagement and conversion, and excel in digital experiences to delight its customers. According to Gala Blasco Marco, Head of Conversion Revenue Optimization, Alshaya Group, “To better serve our customers across every digital touchpoint, we have decided to collaborate with Optimizely and powering our experimentation programme. We look to them to assist us in our needs for personalisation, segmentation, and funnel optimisation. This programme is part of our broader initiative to embrace a culture of change and innovation. We are set to expand our testing capabilities and foster innovation to always be ahead of our customer needs. We decided on the Optimizely platform as they have a world-renowned experimentation technology that is proven to be efficient and accurate. They also have a local support team in the region now, which is also a strong point in their favour.” Alshaya will implement the Optimizely platform in its Fashion and Footwear business, Health and Beauty and Home Furniture. Speaking about the project, Stephen Pavlovich, Founder & Managing Director, said: “Alshaya Group is an important partner for us in this region because of their customer-centric approach which extends to their digital touchpoints as well. By working with Optimizely team and their experimentation platform, we will be able to assist Alshaya with customizations that will improve the customers’ shopping experience.”

Apr22017 Fostering Collaboration in Business Consultancy OneFourZero, the winner of 2022’s ‘Leading Digital Due Diligence Services Provider’ award, has made a name for itself by bringing a data-first approach to private equities. Working with diligence in commercial and strategic consulting, it makes itself an accessible and effective partner to its clients’ successes, working with empathy instead of aggression in order to keep collaboration at the core of its business. Thus, it enables its clients to make decisions with accuracy and an informed mindset, without the ludicrous costs often associated with ensuring these things. Global consultation firms are becoming more important than ever in today’s emerging epoch due to the increasing stressors of modern business. Thus, OneFourZero, a firm delivering M&A diligence reports, commercial performance monitoring, and value creation services is a firm stepping up to fill certain gaps in the market, taking its place amongst the international corporate community’s best consulting partners. Nominally, it truly does make itself an indispensable partner to its clients’ operations, serving investors and brands to provide specialist advice regarding tech-enabled and data diligence, making itself an industry leader in both. In this manner, its bespoke reports provide actionable insights into digital performance across the board for a client. This is enabled through rigorous analysis that considers all manner of individual factors in a holistic sense, allowing OneFourZero to deliver revolutionarily diligent services and digital transformation that will take a business to the next level. Additionally, OneFourZero provides value creation services to business in private equity and PE-backing on both the buy and sell sides of the table. Thus, it has created several highly flexible processes, able to adapt itself to suit a client’s needs and blend highvolume alternative data with traditional consulting to help analyse any potential investment. Thanks to years of aggressive investment, it now also boasts highly innovative technological solutions in data gathering and analysis. Having grown from 17 data sets in 2020 to over 1500 in 2021, it has made itself the only full-lifecycle firm that can deliver on data to answer every commercial question without offline methodologies. Furthermore, over the past 12 months, it has been investing heavily in its people – knowing full well that even the most impressive technological processes need exemplary people to manage them – and creating a well-staffed, knowledgeable, and diligent team as a result. Maintaining its core values of consultation and diligence, its staff and clients alike have their goals, objectives, challenges, and needs listened to in an empathic and sensitive manner. These are then acted on accordingly, allowing it to build an internal culture of trust and respect in its female-led, tech-enabled, DaaS hybrid firm; each being factors that have earned it notoriety in the international market. Lastly, with the pandemic having secured the emergence of the new digital epoch, OneFourZero is happy to say that it will be continuing to step up to the plate to be a supporting partner to its clients’ success. With a new office having opened in 2021 and many more opening soon in the EU and Asian Pacific, it is looking forward to continuing to push the limits of global data, improving the global corporate landscape as a result. Company: OneFourZero Contact: Fleur Hicks Website:

Issue 6 2022 7 Apr22035 Pioneering Cryptocurrency Gersham International is the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency law firm, focusing only on cryptocurrency and ‘aligned’ technologies such as NFTs, the Metaverse, and Play to Earn. Its team prides themselves on being ‘crypto lawyers, not lawyers that work in crypto’. As the firm wins Most Outstanding Crypto Lawyer 2022 – UK in this issue of Corporate Vision magazine, we speak to the company’s Managing Associate to learn more. Gersham International is different, it takes a modern approach to problem solving in what is a new industry – one of the reasons it has no hourly fees! Most start-ups can’t budget legal fees if they have no idea how much it will cost – the same is true of bigger firms that have large accounting issues. Gersham International’s team of professionals focus on the work at hand and don’t worry about business billing hours. This allows the associates to focus on their clients and for its clients to get in touch whenever they need. Gersham International works with three different types of clients. Firstly, those in the crypto industry, including mining firms, exchanges, media, marketing, and other crypto service companies. Secondly, those who are looking to conduct a crypto-based raise – companies looking to raise money through the sale of a token, NFT, or other type of crypto asset. Thirdly, the company’s governmental work sees it working with government and regulators all over the world. Managing Associate, Cal Evans is the pioneer of the company’s cryptocurrency work, and he is a UK and Dubai lawyer and US securities consultant with experience working in top law firms in both California and London. Speaking about his company, he said, “Our aim is to help them (clients) shape the crypto industry for the better. We’re very lucky that we are well-known in the crypto industry. To that extent, we often end up working with projects who are looking to be international or perhaps have struggled to find the right help in the past.” The crypto industry is full of new regulations, and it’s not just new, but it’s confusing. Cal explained to us, “Let’s take the UK, for example. The UK Government just issued its own NFTs with the announcement of hoping to make the UK a crypto innovation hub. The reality is that the FCA has spent the last two years dropping the ball on those who asked for a license, convincing most of those companies to leave the UK. It’s a complex area. “Then, there’s other lawyers – We often encounter other lawyers that don’t fully understand the crypto industry. To that end, challenges now are education, and I think future challenges will be much more complicated. Looking at a specific example, there are many larger law firms which approach us to do some of their work for them. The honest answer is that they just do not have the crypto skill within their team, and are now realising how important this market is. It’s comical to think how much they are billing their clients for what I would call ‘limited advice’.” Indeed, Gresham International is the market leader in this industry and Cal tells us about his expert team who are behind it all, “Our staff are rockstars! Truly. We actually keep our team very close to us. One of the things you may notice is that our team does not feature on our website, as they would get approached every day about different projects or new job opportunities. Of course, we want them to flourish, but we also want them focused on work. Much in line with our modern approach, working at our offices is voluntary. Most of our team elect to work from home – In a post-COVID world, that doesn’t seem as weird as it did in 2018. The biggest thing we look for is drive, an ability to work on your own. If someone has that, we can give them the rest of the skills they need to make it in a crypto law firm.” Cal and the team now have their sights set on the future, with 2022 shaping up to be the company’s biggest year yet. Cal shares, “It’s honestly exciting. We are now working with some massive firms within the industry and sharing our platform with some of the biggest companies. Our aim is to help those in the industry, and it feels like 2022 really is the year that is going to happen. One thing I am happy to share is our new strategic partnership with GIMA Gaming Group, a large gaming and investment group based in Dubai. We want to start helping PTE and blockchain games more over the next 24 months – We see this market as explosive!” Company: Gresham International Contact: Cal Evans Email: [email protected] Website:

A Much-Needed Leg Up Meet the company helping its clients reach that first rung on the property ladder. Having found its start as a business in 1997, Southpoint Financial Services has since surpassed its second decade and reached a running total of 16 states in which it currently operates in the process. With a true dedication to client satisfaction, a hard-working team, and an understanding of the importance of long term relationships between lenders and borrowers that so many of its competitors seem to forget, it has propelled itself into the spotlight of the mortgage lending industry, earning it the title of the ‘Best Full-Service Mortgage Lender’ in 2022 for Georgia. Being a full-service mortgage lender, Southpoint Financial Services works directly with its clients in order to provide the best solutions for all their financing needs when it comes to mortgage programs. Fundamentally, it recognises how difficult mortgages can be to try and get, and wishes to trim the fat from the process, helping its clients to achieve their dreams of home ownership without nearly as much hassle. Its wholesale division is a lender to many community banks and credit unions, as well as mortgage brokers, allowing it to become a cornerstone lender for many and to gain a resulting insight into every process therein with outstanding effectiveness. Licensed in 16 states and counting, its expansion throughout the East Coast has been rapid, impressive, and consistent. Moreover, it shows no signs of stopping; with the reputation it has gained from being able to help clients with an impressive track record for success in securing that perfect property, its emphasis on financial freedom and wealth through home ownership has made it a front-runner in its industry. Many of its buyers are first-time-buyers – a good proportion of whom are also the first in their family to purchase their own home – and Southpoint Financial Services has built an unblemished rapport with this segment of the market due to its focus on education and information. Its borrowers can expect a full rundown of the process from top to bottom. Firstly, it goes into the importance of buying a home in the first place, and the importance of securing one that’s within their financial reach so that should an emergency arise, they aren’t maxed out financially and can remain on top of things. In this way, it pertinently shows how it has no interest in anything other than total and complete transparency when it comes to working with its customers, ensuring that they fully understand the financial commitment they’re making and the mortgage they’re signing up for. This includes going over the responsibilities they have as a homeowner, the effects to their credit score if there is a delinquent mortgage payment, and the extra steps and time it spends with its borrowers to answer any questions, comments, or concerns they might have along the way. Nominally, it gets to know each person it works with on a personal level so that each person involves in a transaction with Southpoint Financial Services comes away feeling supported, confident, and satisfied with the investment they’re making, viewing every mortgage as so much more than just a transaction. Indeed, every mortgage is handing over the keys to someone’s dream home, and that is an incredibly sacred bond of trust. It, in essence, views it as having succeeded when its borrowers can easily afford the amount of loan it puts them in. Serving clients from all different walks of life, it takes pride in helping the first-time buyers with no prior experience and no familial help in the process of home purchase, showing them the truly comprehensive understanding of both the housing market and the mortgage and lending industries in easy-to-understand chunks. In this manner, it promises that it will never deliver its information by using jargon or unnecessarily complex terminology, instead rooting for its borrowers to succeed in their home ownership journey and start their journey up the property ladder, with Southpoint Financial Services having been the leg up that gets them on the first rung. Indeed, often, its clients will come back to it when they’re ready to move up that additional rung or two, having already built up that trust with it and its experts. They can rest assured knowing that they’ve made the best decision for their families, and that when they come back to refinance their mortgage or buy another property, they will be rewarded for having worked with Southpoint Financial Services to do the legwork. This trust makes the whole process that much easier, and the longevity of the relationship makes for a true empathic connection that its team and its customers share. Southpoint Financial Services thanks each one of them for granting it this trust, and repays it by exceeding expectations at every turn; its customers also help it hugely in its growth with the word-of-mouthreferrals it gives and the reviews it leaves, helping it to reach a wider market through its own merit alone. After all, development and expansion made possible by the customer is the most valuable, and by far the most sustainable, something that has allowed it to continually add to the number of states it operates within. This sets its business model apart from its competitors, as is needs to do very little additional marketing. Moreover, its concentration on valuing the client over the transaction has allowed it to truly pull ahead of the pack in its industry despite the healthy amount of competition that exists; the Southpoint Financial Services way is considering the client’s holistic future, not just the present transaction. The employees that make all this possible are the backbone of Southpoint Financial Services. With each of them being empathic, intelligent, and patient, they truly care about the client and the business, operating with a can-do attitude that is unbowed in the face of challenge. Critically, when interacting with a client, the Southpoint Financial Services team understands the importance of the customer experience, always working hard to create added value for a client in everything from how they interact to the processes they implement. Employees within the business are supported, appreciated, and listened to, creating an internal culture of respect and diligence that clients directly benefit from. Looking forward to much more expansion in the coming years, taking its clients with it into the future of mortgage lending, it promises that clients and competitors alike should ‘watch this space’. Company: Southpoint Financial Services Contact: Mindy Rothenberger Website:

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and web applications diligently, in ways that are both tailorable and adaptable. Once a new API endpoint is discovered through its constant traffic analysis, Ammune™ clones and initiates a set of “microAI/ML machines” that protect the newly discovered endpoint, with an adapted protection policy. It is an out-of-the-box automated solution that has a plug-and-play way of working, which makes it incredibly easy for any company to use, while allowing it to access protection of the highest protection quality, anytime and anywhere. Serving companies across technology, fintech, finance, and telecommunications sectors, to just name a few, L7 Defense’s revolutionary technology is setting it apart from the crowd. With a provable dedication to customers and industry, its efforts will continue to adapt to the changing landscape of cybersecurity, and it looks forward to showing many more customers the excellence of its work in the future. Company: L7 Defense Contact: Yisrael Gross Website: Apr22078 Active Protection on APIs from the first Request L7 Defense, the ‘Best AI-Based API Security Solutions Provider’ for 2022, has established itself as a notable company in its industry through its ongoing dedication to improvement, innovation, and adaptation. With a solution that allows for the defense of API endpoints across both cloud-based and on-premises servers, it works hard to offer its customers cybersecurity and defense solutions that will become part of their organization’s existing structure in a ‘made to measure’ way. Being one of the best AI-made cybersecurity solutions for modern businesses, L7 Defense’s Ammune™ has become the front-running solution for customers when it comes to APIrelated security. Fundamentally, it assists in defending against API-borne attacks – a growing trend in cyber threats that has become a growing risk - enabling customers to protect themselves accordingly, with no extra effort. APIs have become critical for data sharing over the past years, especially with the growing rate of businesses having to fully move their businesses online, aka digital transformation, in the wake of the global pandemic that is still gripping the international community, ushering in a new remote work epoch. By their very nature, APIs have become incredibly useful for data sharing and applications integration, which make them a tempting target for threat actors. This is where companies such as L7 Defense step in. With the continuously evolving cyberthreats, it is pivotal that the API security provider that a company chooses will constantly keep pace with the threats their customers are facing. This is something that L7 Defense has been doing since its inception. Its flagship product, Ammune™, actively protects APIs from the first request with the highest level of accuracy, defending cloud and on-premises APIs

Issue 6 2022 11 that allowed it to keep afloat during the pandemic as its clients stuck by it resolutely. Consequentially, as it moves forward into 2022, it looks forward to continuing the good work it has become known for over the years, as well as looking forward to growing and continuing to have fun, implementing new innovations in hair care and bringing its clients the best solutions possible. Company: By Falengreen Contact: Dorte Falengreen Website: Feb22207 Community Focused Haircare By Falengreen, a hairdresser and haircare provider, has secured its place amongst the ‘Small Business 100’ list for its hard work and commitment to client happiness. Over the years it has been in operation, it has been able to hit the ground running, cultivating an exemplary reputation and a long list of loyal clients that is ever-growing as it plies its trade for its community. Offering its haircare products through its online shop, it ensures that damaged hair and scalps can be treated in a way that still feels like the client is being pampered. As a certified haircare provider, By Falengreen has enjoyed over 15 years of development and innovation to turn it into one of the most trusted local hair salons. Bringing trustworthy and healthy products to its client base, its provisions are exclusive and exemplary, resulting in great hair care for the whole family. Fundamentally, it helps those with dry scalps and other haircare issues in order to resolve those issues, providing treatments and professional help that will rejuvenate and cleanse, allowing the client to regain their confidence and love their hair again. Serving end customers with tenacity and dedication, its staff work with excellent chemistry and professional acumen to create the best salon environment possible. Critically, its launch allowed it to begin the development of a loyal client base who each appreciate the honesty, friendliness, and empathy that each of By Falengreen’s staff members work with, cultivating a roster of individuals and families who use it as their one stop shop for haircare. Since then, this has remained the case, gathering more clients to it as its customers go on to recommend its work through word-of-mouth referrals. Having become stronger as a business and as a communityfocused team over time, its efforts have allowed it to develop an unblemished reputation for excellence in this manner, something

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Issue 6 2022 13 Mar22725 An Agile Transformation For Your Business Named the Best Agile Consulting & Transformation Services Provider 2022 – India, PremierAgile Consulting Pvt Ltd is a company that offers premier services such as organizational transformation, Agile coaching & corporate training. It has a plethora of inhouse products available, such as Exepedia, PACER, Product Metrics, Training ‘Scrum’ from the Back of the Room, and much more. 2022 is set to see this range expand as the company delves further into expansion. PremierAgile Consulting Pvt Ltd is a company that specialises in the transformations of businesses through providing Agile consulting, training, and coaching, with a particular focus on the implementation of Agile and Scrum frameworks. Established in 2018, PremierAgile Consulting is supported by over 25 years of working with Fortune 500 companies in order to transform them from traditional models to Agile organisations. As such, PremierAgile Consulting has trained more than 20,000 clients in over 35 countries and has held in excess of 1,000 workshops. Home to advanced solutions, PremierAgile Consulting assists businesses across the globe to overhaul and revamp their teams, individuals, and solutions, through a diverse range of services. Indeed, PremierAgile Consulting provides both paid courses and training – such as its Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster course – and multiple free resources. These resources have been designed to bolster access to optimisation and education. Henceforth, the company’s ASK Mentoring and PremierWednesday options have become incredibly popular amongst consumers, boasting thousands of participants each year and five-star ratings. A fundamental element within the company’s recent success is its team – a group of highly-skilled, positive, and hardworking individuals who consistently strive for perfection. PremierAgile Consulting has enabled the team to embrace this attitude as it focuses on drive rather than qualifications and skills – after all, it is the demeanour that will attract clients and cultivate a positive workplace. Moreover, the company values flexibility, commitment, and creativity more than it values experience – although, many of the company’s employees maintain impressive qualifications and years of real-world experience. Further, its coaches are world-class, and highly sought after. Of course, the best example of this can be found with Suresh Konduru, PremierAgile Consulting’s founder. With over two and a half decades of experience in the IT industry under his belt, Suresh possesses a deep understanding of Agile transformation, Agile consulting, Agile Coaching and Scrum Training, delivery management, program management, and project management. Over the course of his career, he has specialised in ‘Training Scrum from the Back of the Room,’ which is a technique built upon brain science research. In turn, he has successfully trained over 12,000 clients across 30 countries. Thanks to the company’s efforts, it has been recognised by multiple esteemed media outlets – including CIO Tech Outlook, Business Connect India, and The Business Fame. Furthermore, it is the only professional consulting and training organization rated five-stars on Google, with over 2000 reviews across its three locations in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Austin, Texas. PremierAgile Consulting is also accredited with world-class education and certification bodies such as Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile, and more. Subsequently, the upcoming year is set to be bright for the company. PremierAgile Consulting has numerous plans in the pipeline that are expected to launch between 2022 and 2023 – its primary goal, for example, is to gain accreditation with more global bodies. In addition, it hopes to introduce more team members into the business, expand its portfolio, and supply a greater range of product development and career growth options to professionals. Contact: Suresh Konduru Company: PremierAgile Consulting Pvt Ltd Web Address:

Premium Mainframe Security Bsecure is a mainframe and security company headquartered in Spain, specialising in the marketing of security solutions and services for mainframe architectures and z/OS operating systems. It is one of the few firms that focus on all the security and audit elements of the IBM mainframe architecture and is a leader in such a specific niche. Having earned the title of Best Mainframe Security Services Provider 2022 – Spain in this issue of Corporate Vision magazine, we learn more about the company. Bsecure was born in 2006 in an environment where mainframes were becoming more powerful, and there was a significant shortage of professionals capable of managing them. The company is formed by experts who have made their professional careers providing professional services and supporting software solutions in the most prominent local and international corporations for dozens of years. 46% of large international corporations with more than 10,000 employees use mainframes to manage critical business data. This fact means that the typical clients of Bsecure are large corporations with complex business processes that need to make a tremendous amount of data available to their employees and clients in the shortest possible time. They are customers with a high demand for protecting critical data managed by these infrastructures. These companies are subject to continuously passing technological security audits (GDPR, SOX, GLBH, HIPAA, PCI, SOLVENCY II, BASEL III, ISO 27001, and so on) to certify their level of compliance with the demanding regulatory standards. This mainly measures two fundamental aspects: the operational risk produced by using mainframe technology in the business and third-party data protection. Until the advent of the Bsecure DataPASS service, mainframe security meant many millions of dollars in software licenses and hiring numerous highly paid, highly knowledgeable, and experienced specialists. These motives are where Bsecure stands out from the few specialised vendors left in the mainframe industry. Bsecure’s leading service lies in providing the appropriate data to correctly pass all these audits regardless of the type of software the client may have, while taking the complexities out of it. Bsecure provides the means to secure data in mainframe infrastructures through specific technical knowledge and, above all, experience in the different disciplines, including security, auditing, storage, systems management, and communications. In an industry such as IT, in which the lack of professionals is a critical problem, the sector of large IBM mainframes suffers tenfold. New professionals see mainframes as an old and obsolete technology, and very few even come close to it. By considering that mainframes manage 70% of the critical data in the world, the seriousness of this problem could be realised. Bsecure’s partners and employees are professionals who have spent years working with those who are approaching the age of retirement. For this reason, five years ago, the company decided to create an audit and security service for this audience. Its plan was to implement all the knowledge and experience of Bsecure professionals in a knowledge engine designed and supported in the new Linux environments. Bsecure’s remote service, Bsecure DataPASS (Data Protection, Audit and Security Services) helps clients pass any audit process and measure all critical security risks within a mainframe environment. Through the creation and continuous execution of more than 300 controls related to data and technology. The Bsecure DataPASS service was designed by taking into account the new CISOS, the IT audit departments, compliance, operational risks, and all those who are responsible for data protection in these environments. Bsecure acts as an MSSP working for the client’s audit and security SOC. The first organisation to successfully implement Bsecure DataPASS was Rural Servicios Informáticos (RSI) to help them achieve mainframe security compliance. With eight million customers and five billion transactions each year, RSI is a technical integration IT services company serving 74 small and medium-sized banks in Spain. It represents a tremendous burden on IT audits and accountability for your customer data. Currently, the Bsecure DataPass service evaluates most of the controls (almost 300) in each of the LPARs that make up the mainframe infrastructure daily and fortnightly. This data illustrates the degree of risk and regulatory compliance in the mainframe environments and the evolution of the security state through dashboards shared with the Committee of the Board of Directors and other corporate departments involved in the risk and compliance of IT from the CISO office. By implementing DataPASS, RSI has gone from recognising security issues in mainframe environments when they arise to proactively detecting vulnerabilities and threats, assessing risks, and, most importantly, tracking the proper protection of its critical data and customers. Another aspect covered by the Bsecure DataPASS service is detecting activities aimed at hacking mainframe systems. IBM mainframes are highly prized games in the hacking world. Gone are the days when the mainframe was thought to be impregnable because it was the most expensive computing platform on the market. Serious security incidents such as Nordea Bank and Logica in Europe and the events in the USA indicate that IBM’s Z technology is an IT technology like others that has to be configured and protected by human administrators. Bsecure is the only consultancy worldwide that teaches hacking techniques to security professionals through its online course VA_060, and provides the necessary knowledge to auditors to execute the appropriate controls to know the degree of protection against these activities in the online course VA_080. “With our Bsecure DataPASS service, it is effortless for us to teach our customers how to manage data security and auditing on their mainframes at a fraction of the money they are used to spending.”

Issue 6 2022 15 Bsecure’s motto is “Knowledge is Security”, and it strives to impart security, risk, audit, and compliance information to clients through all of its services and solutions. Ultimately, it is the leader in security and auditing services in mainframe environments in Spain and one of the leading players at an international level – and we are rooting for it as it continues to expand and disrupt the industry. Company: Bsecure Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website:

The DailyPay team lives and breathes these values every day, guided by them in all of their endeavours. The values are the company’s North Star, and with them, they can change the world, one payment at a time. These values mean that partners can trust DailyPay to continually innovate on behalf of every one of their customers, constantly driving to provide the best products, services, and user experience. These values are why DailyPay is, and continues to be, the most trusted partner and the recognised gold standard in the industry, selected by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies that offer an on-demand pay solution. Recently, DailyPay announced the creation of the DailyPay Marketplace which, for the first time, enables an opportunity for banks, fintechs, and all types of financial service providers to participate in the on-demand pay movement. By partnering with DailyPay via the Marketplace, partners will gain access to its proprietary on-demand pay capabilities at the intersection of payroll and banking. This includes PAY, DailyPay’s flagship product that gives employees access to earned pay prior to payday, and the entire suite of DailyPay capabilities. Banks and financial institutions can participate in the DailyPay Marketplace either in their own environment or by becoming part of the DailyPay ecosystem. Company: DailyPay Website: Apr22292 On-Demand Pay You Can Trust Based in New York, DailyPay is the innovator of a technology platform which empowers users to take control of their finances and no longer rely on financially crippling options such as payday loans and overdraft fees. The company’s success with the platform has earned it the award of Most Innovative End-to-End HCM Finance Platform – 2022 in this issue of Corporate Vision. For far too long, payday loans and overdraft fees have been a financial plague on underserved communities. DailyPay is disrupting those predatory industries with its ground-breaking products that allow workers to access their earned pay before an arbitrary payday so bills can be paid on time. DailyPay is a voluntary benefit that allows employees to control the timing of when they receive their earned and unpaid income. This benefit enables employees to harness the power of their pay to meet unexpected expenses, pay bills on time, and save money before payday. It also strengthens the employee-employer bond through a unique pay experience which leads to increased employee engagement and retention, with minimal effort and at no cost to the employer. Proprietary, direct integration with employer payroll, time and attendance, accounting and other systems allow employers to verify employment and wages earned for employees using timely employer information, so that only people working and earning wages are able to access verified on-demand earned pay. Being America’s leading on-demand pay provider, DailyPay prides itself on partnerships with organisations across a range of industries including retail, call centres, supermarkets, hospitality, home health aides, nurses, non-medical hospital staff, and many other private sector frontline workers. Among these are some of the country’s largest employers, such as Target, Hilton, McDonald’s, Kroger, and more. DailyPay wouldn’t be what it is today without its high-performing, collaborative, and ambitious team, who work together to carry out the company mission of creating meaningful change for partners and their employees. Its team are innovators, bold thinkers, and agile movers. They are constantly changing the way things are done, looking for better ways to give partners’ employees access to their money and the opportunities it creates. The company itself is dedicated to supporting diversity, equity and inclusivity to create a culture of belonging for everyone. The change DailyPay works to create for its employees is deeply connected to its mission to support financial equity and inclusion for end users through its product. As it works to change pay for good, DailyPay keeps its core values at the forefront, shaping the team, what they do, and how they do it. These values are the cultural cornerstones that inform the company’s decision making processes, helping it to provide the best solutions for its partners and users. These values are ‘do your research’ (believing that knowledge is power and being lifelong learners), ‘start simple’ (not worrying about having all the answers – just getting started), ‘see the circle’ (acknowledging that each team member plays an integral role in the company’s success), ‘pull the wagon’ (everyone is willing and ready to do whatever it takes to move the company forward), ‘move the line’ (team members challenging themselves and pushing their own boundaries daily), ‘we win with diversity’ (valuing each other’s unique experiences and how they shape them, learning from all to build for all), and ‘act like an owner’ (moving forward with purpose and inventing the future). DailyPay is disrupting those predatory industries with its ground-breaking products that allow workers to access their earned pay before an arbitrary payday so bills can be paid on time.

Issue 6 2022 17 Apr22312 Australia’s Best Marketers As Australia’s number one social media agency, Megaphone does things differently from most. On paper, it exists to grow clients’ businesses. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that its mission extends far beyond that. In this issue of Corporate Vision, we explore Megaphone’s rise to stardom and its extraordinary awards success, being named 2022’s Leading Social Media Marketing Agency – Australia. Megaphone has passionately worked towards two goals from the very beginning: 1. To be Australia’s best agency (this was achieved in 2021, so it is now striving toward the world’s best agency), and 2. To be Australia’s best place to work. Every day, the learning-obsessed Megaphone team helps 350+ clients achieve, and then dramatically surpass, their goals. They work alongside a slew of brands of all shapes and sizes across diverse industries – from international apparel brands to boutique start-ups and everything in between. They grow brands holistically through strategy and action. Sure, they specialise in a range of digital fields – Google, Facebook, TikTok, SEO, lead generation, email marketing, and content creation, to name a few – but these are simply tools in their arsenal to help them achieve the overarching client-first objective: grow the business in all facets, holistically, and, most importantly, for the long-term. While other agencies might search for a quick return on ad spend, it may come at the expense of the brand image, customer loyalty, or long-term prospects. Megaphone starts from the ground up, looking at holistic marketing that can build customer loyalty, brand recognition, and long-term profitability, all while improving the core marketing and sales metrics along the way. Megaphone CEO, Lauren Oakes explains, “With strong knowledge across all aspects of business growth – from product-market fit to shipping and distribution, to marketing, post-purchase experiences, community building, branding, and so much more – we act as a second marketing arm to the business. Clients see us as part of the team, not an addition to it. And that’s all credited to our unique ability to effectively solve problems no matter in which area of the client’s business they arise.” Moreover, the company’s ever-optimising services list is focused around innovating and staying at the forefront of industry trends. Just because something worked last month, doesn’t mean it will work next month – this is why Megaphone focuses a significant amount of time and effort on proactive development, intelligent testing and data-led research. It all comes together in the formalised Megaphone Innovation Team – a collection of 10 of the most forward-thinking minds who push boundaries every day. There’s a combination at play here: a robust fusion of a never-settle attitude, a constant readiness to adapt, an open mind that doesn’t fear change, and a team obsessed with learning and improving themselves. With this combination forever front of mind, Megaphone has raked in myriad awards and remains placed in the driver’s seat to continue growing hundreds of brands in Australia, the USA, the UK, and beyond. Lauren says, “To ensure we always stay ahead of the game, and to scratch our itch of bettering ourselves professionally and personally, our talented team prioritises learning and development above all else. Why? Because we believe that only by becoming the best version of ourselves can we deliver our best work and therefore take clients’ businesses to the next level.” Underlying everything the Megaphone team do are five core values: Innovation, Proactivity, Authenticity, Excellence, and Enjoyment. These values are instilled in the team through one of the industry’s most extensive training programs, during which some of Australia’s brightest minds are taught all about marketing, sales, consumer psychology, and eCommerce development. But the company doesn’t just teach its team to grow as marketers, it teaches them to grow as people, providing resources to nurture their personal development, mindset, positive habits, and leadership. After a rebrand in 2021, its values were updated to reflect the new and modern Megaphone. And while the company logo might have got a facelift, the underlying driving force of the company will always be the same: its team members are encouraged to carve their own paths, never stop learning, and chase innovation every day. Lauren says, “With these traits ingrained in our psyche, we continue to find inventive ways to solve problems for our clients, dig into untapped markets and strategies to stay ahead of the highly-competitive industry, and, ultimately, maintain our reputation as Australia’s number one social media agency.” Following the phenomenal success it has recently seen in Australia and the USA, Megaphone officially launched an exciting expansion to the UK in 2022. Europe-based businesses can now access the forethinking minds, award-winning management, and industry-first MegaVortex© which has helped hundreds of diverse Australian, New Zealand, and American brands achieve hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business growth with an average 500% revenue improvement. Across all its locations, Megaphone will continue to seek out opportunities as they come; be those international offices to reach new clients, new services to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, or new internal departments sparked by the team’s passion and proactive outside-of-the-box thinking. And, along the way, it will innovate constantly to stay relevant. The Megaphone team is made up of performance marketers who deliver outstanding results – they constantly evolve clients’ businesses, and routinely evolve themselves and their skillsets simultaneously. Today, success can be seen across platforms like TikTok and Google; tomorrow, it might be something new. Expansion is about being able to create positive change and always innovate – for those who don’t stay ahead of the curve get left behind. Using tailored strategies, Megaphone has successfully scaled countless eCommerce and service businesses, achieving long-term and sustainable growth. Brands who want to increase their customer list, boost revenue, and holistically grow their business are encouraged to contact Megaphone at to claim a FREE strategy session worth $1200. Company: Megaphone Contact: Lauren Oakes Email: [email protected] Website: