Issue 7 2022

Pre-eminent Compliance Consultancy is the One to Watch! Consultancy is shifting direction, and at the forefront of this changing approach to a timehonoured industry are Rosediem Consulting. Under the leadership of Nisha Sanghani, Rosediem have positioned themselves crucially as partners who work with clients, rather than for them, bolstered by a unique SME led approach. Earning the title of Best Specialist Financial Regulatory Consulting Firm 2022 – UK in Corporate Vision’s rolling series of Corporate Excellence Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper. In today’s evolving regulatory landscape, a savvy firm will utilise consultancy advice to fulfil its need for deep technical subject matter expertise. Often, however, clients turn to their consultancy partners to find that the level of technical expertise delivered is not at the level required or promised. This is not only incredibly inefficient but leads to outdated knowledge and sub-standard delivery becoming the norm. Rosediem Consulting was established over nine years ago with a mission to solve this very issue. Staying true to its founding principles, Rosediem delivers engagements with subject matter experts at the helm who put quality of delivery above all else. The biggest challenge for the company has been to stand out as a credible entity in an inefficient market where lots of advisory firms do not care as much as they should do about the quality of delivery. As a result of this inefficiency, there is a lot of misinformation to wade through to prove that you are the one that has the right answer or solution. Sometimes it is easier for clients to listen to wrong advice when this is what others have been advising for years without further challenge. In this regard Rosediem’s reputation as market leader now speaks for itself as they have expertly mastered the art of gracefully correcting the errors of the industry’s past, but this has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get the approach right. Instead of acting as an outside influence and remaining inflexible against an agreed scope, the Rosediem Consulting team act as close partners who are committed to their client’s success. This is very different from any other typical consultant in the market who works with a third-party mindset. When Rosediem Consulting was founded nearly nine years ago, it was focused purely on the very niche area of client assets regulatory consulting, however once on-board clients were provided with a full holistic solution. Now, as the reputation and credibility of the firm has grown through this holistic approach, financial services clients have realised that Rosediem understands the blueprint of how products, services, legal arrangements and operational flows come together, and as a result can fix things, and equally can make things happen where others have failed. This has led to Rosediem working on some of the most interesting engagements which include building new business lines, winding-up business lines, helping firms to generate new revenue, performing drains-up reviews, organising asset migrations between entities, and even building out fin-tech platforms. This comprehensive service has been an essential part of bolstering the firm’s brand in the market and has allowed them to secure a continual stream of new clients and take on further interesting engagements. All well as saving the day multiple times on commercially important projects for many of their clients, the Rosediem Consulting team have proven time and again that they can deliver. It is no surprise that many clients call on Rosediem to save the day after having tried other options. Rosediem has worked closely with a wide range of financial services firms such as investment banks, brokers, platforms, wealth and asset management firms, fund managers, and outsourcing administrators. Such wide-ranging ability comes from the very top of the organisation. The firm’s CEO, Nisha Sanghani, has an enviable understanding of the intricate workings of a financial services firms which gives Rosediem its winning combination. Everyone in the market knows that her knowledge of financial services firms, the regulations (and the client assets rules in particular), and the particulars of trading flows and operating models is what has given Rosediem its rather incredible USP. This skill set and expertise are extremely rare in the industry and it’s little wonder that Rosediem have been able to support so many different firms in such a wealth of situations. Many consultancies still work in niche markets, specialising in certain areas, but Rosediem have shifted the paradigm by focusing first on what their clients need, providing specialist advice first and foremost but also providing a holistic solution to help ensure that the end-to-end impact of any advice is well considered and will provide a sustainable solution. In order to work effectively, Rosediem also partner with a number of top Law firms to ensure that legal and operational advice is aligned for their clients. This partnering and holistic approach is a bold play and is not just left to the regulatory enforcement stage. Needless to say, the Rosediem Consulting team are in high demand indeed, to the point where they have not had to make a sales pitch in quite some time. Clients instead turn to the team in order to offer their much-needed support. Whilst clearly able to tackle the practical problems that are facing their clients, another aspect of the firm’s success, which is often overlooked, is the way in which the team engage emotionally with the needs of their clients all the way up to the Boardroom. Solutions often require change and hard messages, but Nisha and her team have a proven track record in taking people on the journey to improvement and eventual success. Understanding the unique needs of each client and each business model is critical to the way in which the Rosediem Consulting team handles their work. Even in an ever-changing regulatory environment, it is important to consider the commercial objectives and specific needs of a firm and align the consultancy approach accordingly. This is what Rosediem do so well.