Issue 7 2020

Sealing SecurityWith Superb Drone Technology Since 2014, Nightingale Security has been at the forefront of developing what security measures of the future might look like. For the last six years, the firm has been building and deploying autonomous drone systems that protect critical infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies. To find out why Corporate Vision named the firm the Most Progressive Autonomous Robot Security Provider, 2020, we took a closer look at exactly what these drones offer and why they are so innovative and progressive. Issue 7 2020 41 Feb20370 Innovation and advancements within robotics is something that has been on the cusp of a breakthrough for many years, and has featured heavily in works of science fiction. However, those fictions may yet become more of a reality than anybody thought, with new advances in drone technology paving the way for autonomous security measures that were once nothing more than flights of fancy. Nightingale Security has developed autonomous perimeter security systems that feature networked base stations and mission- ready drones which can be airborne in a matter of seconds. The system responsible for this innovation is driven by Nightingale Security’s proprietary C4AI (command, control, communication, computing and AI) software, which equips security teams with a real-time situational awareness solution to help keep their large facilities safe from any rising threats. The Nightingale Security’s BlackBird robotic aerial security system includes base stations that enables a truly autonomous workflow, one that allows for the autonomous drones to land and charge autonomously and be mission- ready at all times of the day or night, 24/7. Both the drones and the base stations together creates a complete security drone solution that increases any existing security by being able to be deployed rapidly, and automatically detect potential threats while it’s on patrol without human oversight. Providing additional capabilities to the usual security measures, the drones and the station never switch off, are always on duty, always alert, and always ready for immediate deployment. Furthermore, with C4AI the drones and the base stations are in a constant state of communication and collaboration. If a drone is already deployed and carrying out a security task and its battery runs low, another drone will be autonomously deployed in order to ensure safe and proper conclusion to the task. The first drone is able to safely return to the base station and recharge ready for its next deployment. Following the successful completion of a mission or security task, the drone lands on the base station and immediately begins charging on the base station. The contact charging solution designed by Nightingale Security has been proven to be reliable in all manner of weather conditions, be they rough and challenging, or mild and easy to navigate when airborne. In a bid to enhance the protection of both the drone and the base station, the latter also comes with heating and cooling elements to keep the former at an optimal operating temperature for mission deployment. Understanding that some temperatures remain consistently extreme, Nightingale Security now also offers a specialized cold-weather base station with stronger and more robust heating and ice-melting capabilities. Armed with the latest technological innovation, Nightingale Security has not only ensured that the base station and accompanying drones can withstand the physical demands of carrying out security tasks, but also the technological demands of such work. The base station contains all the necessary network and computation capacity to provide drone co-ordination support, task assignment, and machine learning processing power to the system itself. To maximize cyber security, all of the data gathered by the system and the drone is stored and processed at the “edge”, in the base station that is at the customer location and exists behind the customer firewall already installed at the site. Robotics and drone technology has advanced greatly in recent years, and has become an integral part of so many areas of business and society moving forwards. Looking to the future at Nightingale Security suggest even greater innovation in this area, and the potential for drones to become even greater security assets is theoretically limitless. As the future continues to look brighter and brighter for the best innovators in the business, Nightingale Security can look forward to a very exciting future indeed. Company: Nightingale Security Contact: Jack Wu Website: